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Artists & Illustrators January 2020

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Artists & Illustrators is the UK’s best-selling magazine for artists and art lovers, providing advice and inspiration every month. Published for almost 25 years, each issue of Artists & Illustrators contains a colourful palette of profiles and features, together with valuable practical ideas, expert technical advice and useful product tests. Whether you favour oils or watercolours, portraits or landscapes, abstract art or botanical illustration, Artists & Illustrators brings a refreshing blend of creativity and advice every four weeks throughout the year.

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a very festive & creative welcome to you all

After enjoying a lovely summer followed by the rich colours of autumn, we decided to not sulk as winter approaches but rather embrace the artistic possibilities of the colder weather. Our brilliant deputy editor Rachael has taken the lead in this respect, donning the thermals to properly explore the work of three painters who have quite literally gone to the ends of the earth to create cool, glacial landscapes that speak of the impending climate crisis. Sticking with the wintry theme elsewhere in the issue, illustrator Chris Wormell shares the techniques behind his charity Christmas card designs, while Rob Dudley is intent on proving that the Andy Williams song is, in fact, true and this really is the most wonderful time of the year as he shows you how to capture…

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DREAM BABY DREAM I have painted approximately 100 paintings in the past three years. Sometimes the subject for a picture comes easily to mind, but other times it seems more difficult to find inspiration. A short while ago I had a vivid and colourful dream. It was so real that, as soon as I awoke, I noted down all the details I could remember. Mostly dreams fade away quite all too quickly. In the world of dreams the impossible becomes possible. Reality is suspended. In this particular dream I was in two places at once. Flying over the trees and watching myself and my family walking along a footpath in a nearby arboretum. I made a painting of this dream with oil paints [below left], making extensive use of a palette knife. Your readers…

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lost freedom

I draw and paint graphically and very realistically, and, even though I enjoy it, I have a constant nagging urge to abandon the tight constraints of how I work and throw paint wildly at a huge canvas or something. It always amazes me at how precise and rigid I have become with my art and even now I think back to the days of my art foundation course, some 25 years ago now, with fondness. I remember a lot of the exercises that we were asked to do took us out of our comfort zones, like life drawing with lolly sticks and ink on a large full-height scale, which in itself was hard enough, but just as you felt that you had started to get somewhere, being asked to move to…

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1 SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST: COASTAL LANDSCAPES BY JEREMY GARDINER 24 January to 22 March 2020 Fascinated by the geology of England’s south coast, Jeremy Gardiner set out to capture the way the landscape is shaped by the forces of nature. Iconic subjects including Durdle Door, Seven Sisters and Port Isaac [Amber Light, Port Isaac, pictured] are depicted in this expressive body of work made during the last five years. The exhibition will tour to Falmouth Art Gallery. St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Hampshire. www.stbarbe-museum.org.uk 2 GLYN UZZELL 1930-2014 21 January to 7 March 2020 This retrospective explores the rich career of the late Swindon-born artist, who travelled extensively, studying in New York and Paris, and teaching in Geneva, before setting up his studio and print workshop in the Algarve 40 years ago. His practice drew inspiration…

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paint like a vegan

One of the wonderful things about art is our ability to craft new images using the same materials as the Old Masters. However, when they are made from centuries-old recipes developed in less enlightened times, it can be problematic. While animal hair brushes and rabbit-skin glue may be obvious, other art materials with animal by-products can include gouache (gelatine and oxgall), oil paints (beeswax), paper (sized with gelatine), and watercolour (honey). Luckily for vegans, or simply any conscientious artist, there are plenty of traditional-style alternatives on the market. DERWENT GRAPHIC PENCILS Graphite can sometimes be non-vegan, thanks to the presence of tallow, a smoothing agent made from animal fats. The harder pencils, from B to 9H, in this range are all free from animal products. www.pencils.co.uk DALER-ROWNEY SYSTEM 3 ACRYLICS Certain black or grey paints contain…

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manganese blue

THE COLOUR Patented in 1935 by German company IG Farben, this cool light blue was used to colour cement in swimming pools. THE PROPERTIES Genuine Manganese Blue (PB33) is made from barium manganate and many companies have stopped producing it due to environmental concerns. Several manufacturers have introduced Manganese Blue Hue, a fairly lightfast colour made with a variation of the Phthalo Blue pigment PB15. THE USES The original colour was prized for bright, summery skies. Daniel Smith recommends the hue as a substitute for Cerulean Blue, as it can help create mottled textures when mixed with non-staining, semi-opaque colours.…