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3D World March 2018

3D World magazine is the world's biggest-selling monthly title for the 3D artist covering all aspects of the CG creation, inclduing animation, visual effects, vidoegames and architectural visualisation, and includes expert training in apps such as 3ds max, Maya, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, LightWave, Vue, Photoshop and After Effects. Every issue the magazine features an artist showcase, making of features and reviews of new products.

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editor’s welcome

Working smarter is now easier than ever, especially with the latest procedural tools, but if you have never tried an application like Houdini, where do you start? Well, this issue we answer all your questions with a huge Houdini section filled with insights, training, case studies and more.rob.redman@futurenet.comSAVE UP TO 47%When you sign up to a print subscription – turn to page 62. ■…

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spotlight on our contributors

Steve JarrattSteve is a freelance journalist and CG artist, with an unhealthy addiction to 3D apps and plugins. Check out his X-Particles review on page 96. www.insydium.co.ukDora R. FitzgeraldDora received an MFA in Film from Columbia University and a Ph.D from the University of Texas San Antonio. She teaches visual language on page 26. www.uiw3d.comMartin NebelongMartin has a long history as an artist and is quickly becoming an industry leader in VR art. You will find his fantastic sculpting tutorial on page 64. www.artstation.com/martinitySimon HolmedalSimon is well known for his perfect blend of technicality and artistry as a Houdini user. He reviews the latest version on page 94. www.simonholmedal.comOscar JuárezOscar is an archviz specialist, creating in many apps, but has a keen interest in Unreal. He shares some of his…

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ON THE ROAD TO NOWHEREARTISTMohamed ChahinSOFTWAREBlender, CyclesThis insanely adorable little alien monster pilot was created by Mohamed Chahin in Blender, before rendering in Cycles.Discussing his creation process for this character, 3D artist Mohamed explains, “For the monster I made his facial expressions using shape keys, and experimented a bit with subsurface scattering to make his skin and tongue. For the smoke I made a particle emitter that emits metaballs, a colour ramp for their scale – so that over time the particles start small, get bigger, and after that get smaller. I used a particle system for the trees, and an Array Modifier. I used an array that follows a circular curve for the airplane blades, and placed some point lights behind them.”When it comes to creating artwork, Mohamed says…

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beastly beautiful

THE SHAPE OF WATERDIRECTORGuillermo del ToroABOUTA fantasy drama set in 1960’s Baltimore, following mute janitor Elisa (Sally Hawkins) and her life-changing encounter with an imprisoned sea creature.RELEASE DATEOut nowFor filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth), fairy tales are a way to address social issues as universal themes, and the cross-species romance The Shape of Water explores the idea that love can be found in various forms against a backdrop of paranoia and bigotry. The pivotal concern for the $19 million dollar production was to have audience members believe that an amphibian creature captured from the Amazon and taken to a secret American government facility could have an affair with a mute cleaning lady. In order to create a captivating and unconventional leading man, del Toro relied on the practical expertise…

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shoot like you mean it:   a primer of film grammar

FILM GRAMMAR SERIES3D WORLDAUTHORDora R. Fitzgerald received an MFA in Film from Columbia University and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas San Antonio. Her academic interests include film spectatorship and grammar, and race and representation in cinema.www.uiw3d.comIn this series, we will take a slow and measured walk through the choices every filmmaker has to achieve meaning in the cinematic process. As a filmmaker, moving from the ideal (inside your head) to the real is no easy task. These lessons are not about new equipment or technology, but rather reflections on time-tested techniques. This is a journey of options based on understanding the medium you seek to master. From your first decision to your last, we hope to bring additional clarity to the activity of film construction. Your primary job…

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WORTH £15FREE3D Art & Design Annual!After completing the survey, you’ll receive a digital copy of The 3D Art & Design Annual as a thank you for your feedback.We love 3D World but we know that there may be things you’d like to see more of, or see done differently, so please take part in the survey and let us know what you want. At the end of the day this is your mag and we want to make it as good as it can possibly be.rob.redman@futurenet.com ■…