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Artists & Illustrators February 2019

Artists & Illustrators is the UK’s best-selling magazine for artists and art lovers, providing advice and inspiration every month. Published for almost 25 years, each issue of Artists & Illustrators contains a colourful palette of profiles and features, together with valuable practical ideas, expert technical advice and useful product tests. Whether you favour oils or watercolours, portraits or landscapes, abstract art or botanical illustration, Artists & Illustrators brings a refreshing blend of creativity and advice every four weeks throughout the year.

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painting the past and the future

(AINE DIVINE) You have probably already noticed that this is a special issue of Artists & Illustrators. This month, the magazine is celebrating its 400th outing. It’s been making it way on to the newsstands and doormats every four weeks since 1986. And it’s going strong – even growing – and that’s quite an achievement in these tricky times for print media. To mark the occasion, I took some time out to chat to our regular contributors about their relationship with the magazine, and how it’s impacted on their art. They had plenty to say. Turn to page 19 to read their thoughts.It also felt right to focus on the future, as well as the past. In this spirit, I sent Rosemary Waugh out into the art world to track…

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what a revelation

I read Penny Kaufman’s letter in the December magazine (issue 398), and had to write to say that I wholeheartedly agree. Having been plagued by health problems for the last few years, dabbling in watercolour has been a wonderful way to relieve the worry. I am just getting started, so my work isn’t ready for public consumption, but the desire to get better, and the pleasure that I find in making small breakthrough gives me something to look forward to every day. Martin Mundy, Cardiff, via email ■…

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Let us know what you think of Artists & Illustrators magazine and share your painting projects with us at the contacts below... @AandImagazine ArtistsAndIllustrators AandImagazine AandImagazine ■…

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how i made… red house

Portfolio Plus member TONY COWLAND on how he made his winning artworkI painted this view near my studio using marble paste applied to a sketch on board overpainted with warm acrylic colours. I then switched to oils, with the sky and dark areas applied first. Light tones were drybrushed over darks, allowing underpainted areas to show through, with the texture providing an illusion of detail. I also used scumbling, tonking, fingernail scratching and wet-in-wet, using a variety of brushes from bristle to rigger. When it comes to landscapes, I use every dirty trick I possibly can. • See more of Tony’s art www.artistsandillustrators.co.uk/anthonycowland • To find out the next Editor’s Pick theme and enter for the chance to win £50 voucher from Cass…

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social scene

Talking point: How do you decide when a painting is finished? Isabel Dyer: Usually when I’ve ignored my instinct to stop, but carry on tweaking until I realise I’ve gone too far. Regular photos can help identify the problem before it’s much too late. Jeff Gatewood: When you get your point across, she’s finished. Janneke Booister: Most of the time the painting itself decides when it’s finished. Sometimes, if I’m in doubt, I ask someone else to look at my painting and I accept most of the suggestions that are given. Pat Wilson: I think it’s the hardest decision to make. Angela Carol Robertson: It’s finished when you’ve painted all the bits you wanted to paint and it looks like what you wanted it to look like. Donna…

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write to us

Send your letter or email to the addresses below: POST: Your Letters Artists & Illustrators The Chelsea Magazine Company Ltd. Jubilee House 2 Jubilee Place London SW3 3TQ EMAIL: info@artistsandillustrators.co.uk The writer of our ‘letter of the month’ will receive a £50 gift voucher from our partner GreatArt, who offers the UK’s largest range of art materials with more than 50,000 art supplies and regular discounts and promotions. www.greatart.co.uk ■…