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Airgun Shooter November 2019

Airgun Shooter is your complete guide to getting the very best out of yourself and your guns - while enjoying every minute of it. Whether your passion is hunting, target shooting or plinking, we've got you covered. We also bring you the toughest tests around, plus the very best gear reviews, tips and techniques.

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any old irons

While the emphasis on wartime training was to develop an instinctive point and shoot technique, iron sights were still used. Modern pistol training places a far greater emphasis on deliberate aiming, but in both cases the iron, or open, sights must be used correctly if they are to be effective. Mike made a simple training tool from some blackened cardboard that illustrates the relationship between the front sight and the rear sight. Wrong: The front sight has been positioned too far to the right and too low down – the pistol will shoot low and right if left uncorrected Wrong: This time the front sight is high and left – it’s not always easy to get a good sight picture depending on the light and colour of the target Right: The foresight is now…

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african animal art from rigby

Rigby firearms engraver Geoffrey Lignon has turned to a different type of art to create some prints featuring four well-known African animals. Each collection of 100 prints features either a Cape buffalo called ‘The black death’, a leopard titled ‘The elusive’, a rhino called ‘Redemption’ or a lion print named ‘Not a king, a lion’. Geoffrey has tried to purvey the African animals in their true form, showing every one of their scars, scratches and imperfections. Each print has been hand-signed and numbered by the artist, then relief stamped with the Rigby logo. Geoffrey’s technique for creating these prints is unique, taking a black board and a white gel pen, with three black pencils to draw the animals. He said it was a technique that gave striking results. The Cape buffalo and rhino took…

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when bisley met colt

It is not entirely certain when the word revolver first slid into our language, but in Hartford, Connecticut, is a memorial statue of a man who likely had a lot to do with it. Inventor, patentee and manufacturer, the figure represented in that work is Samuel Colt. The most prolific of Colt’s creations was the Single Action Army revolver of 1873. The words ‘single action’ and ‘revolver’ describe exactly this small arms action type. ‘Single action’ means the hammer has to be thumbed to full cock for each shot. ‘Revolver’ refers to the rotating cylinder, bored with multiple chambers for the chosen cartridge. Commencing in 1894, Colt built a special target shooting variant of the SAA. It was this model which Italian gunmaker Aldo Uberti chose to reproduce as part of a…

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scott anderson

MY FIRST STEPS I started shooting three years ago when I was 12. I went to try it out at a local sports activity centre with my dad. As I really enjoyed it, I asked my dad if we could get an airgun and shoot more regularly. I’m now a member of Cloybank APRC, and get up at 6am each Saturday to go shooting at the club. MY CURRENT GUN That first gun was an SMK 501, CO2 rifle. It was great fun, a good little gun to get me started. We now have a great collection, including an HW 100, BSA R-10, Air Arms 500 HFT, Kral NP02, Artemis PP700SA and a Gamo Compact. MY SHOOTING My go-to rifle right now it is my AA 500HFT. I only got this recently, and have started…

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right on target

What’s an air rifle without a target? Every time we pull the trigger, we have to aim at something, be it live quarry, a knockdown target or a tin can in the back garden. It’s just like the song goes – you can’t have one without the other. Inanimate targets no doubt began as a training tool – something with which to perfect the art of aiming, so that when the time came and hitting what you intended to hit was a matter of life and death, you stood a very good chance of succeeding. We’ve progressed from shooting arrows at barrels and straw men, and today’s targets fulfil a multitude of different requirements. The military may still use them for the serious stuff, but fortunately targets have also developed a sense…

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lite years ahead

Have you heard of the term ‘modular gun platform’? It started with assault rifles, and has now spread to airguns, with the Brocock Concept Lite being the most solid platform available for building a true tactical, firearms-grade air rifle system. It’s called the Concept because this rifle can be adapted to be anything you want it to be, and it’s Lite because it weighs less than 3kg in its base model configuration. Sporting a special telescopic rifle butt, a synthetic AK pistol grip and three Picatinny-style forend rails, the Concept Lite is the ideal choice for hunters looking for a small and compact, yet powerful carbine-style rifle. At the heart of the new rifle beats the very latest and greatest Huma-Air regulator for maximum shots per fill and consistent velocity. Brocock and…