All About History Book of History Year By YearAll About History Book of History Year By Year

All About History Book of History Year By Year

Vol 2
Documenting the evolution of the world

From the Reformation to the age of Revolution, volume two of History Year by Year gives you an in-depth insight into the events that shaped the world. From the end of the Medieval period to the exploration of the New World and the rise of the British Empire, this is a fascinating read for all history enthusiasts. Featuring: The Age of Exploration - How European colonisers established themselves globally. The Renaissance- Scholars in Florence sparked a cultural revolution with renewed understanding of classical art. Enduring Empires - Stretching across continents, empires blazed a trail of conquest and expansion. Discoveries & Inventions - See how astounding discoveries and inventions changed the world forever.

Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Publisher: Future Publishing Ltd
Available on: Web Reader, Desktop Reader, iPad, iPhone and Google Play Store


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