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Allure May 2020

Allure, the first and only magazine devoted to beauty, is an insider's guide to a woman's total image. Allure investigates and celebrates beauty and fashion with objectivity and candor, and places appearance in a larger cultural context.

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amazon grace

Brazilian beauty is synonymous with the word sexy, but how exactly can one feel like a girl from Ipanema? Start here: 1. Rahua Leave-In Treatment Light. This rendition of the brand’s leave-in treatment is made with Amazon-sourced Ungurahua oil to strengthen fine hair and help it grow. 2. Costa Brazil Body Massage Tool. An uplifting innovation inspired by the country’s famed beach bodies, these supersized stonelike tools (available in June) are designed for a body-sculpting lymphatic massage. “That helps decrease fluid retention [to temporarily tone], though it won’t resculpt your body,” says Romy Block, an endocrinologist in Skokie, Illinois. 3. Natura Ucuuba Restorative Body Butter. The word ucuuba in the Tupi language translates to “butter tree.” And it’s an accurate description: This hydrating cream made from the sustainably harvested Amazonian…

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national treasures

I consider lip balm and eye cream my two daily essentials (I even keep one of each in my purse as my secret for brightening and depuffing eyes around 3 p.m., or whenever I look extra tired). Both of my favorites right now are by Korean brands: Innisfree’s lightly tinted My Lip Balm is packed with hydrating sunflower seed and jojoba oils and cupuaçu butter; Cosrx Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream soothes undereyes with niacinamide and snail mucin, a popular (if somewhat quirky) Korean skin-care ingredient that naturally contains hyaluronic acid and peptides.…

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crowning glory

Let’s start with the dinner. There was the handmade fettucine swirled to perfection and topped with a dainty dollop of caviar. There were no less than four separate breads that had scarcely left the oven before they were in my mouth. Food, as the world knows, is a very worthy reason to go to Rome. But it’s not why I was there. It was late January, and I was there to meet with a man named Fabio Antonino, the CEO of the hair extensions company Great Lengths. Just as I left, Rome confirmed its first case of COVID-19. Shortly thereafter, the entire country was on a lockdown of unprecedented scale. But in late January, that earlier, more innocent pre-global-pandemic era, Antonino and I sipped espresso and talked about hair. Antonino’s extensions…

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the beautiful world of sir dyson

Dyson headquarters rises up from the quilted countryside of the English Cotswolds, a series of glass buildings brimming with top secret things, and also me and 25 publicists. At Dyson HQ, members of the press are given lanyards printed with their outlet, plus a black armband reading “press” in bold white letters. These are to remain on at all times. During our tour, one influencer’s “press” armband falls off her fawn limb, and moments later, when attempting to capture a photo of a wall, she is nearly detained. Four years ago, the brand famous for reinventing the vacuum cleaner tore open the beauty market with its chrome teeth and gave the world the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, a product intended to rejuvenate what they called a “stagnant” market by placing a…

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a different world

Suddenly we were faced with so many questions. First and foremost: How do we keep the staff, ourselves, and our loved ones safe? After that not-so-easily-solved problem, there were more: How do we share a global beauty issue in the midst of a global health crisis? How do we celebrate K-pop and Korean beauty on our cover while being sensitive to the widespread concerns about the effects of this pandemic? I’ll be honest—we didn’t know exactly how to respond. These are truly uncharted waters, and reactions around the world have run the gamut, from hysteria to apathy. Some people gave in to their worst impulses. Panic and paranoia—and a disturbing wave of anti-Asian racism—reared their ugly heads. Ultimately, this crisis reminded us just how interconnected we truly are. A virus doesn’t care…

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from k to z

All-kill: When a song hits No. 1 on multiple Korean music charts. Bagel: This English portmanteau is made from “baby face” and “glamorous body.” (Yes: ick.) Though most often used to describe female idols (like Bae Suzy), male stars, like 2PM’s Nichkhun, have also been on the receiving end of this description. Bias: Favorite member. (A bias wrecker is your favorite’s bandmate, who is very close to swaying your allegiance.) Bong: Nope, not that. This refers to the LED light sticks held aloft by fans at every concert. Twice fans’ lights are called Candy Bongs, Big Bang’s fans carry Bang Bongs, etc. Comeback: In K-pop, you don’t have to wait decades (or even a year) for one of these. Each new release is a comeback, complete with teasers and multiple music videos. Golden maknae: Maknae…