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3D World September 2017

3D World magazine is the world's biggest-selling monthly title for the 3D artist covering all aspects of the CG creation, inclduing animation, visual effects, vidoegames and architectural visualisation, and includes expert training in apps such as 3ds max, Maya, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, LightWave, Vue, Photoshop and After Effects. Every issue the magazine features an artist showcase, making of features and reviews of new products.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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spotlight on our contributors

Syawish A Rehman Syawish is a visual effects and motion graphics artist based in Pakistan. On page 78, he shares how to make disintegration effects. www.goo.gl/4qtzIz Andrew Entwistle Andrew is a freelance artist with over ten years’ experience. He gives the verdict on the latest release of Unreal Engine on page 100. www.aentwhistle.com Francis-Xavier Martins Francis-Xavier is a character artist and CG generalist based in Brighton with over a decade of experience. Learn how he sculpts hair in Maya on page 81. www.polyjunky.com Dave Throssell Dave has been creating VFX and animations for longer than he cares to remember. He reveals how to create realistic interiors on page 68. www.fluid-pictures.com Rishikesh Nandlaskar On page 62, Framestore London’s Rishikesh shows you how to sculpt a goblin for one-to-one scale 3D printing, using ZBrush. www.nandlaskar-rishikesh.com Léa Cousty Léa is a student in 3D animation at Supinfocom Valenciennes in…

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DEEP HOVEL ARTIST Scott Stadick SOFTWARE Maya, ZBrush, Marmoset Toolbag, AutoCAD, Quixel, Marvelous Designer “Something about secluded or lonely dwellings is extremely romantic to me, so the subject matter tickled my fancy,” says Scott Stadick, who created Deep Hovel as part of the recent Artstation Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found challenge. “How awesome would it be to have a little wrecked ship converted into a home to live in and explore the surroundings from day to day, or drink tea then take a swim?” Scott drew on his architectural experience to create the navigational hologram on the ship in AutoCAD. The Blizzard Entertainment environment artist intern says he spent around 120 hours building it. He used ZBrush and Photoshop to create most of the scene, with Marvelous Designer for the curtains. Scott says he referenced the…

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bringing spider-man home

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING DIRECTOR Jon Watts MAIN VFX STUDIOS Digital Domain, Luma Pictures, Method Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Trixter SYNOPSIS Peter Parker returns to live with his Aunt May and begins to embrace his newfound identity as Spider-Man WEB www.spidermanhomecoming.com Rather than focusing on the limitless capabilities of an acrobatic gravitydefying superhero and CG, Spider-Man: Homecoming places emphasis on storytelling and character. The $175 million co-production between Marvel Studios, Columbia Pictures and Pascal Pictures brings together film-maker Jon Watts (Cop Car), production VFX supervisor Janek Sirrs (The Matrix) and the digital wizardry of Digital Domain, Luma Pictures, Method Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks and Trixter. “A lot of the Sam Raimi films were cartoonish and over the top,” says Kevin Souls, Luma Pictures VFX supervisor, who has worked on four out of six solo movies starring the famous wall crawler Spider-Man. “I…

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must-see animations

reamWorks’ head of international outreach and international talent consultant, Shelley Page, is so passionate about animation that she founded Eye Candy to showcase the genre. “The origin of the Eye Candy Show was a series of regular screenings of the latest animation shorts, graduation films and TV commercials, collected during my travels around the world to present to my colleagues at DreamWorks Animation,” says Shelley. “At first these were only shown at our studios in the USA but later, as the studio expanded to more distant locations, I also took these screenings to our animators in Bangalore, India and, more recently, Shanghai. Some years ago, I was invited to make a special Eye Candy presentation at the FMX festival in Germany [now an annual part of this event] and since then…

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how to speed animate

Animated kids’ TV shows are often associated with cheap, low-quality animation. With budgets often 100 times smaller than feature films and crazy deadlines, it’s understandable why this happens. When working in TV animation, it would be simple to assume that it’s just impossible to try and compete, and a futile effort to try and create animations that you’re proud of; so you might as well just get on with it as quickly as possible without looking back. Most aspiring animators also spend years and big sums of money training, with the aim of eventually going to work in feature film animation. In reality, most of the jobs in the industry are in TV animation. So this results in a lot of people spending most of their career churning out animation they…

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worlds apart

PROJECT TITLE Heineken: The Trailblazers STUDIO MPC Advertising SOFTWARE Maya, Houdini, Arnold, ZBrush, internal tools DEVELOPMENT LENGTH 3 months WEB www.bit.ly/ mpcheineken The beer industry has long sought to wow us with epic commercials, from the ‘surfing horses’ film for Guinness in 1998 to the 2006 ad where a cast of thousands formed the shape of a Carling Draught drinker. But it’s unlikely anyone will ever top Heineken’s latest global ad, The Trailblazers, for sheer scale and ambition. Directed by Matthijs van Heijningen for Publicis Italy, it’s part of Heineken’s ongoing Cities campaign, which encourages men around the world to get the most out of their city by stepping out of their comfort zone. Taking the concept to its logical extreme, the one-and-a-half-minute commercial transports four men on a night out in New York to a series of fantastical scenarios. Working with footage…