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Airgun Shooter June 2021

Airgun Shooter is your complete guide to getting the very best out of yourself and your guns - while enjoying every minute of it. Whether your passion is hunting, target shooting or plinking, we've got you covered. We also bring you the toughest tests around, plus the very best gear reviews, tips and techniques.

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a classic comeback

LAST MONTH saw the exciting news that Elite Optical Distribution has been appointed as UK distributor for RAW, AirForce and, most significantly, Theoben airguns. The name Theoben has been absent from the new airgun market for a while, and I have no doubt that its return will be welcomed with open arms. The brainchild of Dave Theobald and Ben Taylor, Theoben was established way back in 1982. Their initial major breakthrough was the invention of the gas-ram power source, which replaced the traditional spring and piston setup. Ben’s eureka moment is said to have been inspired by the forks on a Suzuki GS1000 motorbike. Adapted into an airgun powerplant, the mechanism delivered a faster lock time, greatly improved longevity and serious high-power performance. Theoben’s famous gas-ram range included the Sirocco, Fenman and…

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the airgun shooter promise

AUTHORITY AIRGUN Shooter is written by airgunners for airgunners. Our team has decades of combined experience in everything from target shooting to hunting and is committed to bringing you the highest quality advice around in print and video form every month. PASSION WE are absolutely obsessed with airguns and we love writing about them. We’re here to share our knowledge with you and focus on helping you become a better shooter, and we hope you’ll share your knowledge and expertise with us, too! INDEPENDENCE THE views you read in Airgun Shooter are entirely our own, which means you can trust every word you read in these pages. We’ve built up reputations from years in the field – we’re not prepared to pull any punches when it comes to telling you what’s hot and what’s not. INSPIRATION OUR…

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zeiss? nice!

We’re here to talk about a new range of airgun-friendly telescopic sights from Zeiss, but please indulge me for a bit. Many years ago I was on a long-range shooting course in Wales. I think it was in the summer, but being in Britain it was raining anyway. My scope wasn’t bad by any means, and the glass was reasonably good, even in the grey, wet conditions. But the reticle didn’t offer as much fidelity as I needed and the crosshairs were too thick, partially obscuring the target 800 yards away. The instructor took pity on me and let me use his rifle. While his gun was lovely, it was the scope on top that was the standout feature. The image wasn’t just good, it was great, being wonderfully bright,…

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join the slug revolution

FX HYBRID SLUGS www.fxairguns.com FX Airguns have been at the forefront of the slug revolution and make barrel liners and other gun design adaptations to optimise airgun performance with this ammunition. Their Hybrid slugs are claimed to combine the best of pellet and slug ammunition, and boast impressive long-range grouping. Hybrid slugs feature a hollow core and recessed base to reduce weight and improve expansion on impact. They are available in .22, .25, .30 and .35 calibres, and a range of weights from 19 to 68 grains. WILDMAN SLUGS www.wildmanslugs.com While working in pest control after a career in the military, Liam Craven noticed a gap in the market for affordable high-quality airgun slugs, so he started making his own. The enterprise grew into Wildman Slugs, which makes some of the finest airgun ammo. The Wildman ethos…

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a wolf in sleek clothing

Daystate has announced its first new release of the year – the Red Wolf Heritage – which not only represents the second generation of the British company’s electronic supergun, but is also a limited edition of only 250 rifles worldwide. It’s been styled to match the Genus, a special version of the Huntsman that was launched to celebrate Daystate’s 40th anniversary. And like that gun, the Red Wolf Heritage mixes a bronze and carbon-fibre finish with matching laminate woodwork. Despite its super high-tech electronic brain, the rifle maintains a more classical look. The limited edition Heritage model incorporates the very latest updates applied to the Red Wolf in its three-year production, such as the ART barrel and Mapped Compensation Technology, and Daystate guarantees the rifle can deliver match-like accuracy out to the…

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theoben rifles resurrected

Airguns from RAW, AirForce and Theoben will soon be available in the UK thanks to their exclusive new distributor, Elite Optical Distribution. Guns made by US-based Rapid Air Weapons have a direct lineage to Theoben, and plans are already under way to resume production of some of the most popular Theoben pre-charged pneumatics in the near future. Elite Optical sales director Stuart Grant explained: “AirForce and RAW offer an exciting range of exceptionally well-made and highly accurate airguns that share their heritage with the world famous Theoben brand. We are thrilled to be offering these to UK shooters in both the sub-12 ft-lb and FAC versions.”…