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Artists & Illustrators April 2017

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Artists & Illustrators is the UK’s best-selling magazine for artists and art lovers, providing advice and inspiration every month. Published for almost 25 years, each issue of Artists & Illustrators contains a colourful palette of profiles and features, together with valuable practical ideas, expert technical advice and useful product tests. Whether you favour oils or watercolours, portraits or landscapes, abstract art or botanical illustration, Artists & Illustrators brings a refreshing blend of creativity and advice every four weeks throughout the year.

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it’s the season for new beginnings

The spring is a great time to make a fresh start. And that’s particularly true for artists – it’s the season when we can finally head outdoors again and unearth new inspiration in the natural world as the first shoots of green start to push through. So, full of the spirit of renewal, we’ve packed this issue not only with a botanical special (page 48) featuring advice from three talented artists on how to capture the intricate wonder of plants, but also Tom Greenwood’s guide to painting wildlife (page 68) and Fraser Scarfe’s study in capturing the essence of trees in springtime (page 74). We’ve even added the jubilant flowers by artist Kirsty Wither to our cover to give you more incentive to fling open the doors to creativity. And there’s yet…

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your letters

ON PICASSO’S PATH I have always been a big fan of Picasso and had a period in my life when I was trying to make everything in geometric forms. I practised for years and finally found my style, which is more illustrative and full of colour – I like to use drawing markers and paints. I would like to thank Pablo for being such a great inspiration for me. After seeing his artworks in Barcelona in 2015, I realised I should always keep going and practising. Last year was full of progress. I changed my life completely and became more patient and focused, and a better artist and person. This year has started amazingly: I have many commissions and I started selling my prints. I know that one day I will…

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letter of the month

THE WONDER OF WORK For decades I have been a hobbyist, so each month I skipped over Laura Boswell’s ‘The Working Artist’. In the last year, however, I have taken strides in my development as an artist and begun to exhibit my work. I have even sold my first piece, so I am officially a working artist. Suddenly, I can’t get enough of Laura’s column and I am going through all my back issues to read her practical advice. Artists & Illustrators continues to be a great resource too, and the added bonus of having all the back issues is that I don’t have to wait four weeks for the next great issue. Here is my first exhibited artwork. Catherine L Stacy, via email Find Laura’s column online at www.artistsandillustrators.co.uk…

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9 artistic things to do in april

1 PAINT, CUT, MAKE Join John Crossley’s workshop at The Heatherley School of Fine Art in London on 22 April 2017 to create work in collage and three dimensions. You will learn to work with colour, lay down washes to create mood and atmosphere, and explore new possibilities for looking and making. www.royalwatercoloursociety.co.uk 2 VISIT Open Studios Ayrshire 2017 A raft of artists will fling open their studio doors from 21 to 24 April to welcome visitors to their creative spaces. Artists will also run workshops coinciding with the event – keep an eye on the website. www.openstudiosayrshire.com 3 TRY The Drawing Lab Head to the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol to explore the Drawn exhibition, which features work from its biennial open submission. While you’re there, visit the accompanying Drawing Lab, from 1 April…

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LONDON Queer British Art, 1861-1967 5 April to 1 October 2017 The show focuses on a time of seismic shifts, including works from Francis Bacon, Glyn Philpot and Keith Vaughan. Tate Britain.www.tate.org.uk Anthony Green RA: The Life and Death of Miss Dupont Until 30 April 2017 Marking the 40th anniversary of the artist’s election as a Royal Academician, this exhibition features his three-metre tall The Fur Coat, “Hazana”. Royal Academy of Arts.www.royalacademy.org.uk Sheer Pleasure: Frank Brangwyn and the Art of Japan Until 14 May 2017 Japanese paintings, prints, furniture and ceramics belonging to the gallery’s founder Frank Brangwyn RA, on the 150th anniversary of his birth. William Morris Gallery.www.wmgallery.org.uk Maria Lassnig: A Painting Survey, 1950-2007 1 March to 29 April 2017 Track the artist’s evolution from early experiments with abstraction to inventive figuration and the refinement of her ‘body awareness’ portraits. Hauser…

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fresh paint

VERONICA SMIRNOFF The memory of growing up in the USSR around the time of its demise is at the heart of Veronica Smirnoff’s work. Although she came to Edinburgh in her teens, later studying at the Slade School and the Royal Academy of Arts, her visual language still references a Russian sentiment, albeit filtered through cultural references from across the world. She now lives and works in London, and has exhibited around the globe. With its elements of folk art, Veronica’s work explores the memories of places and people she left behind – as seen in her recent egg tempera painting What Rocks Think Of. It was inspired by the nature of the pigments, which came from minerals and stones ground into powder, and originated from loose sketching and the marking down…