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Allure November 2019

Allure, the first and only magazine devoted to beauty, is an insider's guide to a woman's total image. Allure investigates and celebrates beauty and fashion with objectivity and candor, and places appearance in a larger cultural context.

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the call of the wild

In the same way that walking to school in a blizzard can build character, the idea behind “wild harvesting” (sourcing ingredients that naturally spring up in their habitats) is that plants that can survive in nature have a potency that makes them superior to their hothouse counterparts. But reality is a little less romantic. “When an ingredient [comes directly] from nature, the quality can vary from crop to crop,” says cosmetic chemist Ginger King. “There’s little consistency or reliability.” Then there’s that ultra-natural aspect of wild harvesting. That part is good, right? Well, that depends on whether the gathering is done sustainably, so the star botanical isn’t depleted in the process, says Marc Hachadourian, of the New York Botanical Garden. “American ginseng is a classic example: People were digging it all…

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balm squad

1. OUAI BODY CRÈME This airy, whipped body cream stirs together emollient cupuaçu butter, coconut oil, and squalane, smells faintly of rose, violet, and white musk, and (importantly) sinks in quickly so you’re not leaving grease marks on everything you touch. 2. GISOU PROPOLIS INFUSED POLISHING PRIMER The main ingredient, propolis, is a bee-made barrier that protects against heat, smooths frizz, and defines your hair’s texture without weighing it down. A pea-size amount tamed my (double-processed) ends. 3. KNC BEAUTY SUPA BALM These tiny tubes are packed with moringa seed, kukui seed, and cottonseed oils. Squeeze out a little for pillowy-soft lips with a healthy-looking—not gooey—sheen. Both flavors, OG Rose and Mint (left), are vegan. GETTY IMAGES; COURTESY OF BRAND (3)…

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overseas sensation

Big in Japan, adj. When things like small chocolate wafers and the youngest singing Osmond leave their native countries and find superstardom in the third-largest economy in the world. The best example may be Curél. Not the giant jugs of drugstore Curél you’re probably thinking of, but a ceramide-rich lineup that has been Japan’s #1 sensitive-skin-care line for a decade. And all that number-one-ness is finally coming our way. Be on the lookout for facial and eye essences, moisturizing milks, and foam and gel cleansers. The prodigal potions are on shelves now.…

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a rare stone

BEFORE IT WAS OVER, WE WOULD TALK about our shadow selves, the wind and the dirt, beautiful days, and our mothers. Before it was over, we would cry (more than once, in fact, more than twice); before it was over, we would talk about sex and love and loneliness. Before it was over, I would come to think of her as a good witch. That was how we spent our time together, Sharon Stone and I. First we spoke on the phone. I started by asking about her beauty routine—the easy, I’m-not-a-threat questions. We spoke about lipsticks and body scrubs. I asked Stone her biggest beauty regret. “Overplucking my brows,” I expected. “Not enough sunscreen,” maybe. But she made it clear that she doesn’t give a shit about small talk and…

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scents of strength

The magic of fragrance… rests almost entirely in its ability to remind us of things. For some inexplicable reason, a collection of molecules arranged just so can conjure a memory with glowing intensity. Applied to our pulse points, a scent is capable of time-traveling us back to a Paris café, our grandmother’s kitchen, the afternoon we fell in love. But fragrance is at its most meaningful when it helps us to recall something important about ourselves. We asked four women at the top of their field to talk to us about the fragrance that always reminds them of who they are—and all they bring to the table. Here, the essence of power. TANYA MENENDEZ Tech wizard Menendez is a social-impact entrepreneur and the CEO of Snowball Wealth, an online platform that tackles…

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instant therapy: that thing you said

Indulge it. “See if it really caused a big problem. What are or were the consequences? In most cases, it would have caused mainly embarrassment to oneself, and like all emotions, the embarrassment diminishes and goes away over time. Get comfortable. It will pass.” Meditate on it. “When you start to practice mindfulness, the focus is staying in the present and being nonjudgmental…. Being nonjudgmental allows one to see situations more objectively, like an outsider, without a lot of negative emotions clouding one’s interpretation.” Write it down. “Keep a journal where you write down some good things that happened through the day—things that you’ve done or said that you feel good or pleased about. This helps people become more aware of all the ‘rights’ as well, and it becomes easier to let go of the…