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holiday juggling

EDITOR’S LETTER EVERY YEAR, I HAVE A GREAT DEBATE WITH MYSELF WHEN I PULL DOWN THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: How many sentimental ornaments should I add to the Christmas tree? The problem with sentimental ornaments is that while they’re special and bring on all the nostalgia, they often don’t contribute to a beautiful (dare I say magazine-worthy?) tree. The collection of American Girl doll ornaments I started when I was little, or my husband’s snowboarding Coca Cola polar bear, really don’t go with my vision of a cohesive design that serves as the centerpiece of our Christmas home. But on the other hand, I still want to pull them out and smile over each one and the memories they bring. If I don’t dust them off and put them on the tree, there’s…

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5 non-gift advent calendar ideas

Make the season merry and bright with these ideas. 1. FAMILY ACTIVITY. Add a family activity to do each day, whether it’s going to get a Christmas tree, having a Christmas movie night or going caroling in the neighborhood.2. BOOK OF THE DAY. If you have young kids, this would be a great way to read a Christmas book every day—either ones you own, or those you check out from the library.3. GIVING BACK. Give your family one way to give back each day. Carol at a retirement home, in a fast-food drive-through pay for the person behind you, or package bags with necessities you can give to a homeless person you pass on the road.4. LOVE NOTES. Write the name of a friend or family member on a card for…

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get more online! CHRISTMAS DECORATING IDEAS Scroll through this list of great Christmas decorating ideas for every nook and cranny in your home. LITTLE BRICK HOME Tour the Christmas home of blogger Ahna Fulmer of Hammers n Hugs, with traditional Christmas colors and rustic farmhouse vibes. COLLECTING VINTAGE ORNAMENTS Vintage Shiny Brite ornaments are a favorite collectible to hunt for the flea-market enthusiast. Here are some tips on how to collect and display these beauties. DIY VINTAGE CHRISTMAS WREATH Love the look of vintage-inspired Christmas wreaths loaded with collectibles? Find out how you can make one yourself. CHRISTMAS TABLESCAPE IDEAS Take a look at these inspiring and attainable Christmas tablescape ideas for you to try or create your own spin on this season. Follow us online on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for daily inspiration!…

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woodland holiday diys

BIRCHWOOD CENTERPIECE Set a beautiful winter woodland tablescape with this easy, budget-friendly DIY birchwood centerpiece. “I chose to elevate this common DIY using the natural beauty of birchwood to create a simple yet elegant Christmas centerpiece accented with fresh pine branches from the tree,” says blogger Ahna Fulmer of Hammers N Hugs. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Three 18-inch birch logs• Wood glue• 6-mm jute rope• Heavy-duty stapler or liquid nails• Six taper candles• ⅞" wood drill bit and power drill• Measuring tape WHAT YOU’LL DO: 1. Set two birch logs together and place the third on top. Make sure they’re rotated as you like them.2. Remove the top log and drill six holes into the top, approximately ¾ inches deep. Space the holes evenly across the wood at 1 ½ inches, 4 ½ inches, 7…

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personalized birch stocking tags

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • 2 ½–3” round birch slices• Pencil• Wood burning pen• ⅛” drill bit and power drill• Clear satin lacquer• Metal ornament hooks WHAT YOU’LL DO: 1. Either freehand or with a stencil, take the pencil and lightly write out the name you want in the center of each wood slice.2. Trace the pencil lines with a wood burning pen.3. Drill a hole at the top of the wood slice with the ⅛” drill bit. Center the hole approximately ½ inch from the top of each wood slice.4. Blow out the shavings, and spray the whole tag with a clear satin lacquer.5. Once it’s dry, add a metal ornament hook to each tag and hang with the stocking.…

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plaid perfection

These cute and custom fabric Christmas trees, designed by blogger Liberty Brammer of B4 and Afters, are the perfect small project to sew for your farmhouse. “I came up with the idea after I saw a similar one for sale at a home improvement store,” Liberty says. “I took a picture of it, telling myself, ‘I could make one like that.’” Here’s how you can too. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Paper for pattern (tracing paper, paper grocery bag, etc.)• Pencil• Pins• Fabric of your choice• Sewing machine• Polyester fill stuffing• Wooden dowels or sticks (Liberty used old window-blind slats)• Optional: Paint of choice for dowels• Wood bases (Liberty used flooring samples)• Wood glue• Optional: drill and hole saw attachment• Optional: ribbon and embellishments of choice WHAT YOU’LL DO: 1. Draw and cut three sizes…