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3D World December 2016

3D World magazine is the world's biggest-selling monthly title for the 3D artist covering all aspects of the CG creation, inclduing animation, visual effects, vidoegames and architectural visualisation, and includes expert training in apps such as 3ds max, Maya, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, LightWave, Vue, Photoshop and After Effects. Every issue the magazine features an artist showcase, making of features and reviews of new products.

United Kingdom
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SUBSCRIBE FROM £11.25Get print and digital editions every month, turn to page 26In this new look issue, we delve into animation FX. Discover how Houdini helped Blizzard’s cinematics team grow a forest, and meet the DreamWorks team behind Trolls’ hair animation. The hairy theme continues into our training – learn how to create cartoon hair in Maya’s Yeti and realistic hair in ZBrush.ian.dean@futurenet.com ■…

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spotlight on our contributors

David BurgessOn page 20, head of character animation at DreamWorks, David Burgess, reveals what it took to bring Trolls to the big screen.www.bit.ly/david-burgessGermán Casado FragaOn page 56, Germán Casado Fraga – a freelance concept and matte painting artist working at The Mill in London – shares his detailed process for creating a landscape for film VFX in Clarisse.www.germancasado.tumblr.comMateusz WielgusMateusz Wielgus – freelance CG artist and the owner of Black Chilla Design Studio – shares how to create complex environments in Blender on page 38.www.designstudio.blackchilla.plDan DeLeeuwMarvel’s VFX supervisor Dan DeLeeuw shares how he and his team have worked together to create films such as Iron Man and Avengers: Infinity War. Read all about it on page 82.www.bit.ly/dan-deleeuwFábio M. SilvaNaughty Dog artist Fábio M. Silva has been working in the CG industry…

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ALIEN BIG CAT GUYARTISTTyler SmithSOFTWAREZBrush, TopoGun, Quixel, Marmoset Toolbag 2, PhotoshopThis incredible creature took environment and character artist Tyler Smith under two days to complete from start to finish.Once Tyler had the body and limbs blocked out using a DynaMesh sphere, he moved the silhouette around to get a good ratio of shape differences.Tyler then began developing the anatomy of the creature, he explains: “I started laying in the muscle/bone forms and the skin wrinkles going from the major forms to the small alpha based details. I also kept an eye out for any detail patterns that could be added to make the design more appealing.”To paint the model, Tyler started with large strokes of colour and tried to ensure the greatest range of value and colour temperature coincided with…

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“It’s hard to earn emotion honestly, but no harder than coming up with a joke everyone laughs at,” says co-director Walt DohrnDREAMWORKSDIRECTORSMike Mitchell and Walt DohrnTEAM SIZE25 (animators)LOCATIONSGlendale & BangaloreWEBwww.dreamworks.com/trollsBig heads and stubby arms meant the animation team had to work hard to achieve good posesDREAMWORKS SAID, ‘YOU DESIGN WHAT’S RIGHT FOR THE STORY AND FOR THE MOVIE, AND WE’LL FIGURE IT OUT’Kendal Cronkhite, production designer, DreamWorksWhen DreamWorks bought the rights to the Trolls toy line, the decision slipped under the radar. Really? An animated feature based on 1960s dolls? But as The Lego Movie proved, this pitch can work, and with the team behind the hit Shrek series on board, why are we surprised it looks so good?Production designer Kendal Cronkhite, a veteran of 20 years at DreamWorks, explains:…

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doctor strange

DOCTOR STRANGEDIRECTORScott DerricksonPRODUCTIONMarvel StudiosVFX SUPERVISORStephane CerettiVFX VENDORSIndustrial Light & magic, Luma Pictures, Method StudiosRELEASE DATE26 OctoberWEBbit.ly/213strangeOne can never say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been without its creative difficulties. For Marvel Studios’ visual effects supervisor Stephane Ceretti, the challenge has been going from producing a photo-real CG raccoon for Guardians of the Galaxy to folding cities in Doctor Strange. “It’s different! The racoon had its challenges and this one has its own challenges as well.”Unlike Guardians of the Galaxy, which dealt with a group of galactic misfits coming together to save the universe, Doctor Strange revolves around a physically and spiritually crippled world-famous neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange, and his discovery of a mystic place known as Kamar-Taj that leads him to become The Sorcerer Supreme.“Guardians finished August 2014 and…

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sculpt zombie superheroes

AUTHORAli is a self-taught CG character artist. He loves creatures and characters in realistic, fantasy and cartoonish styles. www.jalaliart.comThis Batman character was created for a challenge as part of Comic-Con 2016. The theme was undead superheroes, so I decided to go with my favourite of all time.I begin all my projects by sourcing and collecting together reference materials. I knew that I wanted Frank Miller’s Batman with an undead style. I therefore had to find some differences between the undead and zombies. After watching plenty of zombie and undead movies, I realised that the latter are a bit more agile! This agility affects the pose and overall mood of the final piece.In this tutorial I will talk through the sculpting process and the methods I used in ZBrush, which is…