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Airgun Shooter August 2021

Airgun Shooter is your complete guide to getting the very best out of yourself and your guns - while enjoying every minute of it. Whether your passion is hunting, target shooting or plinking, we've got you covered. We also bring you the toughest tests around, plus the very best gear reviews, tips and techniques.

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it’s show time!

DESPITE the restrictions imposed due to Covid, things do appear to be continuing to creep back to normal, albeit fairly slowly. Most gun shops are now open and many outdoor ranges are up and running again, which is making a huge difference to our sport, the people who take part in it and those who depend on it for their livelihoods. For me, nothing signifies the fact that we are getting back to something close to normality than the very welcome return of game fairs and country shows. The Game Fair, which is one of the fieldsports world’s biggest gatherings, is set to go ahead at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 July, and I can’t wait to get there. Apart from lots of great food, drink and…

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the airgun shooter promise

AUTHORITY AIRGUN Shooter is by airgunners for airgunners. Our team has decades of experience in everything from target shooting to hunting and is committed to bringing you the highest quality advice in print and video every month. PASSION WE are obsessed with airguns and we love writing about them. We’re here to share our knowledge with you and focus on helping you become a better shooter, and we hope you’ll share your knowledge and expertise with us, too! INDEPENDENCE THE views you read in Airgun Shooter are our own, which means you can trust every word you read in these pages. We’ve built up reputations from years in the field – we’re not prepared to pull any punches. INSPIRATION OUR mission is to maximise the enjoyment you get from shooting, so every issue is packed with new…

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first impressions welcome to the fold

Some airgun hunters need to travel light, roaming large areas as they search for their quarry. Others find themselves shooting from confined areas, like a hide or vehicle. Brocock’s latest airgun, the Ranger XR, will find itself right at home in any of these scenarios – and more – as it’s a super compact gun with a trick up its sleeve – a folding stock. Brocock’s new rifle weighs only 2.5kg (5.5lb) and measures just 600mm with the stock deployed and only 400mm with it folded, making it easy to stow away when not in use. In UK legal-limit format the Ranger XR will deliver around 40 shots in .177 calibre and 45 shots .22, and FAC models are also available, offering a muzzle energy of between 18 and 20 ft-lb. Despite…

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news in brief

KEEN TO CLEAN Degreasing, cleaning and sanitising your airgun has never been easier thanks to three new non-toxic and biodegradable gun care products from On Target. Gun & Hand Sanitiser acts by forming an antimicrobial coating, which continues to protect against viruses and bacteria when dry. Extreme Degreaser is a heavy duty cleaner that removes grease and oils from guns, fishing reels and other surfaces. Stock & Leather Cleaner can be used to bring tired stocks back to life, and on leather products such as rifle slings, shoes and equestrian tack. The three products are available in a variety of sizes, with prices starting from £4.50. We’ve tried them and they work effortlessly! Take a look at ontargetguncare.co.uk for more details. A POCKETFUL OF LIGHT Streamlight has launched an ultra-compact torch called the Pocket…

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m1911 heaven

A full metal blowback CO2 version of the Colt M1911 – one of the most recognisable handguns in history – has been added to the Brothers in Arms series of iconic replica combat weapons from Lee-Enfield (Guns). This BB-firing version is modelled after the M1911A1 variant that was adopted in 1924. The M1911 was widely used in the First and Second World Wars as well as the Korean War, the Vietnam War and other conflicts such as the Bay of Pigs and the ongoing Syrian Civil War. John Browning’s masterpiece, reimagined in 4.5mm calibre, is the first handgun to be added to the Brothers in Arms series, which includes the Mosin-Nagant Model 1944, Kalashnikov AK-74 and Lee-Enfield SMLE. The grips house a 12g CO2 capsule and a 17-round steel BB magazine. The M1911A1’s…

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pack a premium punch

BSA has unveiled a brand new Premium Pellet line which includes four different types of ammo, available in both .177 and .22 calibres, making it simple to find the perfect match for your particular barrel. Shooters of all disciplines will find something to like from the line-up, starting with the Gold Star, described by BSA as a competition standard pellet, which is a classic domehead shape. Then there’s the Black Star, a longer-range hunting pellet, which is a hollowpoint design that manages to maintain much of the ballistic shape of a normal domehead. Next up is the Silver Star, a ballistic-tipped hollowpoint, which should prove to be a good medium weight expander. The final pellet in the range is the Green Star, a high-velocity, lead-free domehead. These pellets are also available in sampler…