Advanced Photoshop No. 146

Advanced Photoshop is the perfect magazine for honing already great Photoshop skills. Each issue is packed full of inspiring interviews and challenging tutorials, tailor-made for the more advanced digital artist. Whether you’re a Photoshop professional or simply aspiring to be one, Advanced Photoshop will help you perfect your art. Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

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welcome If you’ve been using Photoshop since before layers were introduced, you’ll appreciate just how incredible they are. Some might say life changing! In this issue’s feature we’re going to show you how they’re capable of completely transforming your photos, paintings, illustrations, typography and more. Turn to p.16 and get ready to unleash your artwork! This issue is also packed full of practical tutorials from designing a poster to enhancing sports shots, and from making a mixed-media masterpiece to adding depth to illustrations. There is also professional advice from industry experts on retouching photos, as well as beginner guides to essential Elements tools. If that wasn’t enough, there are more than $200 worth of free resources on this issue’s FileSilo, so make sure you download them today and start creating. Free step-by-step…

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trending images

There’s nothing more inspiring than surfing the internet and seeing what other artists are creating, and we encourage you to do so. Here are some of our favourite pictures that caught our attention recently, from some of the world’s most exciting artists and designers. Johnny Kotze This is an illustration inspired by daily swims and hikes by the seaside in South Africa. It was created on paper with a pencil before it was worked on in Illustrator and then Photoshop, where all the colours came in. Gerone Perez This was originally a painting with natural skin tone. I then decided to desaturate the entire image and through layer masking, I picked which areas should be left with colour until I was satisfied with the image as a whole. Filip Hodas This image was created in Cinema…

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readers’ images

Patrizia Burra Image of the issue I adjusted the perspective and shape of each object with the Warp tool. I added a lot of adjustment layers, switched blend modes and finished everything off with the High Pass filter. The important thing is to keep everything looking realistic. Adam Pike This picture was created using a photograph I took myself. I used the ordinary image of terrace houses and some stock photos, such as the fire and spaceship to create the scenario of an alien invasion. Vanessa Pádua I always start images by thinking of a scenario and fitting stock images together. Here, I placed the child and then the horse. I turned the horse into a unicorn by adding the horn. Tarek Hakeem First I sketched the composition, then I started placing stock images on the sketch.…

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readers’ challenge

Challenge entries The best entries and overall challenge winner 1 JJ Jordan This picture was influenced by Pieter Bruegel, a man with a great sense of humour. The iPad, cupcake and main subject have all been created in a painted style. 2 Rory Henderson In Light All four images were used for this picture. Blend modes were experimented with, and there’s a light painted finish to the overall composition. 3 Patrizia Burra Blow I cut the cupcake image out and placed the girl behind. I added some plumes to create an unusual atmosphere around her. I added some layers in a Soft Light and Multiply mode. 4 Jack Struss Feet In The Water I used only the four images supplied for this. I distorted perspectives of all the elements to make this surreal scene. The iPad is mirrored across the screen. We challenged…

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tgfx design studio

TGFX Design Studio is the brainchild of its creative director and founder, Jae Tan. The studio has worked for big-name clients like BMW and Subway, but has always worked steadily on smaller, often local projects. Over the years it has expanded its services through branding and print design into web development. Recently Tan also added video production to the list of skills TGFX can offer its clients. “Our success is that we do all these things at above average quality with fast turnarounds,” says Tan. “A smart business move is that the more diverse you are, the more opportunities can come into your business.” The company started simply enough, back when Tan was studying his craft at Melbourne’s RMIT University (which is now another client). He explains: “I started TGFX Design…

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a day in the life of daniel sun

Get caught up 09:00 I start off the day seeing what projects are on our cloud collaborating system and see who was working on what. Once I’ve read the notes from the other team members, I write down my goals for the day for what I need to achieve. Take action 10:00 Once written down, I take action by doing mostly web development work. If there are any issues I ask Jae, our creative director, for a possible solution to the situation. Research and implementation 11:30 If I am working on a website I would follow the mock-ups Jae has given for that particular client and do a lot of research to implement certain functionalities on websites. Time to check in 13:00 By lunch time I check my emails and reply to people so that they are…