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June 2021
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The World’s Best Gay Magazine. We pride ourselves on exclusive content and we are the premier destination for film, music, sports and pop stars plus LGBT heroes and allies that want to speak directly to gay men. Each issue has a balance of features on a diverse range of subjects, with block busting A-list celebrity exclusives and in-depth analysis of news and issues affecting the LGBT community. No other gay magazine can come anywhere near Attitude’s star pulling power, with celebrities such as James Franco, Tom Hardy, Elton John, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ian McKellen, Liam Payne, Take That, Matthew Lewis and countless more giving exclusive gay press interviews to us. Plus we have the likes of Paris Lees, Matt Lucas, David Furnish, not only appearing in the magazine but also writing for it.

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United Kingdom
Stream Publishing Limited
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meet the team

Ashish Gupta, fashion designer and photographer During an overnight long-haul flight, by the emergency exit near the tail end, with a flight attendant. The lights were off and thankfully no one got out of their seat. That, and the basement of a health-food store in Holborn. David McGillivray, writer Funny you should ask that. In my autobiography, Little Did You Know (FAB Press, 2019), I wrote, “I’ve always regretted that a journalist has never asked me, ‘Where’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?’ because I would be able to reply, ‘Driving through Camden Town while Trev, wearing Paula’s knickers, gave me a blow job.’” Paul Mendez, novelist In a field outside Birmingham, with cows watching and presumably wondering just what I was helping that gentleman with. It was very muddy. He was wearing wellies…

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up & down

GIRL POWER Kehlani, Demi Lovato and Becky Hill all come out to brighten the rainbow familam ON THE MONEY Bank of England’s new £50 features computer pioneer, codebreaker and LGBTQ icon Alan Turing — bring on the Tia Kofi tribute QUEER AS FOLK… AGAIN… AGAIN We’re always a bit ‘meh’ on remakes, but we’ll happily watch a re-do of THAT rimming scene DARLING NIKKI Sweet dreams, Nikki Grahame, Big Brother star, pop culture legend and all-round hun SAVE THE PLANET PENIS! Scientists say penises are shrinking due to pollution. Suddenly, the gays prick up their ears! CATEGORY IS… THE END Season three of Pose willbe its last and we still cannot deal FREEDOM Anyone else kinda enjoying the limitations lockdown put on life? Sorry, did someone say Stockholm Syndrome…? BACK-SCRATCHING SCOUNDRELS MPs keep gifting big money contracts to their pals and nobody blinks an eye…

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editor in chief’s letter

The inaugural Sex & Sexuality edition was Attitude’s biggest selling issue of last year. No surprise there, really. As the adage goes: ‘Sex sells.’ And – hold the front page – some people even actually sell sex. One might consider them the smart ones, seeing as most of us are just happy to give it away for free. (Or at least in exchange for a libation or two, depending on your degree of interest.) The phrase ‘more bang for your buck’ seems apt here. But flippancy aside, it wasn’t just our physical and mental wellbeing that has been on a rollercoaster during Covid; our sex lives have also had their ups and downs. Whether fanning the flames with a long-term lover after a year of lockdowns, or single and desperate to…

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attitude loves...

SONOS ROAM Good things often come in small packages — like the Sonos Roam, an ultra-portable smart speaker producing pitch-perfect sound everywhere you go (although please don’t be that person on the bus or Tube). Available in shadow black and lunar white, the speaker is fully waterproof and, like our favourite men, very versatile; you can position it horizontally or vertically on your chosen surface. It also has plenty of stamina and can go for ages… with 10 hours of continuous playback from a single charge. Price: £159. sonos.com HUMAN BEHIND THE PENIS Stand to attention for a new coffee table book we’re positively cock-a-hoop about. Swedish photographer Jonas Norén used to have the, ahem, willies when it came to shooting male genitalia — but his latest project, Human Behind the Penis, shafts…

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the rules

SEDUCE HIM (WITH LIES). Go ahead, advertise “well hung”, even if you’re just referring to the art on your wall. SET THE SCENE. Your bedroom floor should look like Mary Poppins emptied the contents of her handbag… onto a scrap heap. Most men are comfortable in a variety of positions — and fucking on a heap of your dirty laundry should be one of them. WELCOME HIM. Who says you can’t “accom”, even if you live with seven other people? So what if one of them is a baby? Or your boyfriend… DRESS UP… AS A CATFISH. Like, what do you think is gonna happen? That cute twink is gonna see that you’re more James Corden than James Marsden and have sex with you anyway? Well, yes, probably, because we’re British and that’s…

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dangerous liaisons

Sex workers are often stigmatised in ‘normal’ times, but since the introduction of COVID-19 regulations, the organisations where I work, CLASH (Central London Action on Sexual Health) and SHOC (Sexual Health on Call), have noticed that this has increased. There are voices who seek someone to blame for the spread of the pandemic and sex workers are often in the firing line. At a time when we are only really supposed to have sex with people we live with — clients are not normally part of an escort’s bubble — sex workers are worried about being judged if they continue to work. And this fear is making them reluctant to use the health services they need more than ever. NHS services CLASH and SHOC have been supporting sex workers for more than…