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AERO Magazine brings you the latest information on business and commercial aviation. Written by an international team of pilots and experts and read by airplane owners, pilots, and the aviation trade, we bring you the must-know information on airplanes, helicopters, airports, technology, history and full coverage of the most important trade shows around the world.

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purchase and sale of aircrafts

The circumstances of 2019 seem to be more favorable for the fly and the aircraft purchase and sale market is reviving. In this scenario, we have prepared our already traditional Buyer´s Guide with certified aircrafts for sale in the leading markets of the Americas, totalizing 176 models. There are jets, turboprops and helicopters for the most varied missions. As a support to this special edition, we publish an article with precious hints to make a good business. We explain how to interpret performance data in order to exactly know what to expect from your aircraft. Also in this edition, a special report on a tragedy that has frightened the world, the breaching of a dam build to hold mining waste in Brazil, with the loss of hundreds of human lives. The country…

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make a rational purchase

Business aviation benefits are numberless – privacy, mobility, productivity - and when a businessman acquires his own aircraft, the decision normally represents a milestone in the company’s growth and soundness. However, if the process is unduly planned or conducted, after being acquired, the aircraft may be a problem, a white elephant that keeps the financial director awake and becomes the unjustifiable slide of council meetings. To prevent this to happen, the acquisition of an aircraft must be very well thought before the first talk with any manufacturer or salesman. MAKING THE HOMEWORK The first action to be taken is conducting a study by the company about the profile of the charters hired over the last months. This is a good general rule: For demands of up to 10 flight hours per year, the…

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buyer guide s 2019

GENERAL INFORMATION List prices: FOB prices of aircrafts are based in the basic value publicized by manufacturers and in market references. Seats (pilot/passengers): The typical number specified in the columns is not the officially certified number by the aircraft. These numbers vary in accordance with the type of aircraft operation. Weights: The maximum takeoff weight is specified during aircraft certifications. Fuel capacity is measured in gallons based on a factor of 6.7 pounds per gallon. Payload with full fuel is the useful fuel minus the used one. Manufacturing (beginning/end): The year of the aircraft’s first delivery until the year of the last delivery. Technical support: Cássio Polli - Aérie Aviação Executiva PERFORMANCE Range of jets and turboprops: The maximum IFR range with all seats occupied. Helicopter range: Maximum VFR range, with all seats occupied (all the helicopters). Specific range:…

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brazil’s largest rescue force

A dense reddish brown layer causes a wound in the heart of the town, making a huge trail of destruction. Seeing through the Squirrel windshield, the air view of the small Brumadinho, in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte is distressing. The unlikely has repeated it; again a dam of the world’s largest mining company has collapsed. This time, with hundreds of victims - over 300 human lives are expected to be lost, in addition to the huge environmental damage, mainly in the region’s rivers. Overflying continues. At the horizon, there is a dam of tailings. It is the place where formerly Vale’s central operation offices worked. To the south, there is a vast wake of mud. The scene looks like a small village hit by lava broadly expelled by an…

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the uncertainties of embraer

Since it was made public, in July last year, the agreement between Boeing and Embraer for the creation of a joint venture for the manufacturing and marketing of commercial aircrafts for regional flights underwent several atypical situations in and up to now dedicated commercial transaction. Entitled to share value increase, subsequent drop, government menaces to make use of its golden share - a kind of special share with power of veto – to stop the negotiation, interference of the judiciary preventing business completion, suspension of judiciary interference, readjustment of the value paid by Boeing, the emergence of a new joint venture, this time related to the defense division and insurrection of minority shareholders against the business, the embarrassing situation is now surrounded by uncertainties about the future of the new…

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After a period marked by the entry into service of remotorized models, which have dominated the aeronautical industry over the last five years in the regular aviation market, and some setbacks, a series of novelties is coming to view in the horizon of 2019. AIRBUS The year promises to be marked by the A220 program, recently acquired by Airbus. The CSeries project, which was near to be closed by Bombardier, was strengthened when been incorporated by Airbus, which has formalized a series of new contracts, in addition to confirm that it will begin to produce the aircraft also in its manufacturing unit in the United States. Delta Air Lines, the first model’s customer in the country, was followed by jetBlue, which ordered the A220to substitute the current of EMBRAER E-Jet in service.…