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Australian Hunter

Australian Hunter Edition 71

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Australian Hunter aims to create a better environment and community understanding of all forms of hunting, whether for animal management, trophies or food for the family table. The magazine features articles and advice on hunting all manner of game from rabbits, foxes and goats to pigs, deer, buffaloes and more. Also featured are product reviews by experienced hunters and outdoor enthusiasts on firearms, optics, knives and related gear for the field, as well as practical advice for tracking, hunting, butchering and cooking game.

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Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia
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2 min.
from the editor

Australian Hunter 71 is our last for the year and we cap off 2019 in style. There’s a foray into the field as Don Caswell combats the ‘ninja’ wild dogs of far North Queensland, Brad Allen follows the signs to take down bucks, John Dunn flies into the Top End’s stunning Cobourg Peninsula for bantengs and a spot of fishing, Ben Unten comes to terms and settles with a solitary swine, Leon Wright delivers a valid reminder to not orget the dams when after ducks, David Duffy is on the prowl for a crafty feral cat and Mick Chapman turns a decade-long kudu nightmare into an African dream. We focus with the Steiner Ranger 2.5 10x50 riflescope and two Cuddeback trail cameras, brighten up the world with Lightforce Striker LED Driving…

6 min.
the dark side of jungle dogs

Wild dogs are never easy. That is especially so for the black jungle dogs of far north Queensland. These wary predators emerge from their lairs in dense tropical forest to raid bordering farmland. Rarely seen in daylight, they are truly ninja dogs of the dark humid night. Mostly, sometimes completely, black in colour, they are similar in appearance to Doberman dogs. Slipping in and out of the great national park foliage, they vanish as soon as they enter the curtained gloom of the rainforest. The only opportunity to hunt them is by ambush as they transit to or from their home in the jungle, or by calling them out. Either way, hunting these dogs is a twilight exercise. Trail cameras are most useful in determining how many, what type and when…

7 min.
browning’s bxr rapid expansion ammunition

I vividly recall the late 1980s when my interest in hunting and shooting was just starting. An uncle had introduced me to the shooting sports and I remember many winter evenings sitting in his back shed chatting about shotguns, rifles and many more shooting- and hunting-related topics. We would enter his reloading room where he would show me all the different calibres and makes of ammunition he had for his impressive firearms collection. For a newcomer to the sport, I was keen to absorb as much knowledge and information as I could. I recollect he had a brand of ammunition in his cabinet which comprised of both rimfire, shotshell and centrefire, with a creamcoloured carton and a brown logo on the box - Browning by Fabrique Nationale (FN), Herstal, Belgium. I…

8 min.
customising your hunting rifle

Often a hunting rifle will require some customisation to transform it to what you want. It’s not always the case that ‘enhancements’ are to improve accuracy or aesthetics. The following are some of the changes I’ve done to my hunting rifles. On new rifles some modifications may void the warranty and if that is a major concern to you, then perhaps wait until any such period is over. Bedding job A proper bedding job, which may include floating the barrel and sometimes using aluminium pillars, often improves the shotto-shot consistency of a rifle. On my .270 after it was pillar bedded, groups virtually halved in size. On the other hand, a Ruger .338 RCM already shot well and after floating and bedding, it still performed the same. There are different schools of thought…

6 min.
buck’s model 105 the right fit

The Buck Model 105, sometimes referred to by its name ‘Pathfinder’, is a simple 5" fixed blade knife with a modified clip point. It’s a knife which has been around for a long time. The Buck Company was incorporated by Al Buck in 1961. This was the year that the company began factory production of knives in California. The knife which was to become the Model 105 was certainly in production at the handmade level prior to that and was almost definitely available from the late 1930s. Since 1961 it has undergone a few slight cosmetic changes but the basic shape and style has remained the same. Knives made from 1961 until the end of 1966 were stamped simply with ‘Buck’ on the blade. From 1967 until 1971 ‘Buck USA’ was…

9 min.
triple treat buck hunt

As we drove into our deer hunting property in the late afternoon, it was obvious that the rut hadn’t yet begun but the start was imminent, with a large amount of fresh deer sign throughout the area. Small saplings had been thrashed around the edge of every track and clearing, with some ‘not so small’ trees also given the once over by the resident buck population. We also checked some of the regular scrapes that are used each year by the dominant bucks. Most had been ‘cleaned out’, with fresh dirt and dust covering the surrounding foliage. Some even sported fresh damp urine-soaked patches in the middle. Things were looking good. Up before dawn the next morning, we headed out from camp on foot. There was a brisk freshness to the cool…