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3D World November 2016

3D World magazine is the world's biggest-selling monthly title for the 3D artist covering all aspects of the CG creation, inclduing animation, visual effects, vidoegames and architectural visualisation, and includes expert training in apps such as 3ds max, Maya, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, LightWave, Vue, Photoshop and After Effects. Every issue the magazine features an artist showcase, making of features and reviews of new products.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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JONNY 5 Artist Lauren Garcia Software Maya, Mari, Arnold, Nuke Lauren Garcia is a senior look development artist at ReelFX who has a passion for classic movies, VFX and robots. The challenge to create Short Circuit’s Jonny 5 and experiment with PBR shaders at the same time was impossible to resist. Lauren tapped into his pro set-up to create the scene – using Maya as the principle package, the UVs were created with UVLayout. “It’s fast accurate and easy,” says the artist. Mari was used for painting textures, “it’s the perfect software for an artist to create highresolution maps for VFX.” To render, Lauren used Arnold and preferred Nuke as a compositing tool over Photoshop because of its Linux framework, and also as “it’s a VFX standard tool.” When it comes to creating a personal project, Lauren has…

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real-time filmmaking

ADAM PROFILE MADE BY Unity Technologies DIRECTOR Veselin Efremov TEAM 8 WEB www.unity3d.com/pages/adam While the last year has been overshadowed by a race to harness VR, the real revolution in interactive computer graphics has been in the systems that are enabling this dramatic turn towards VR and real-time CG. Game engines such as Unity, emboldened by ever more powerful GPUs from Nvidia and AMD, have become more popular than ever. Unity, which leads the charge for ‘free’ access to real-time render technology has 6.5 million registered users; 1.5 million active game makers a month are using Unity; and Unity developed games are downloaded 7.2 billion times a month. But the future lies outside of pure game development. Unity has now broken free from being solely made for and used by game developers as filmmakers and…

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real-time cinematography

There’s a new form of entertainment media emerging, one that is being explored by both VFX studios and game developers. For example, Unreal Engine has seen non-game makers begin to experiment with the render engine. “Because the engine is really accessible to anybody, we’re finding that loads of people are using Unreal in all sorts of different ways,” says Kim Libreri, CTO at Epic Games. “In the movie industry, people are going to be using it for previsualisation and a little bit of virtual production here and there, and some companies are really embracing the future of where media is going to go.” One of those companies is Ninja Theory, whose Hellblade cinematic demo is seen as defining real-time cinematography and raising many questions about the future of real-time production. “Real-time cinemagraphy is…

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the making of interceptor

Having worked on best-selling games like Halo, and World of Tanks, artist Mikalai Dzemiantsevich decided he wanted to create his own worlds. So, teaming up with friend and artist Serg Gricay, the pair set about designing Trickstership, a four-player combat game featuring elegant mechs. Impressed by his designs and modelling skills, we caught up with Mikalai to discover how these giant mechs were created, in particular the model Mikalai calls the Sniffer class. Over the following pages, Mikalai shares his process. “Since I’m a big fan of anime robots I decided to do something similar in my design, but I have adapted the style to a European style of art,” explains Mikalai. “This meant I needed to gather a lot of references from both anime and manga sources, as well as Western…

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how to render a windy beach house scene

Artist profile Aqil Ashirov Aqil attended Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University. He now works at Kepez Y.I.F. behance.net/AqilAshirov Topics covered Simulation Colour balance Compositing W hen creating a realistic environment scene, it’s important to have a goal in mind and know what you want the scene to look and feel like. For my beach scene, I wanted a realistic view, which meant overcast lighting and a blustery, windy mood. I began my research by tracking down photos that felt similar to the scene and mood I wanted to create. I looked at a holiday resort looking out over the sea, a windy day, and an amateur surfer on holiday at the beach. In order to create this 3D scene, I am using 3ds Max for the modelling and simulation of the wind, Photoshop for colour balance and compositing,…

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polish your workflow with arnold for maya

This tutorial will describe the techniques I used while creating this stylised selfportrait. I’ve wanted to challenge myself to creating a self-portrait for a while now. It’s tricky to do because as you know yourself so well, you get very picky and have to think extra hard about shapes and forms; it’s also very easy to spot when something is off. However, it’s a great exercise that I think every CG artist should undertake at some point. In terms of the composition, I wanted to go for an image that’s easy on the eye. Recently I’ve noticed how much more I enjoy these kinds of pictures. Your eyes need space to rest and move around the frame and this is an exercise in allowing for that. Your gaze initially lands on the…