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Airgun Shooter February 2020

Airgun Shooter is your complete guide to getting the very best out of yourself and your guns - while enjoying every minute of it. Whether your passion is hunting, target shooting or plinking, we've got you covered. We also bring you the toughest tests around, plus the very best gear reviews, tips and techniques.

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United Kingdom
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looking forward to 2020

OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW is a much-used expression at this time of year. Given the rough ride that shooting sports had through 2019, I am certainly glad to see the old year out and welcome in a new one. It’s easy to dwell on the negatives, but aside from the difficult times caused by the likes of Wild Justice and the senseless attacks on events like the British Shooting Show and even the farming industry, the last year wasn’t all bad. The shooting events I attended left me feeling that our community is as strong as ever, as is our will to continue participating in the sport and way of life we all love. Hopefully 2020 will be even better, both in terms of other people’s attitudes…

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the airgun shooter promise

AUTHORITY AIRGUN Shooter is written by airgunners for airgunners. Our team has decades of combined experience in everything from target shooting to hunting and is committed to bringing you the highest quality advice around in print and video form every month. PASSION WE are absolutely obsessed with airguns and we love writing about them. We’re here to share our knowledge with you and focus on helping you become a better shooter, and we hope you’ll share your knowledge and expertise with us, too! INDEPENDENCE THE views you read in Airgun Shooter are entirely our own, which means you can trust every word you read in these pages. We’ve built up reputations from years in the field – we’re not prepared to pull any punches when it comes to telling you what’s hot and what’s not. INSPIRATION OUR…

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ultra toasty anorak

Venture outdoors at this time of year and – surprise, surprise – you’ll need to wrap up warm against the cold. If you’re going shooting that can mean a delicate balancing act between a jacket that provides enough warmth and a coat that’s too bulky. Luckily, jackets like the UTA Anorak from Pentagon are a good balance between the two. UTA stands for Urban Tactical Anorak, but don’t let this acronym fool you. While it might sound like something a private military contractor would pick up with their latest pay cheque from the CIA, the UTA is comfortable, warm and well made. It’s actually more of a smock, being pulled over the head and featuring a front zip at the neck. Pulling on the UTA has been made easy thanks to its…

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news in brief quick shots...

SHOOT TO THE MAXX H&N Sport’s new Finale Maxx range of competition pellets is now available in the UK, and are made to the extremely tight tolerances demanded by 10M ISSF shooters. Each production batch is tested at a 10 metre indoor range. Forty shots have to achieve a group with a maximum diameter of 7mm with an average score of 10.7 or better. Weight tolerances are reduced to a maximum of +/- 0.25%. Each box of pellets is hand sorted and carefully inspected before packing. H&N Finale Maxx pellets are sold in boxes of 200 pellets, available in head sizes 4.49mm or 4.50mm and lightweight 7.87gr or heavyweight 8.18gr. They have a recommended retail price of £14.49. Visit importer John Rothery Wholesale’s website at www.bisley-uk.com to find a dealer near you. DO…

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small is beautiful

CO2 guns based on powder-burning originals are often used as training tools for the bullet-firing originals – at least in the countries that allow their ownership. One such gun is SIG Sauer’s new offering, the P365. Modelled after its award-winning 9mm counterpart, this tiny air pistol is the perfect way for US shooters to practise their concealed carry firearm techniques. That’s not quite so useful for shooters over here in the UK, but what we can do is unleash 12 BBs from a package that weighs just 360 grams (0.8 lb) and measures less than 15cm in length (5.75”). This little BB gun has a lot to live up to, because over in the States its powder-burning namesake was named by the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated Magazine as its Golden Bullseye winner for…

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sudden impact

Low-power CO2 multi-shot pistol and rifle shooters have been given a series of three dedicated targets to aim at thanks to Impact Kinetics. The Speedshot 2 is a dual-plate target system, while the Speedshot 3, seen here, offers three targets, and the Speedshot 5 has five. All three target systems offer the choice of disc- or skittle-shaped targets. They’re a great way to unleash the true potential of your CO2 gun. Set them up as a static course of fire and shoot against the clock with your friends or clubmates, or as a ‘run and gun’ competition with several firing points and magazine changes. Try placing them at 15 yards and what looks like an easy target becomes challenging fun and frustration as you try to knock them all down as…