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Allure August 2020

Allure, the first and only magazine devoted to beauty, is an insider's guide to a woman's total image. Allure investigates and celebrates beauty and fashion with objectivity and candor, and places appearance in a larger cultural context.

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feast your eyes

1. JILLIAN DEMPSEY LID TINT IN PEACH. A finger sweep of this sheer cream color instantly enlivens tiredlooking eyes. It’s my new clean-beauty staple. $28. 2. SIGMA E38 DIFFUSED CREASE BRUSH. I have way too many makeup brushes, but this one is in regular rotation for softly applying and seamlessly blending shadows. $17. 3. ARDELL LASHES 110. A drugstore superstar, these strips are priced well and look like the real thing. $4.99. 4. SKINCEUTICALS A.G.E. EYE COMPLEX. With ingredients like blueberry extract and caffeine, this thick-but-not-greasy cream helps me wake up looking more refreshed. $98. 5. TARTE TARTEIST DOUBLE TAKE EYELINER. The gel pencil side of this multitasker is good, but it’s the extremely pigmented liquid liner side that gets all my kudos. $24. 6. COVERGIRL CLEAN FRESH HYDRATING CONCEALER. Even if I’ve been up all night with my infant, this…

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more than a moment

Like so many people around the world, I’ve been heartbroken and angry over the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others, including Black trans women Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells and Riah Milton. In my four and a half years at Allure, we’ve had a lot of eye-opening discussions about race. And I’ll be honest, it hasn’t always been received well by every person in our audience. In our February 2017 issue, I wrote about racism and got some very angry letters and social media comments. “Stick to beauty” and “Why does everything have to be about race?” were the common phrases used by that handful of detractors. I’ll state it again as I did then: Race and equality are issues that we should not only care about…

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practical magic

“I don’t walk into shoots with anything in mind,” admits makeup artist Tami El Sombati, when asked about her creative process. “I’m inspired by the model in front of me.” And with the flawless canvas of SouKeyna Diouf (the gorgeous woman you see here) before her, El Sombati poked around her personalized MAC Paintstick palette until she had mixed dueling shades of sapphire and emerald. She then blended the vibrant pigments along the points where one might normally apply highlighter—the top of the cheekbones, the inner and outer corners of the eyes—and diffused the two shades into galactic fields of color. But the glow photographed here actually originated earlier. Before applying anything else, El Sombati massaged a dab of moisturizer into Diouf’s cheeks, perhaps as a secret message: The outside…

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blue in the face

Instagram, TikTok, Zoom. By some estimates, we spend 50 percent of our lives staring at screens (and if my daily habits are any indication, that number has risen in recent months). While we are texting, our phones are sending a message back to us. Though you may not see it, “blue light is present all around. It’s emitted from our screens, like our computers and cell phones,” says Tiffany J. Libby, a dermatologist in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. We’ve always had exposure to blue light from the sun, “but now one could argue we are substantially increasing our exposure indoors,” says Libby. And this may not be great news for our skin: Long-term blue-light exposure can generate free radicals and trigger hyperpigmentation, according to some research. And it may lead to…

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sunny delight

Dear Bronzer: We knew you were good at making us look golden, but we never gave you credit for being more versatile, and for that we’re truly sorry. With one pan of creamy color, it’s also possible to get “more of a glow than obvious color,” says makeup artist Robin Black. It’s all in the way you apply it. Start with a cream bronzer that’s “one or two shades more intense than you want the final look to be,” says Black, adding that creams “are more translucent and blend into skin better than most powders.” Apply it to the high points of your face (cheekbones, bridge of the nose, center of the forehead and chin) and the apples of your cheeks, then use a rounded brush to buff the color…

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snoh angel

“I was 13 years old with zits all over my face,” says Snoh Aalegra. Sounds like pretty standard teen fare, only instead of hanging out at the mall, Aalegra was creating music with a major label in her native Sweden. “It was like, ‘Oh, you’re dope, but let’s develop you. And in the meantime let’s maybe give your songs to other people [to perform],’” she says. “It’s bizarre, because you don’t listen to music with your eyes. You listen with your ears, and it shouldn’t matter how you look.” But playing the long game paid off. At 32, Aalegra is on the verge of a massive solo career. She’s been sampled by Drake; her album, Ugh, Those Feels Again, debuted as the number one R&B album on iTunes last year;…