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Australian Hunter

Australian Hunter Edition 76

Australian Hunter aims to create a better environment and community understanding of all forms of hunting, whether for animal management, trophies or food for the family table. The magazine features articles and advice on hunting all manner of game from rabbits, foxes and goats to pigs, deer, buffaloes and more. Also featured are product reviews by experienced hunters and outdoor enthusiasts on firearms, optics, knives and related gear for the field, as well as practical advice for tracking, hunting, butchering and cooking game.

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botswana excursion delivers the goods

This hunt was with Nkwe Safaris in Botswana for six days out of Ghanzi, about a 280km drive south-west of Maun. The focus was any Cape eland bull, with burchell’s zebras, blue wildebeests, grey duikers, steenboks and jackals also part of my package. I had hunted in Namibia four years earlier, also with elands on my list, but the opportunity to hunt this, the largest bodied of the African antelopes, did not eventuate. Nkwe’s owner Jaco Visser, who has more than 20 years experience as a professional hunter with all manner of plains and dangerous game, runs the operation. Jaco absolutely knows his stuff. The hunting camp provides tented- and chalet-style accommodation. I stayed in one of the tents which have an outside shower and toilet, a couple of comfortable beds and…

3 min
ssaa cwm branches

SSAA Victoria Conservation & Pest Management THE SSAA VICTORIA Conservation & Pest Management program is an initiative started in conjunction with Parks Victoria operating under a Memorandum of Understanding. Accredited SSAA members volunteer to control pest species and problem species in national parks, state forests and on private holdings. The CPM provides accredited members the opportunity to participate in conservation, whereby effective methods are adopted to achieve real and positive conservation outcomes. To participate, you must be a member of the SSAA, then participate in an accreditation course with a written test and practical shoot. For further information, write to SSAA Vic CPM at Unit 2, 26 Ellingworth Pde, Box Hill, Vic 3128, phone 03 8892 2777, email cpm@ssaavic.com.au or visit ssaavic.com.au SSAA NT Conservation & Pest Management SSAA NT CONSERVATION & Pest Management…

7 min
heavy know your steel metal

A knife is a knife, right? Wrong. Appropriate blade style, clip point, drop point, Tanto or flexible filleting blades are highly important. Ergonomics, ‘tacticool’ factor, fit and functionality are normally what attracts most of us to a good knife as well. But just how much consideration is given to the actual steel composition of the blade? What type of steel is it? How do differing types take an edge? How hard are diverse steels to sharpen? Here, I will start with heat treatment and the Rockwell hardness scale, go through a few of the more popular types of blade steels as well as explain their composition, uses, properties and applications and conclude with a few words on care and black oxide. Steel is not a naturally occurring element, it’s man-made. It is…

3 min
call the shots

AJ Productions is a New Zealand company that sells optics, trail-security cameras, hunting videos and game callers. The firm is seeking to expand into the Australian market. With this in mind, Australian Hunter was given the opportunity to review the AJ Productions Deluxe Universal Game Caller and Remote Controller. AJ Productions have a range of sound cards available for this device. Each card has five separate calls on it. The array of cards is being expanded and includes red, rusa, sika, fallow, whitetail deer, wild dog, fox, goat, pig, mallard and paradise duck, plus Canadian goose. The calls featured on the AJ Productions cards are either recordings of real animals or imitation sounds produced by worldclass operators for the company. The speaker unit has slots for two separate cards. Supplied with the speaker…

5 min
hunter gatherer

As a child I loved exploring and collecting interesting stones, bird feathers and small branches for my pet lizards and snakes that I kept in large glass tanks. On trips to the bush I often found pickedcleaned bones and even skulls of herbivores that had succumbed to predators. I took what I liked and cleaned them until spotless. After school growing up in Durban, South Africa, I would often visit old Ivy’s curio shop where the specialty was in the sales of hides and beautiful animal mounts. You name it, they were there from different buck species, zebras and all the carnivores under the sun. Later on in life when the hunting bug bit, I started my own collection but with a difference. Mounted animals are expensive and I mainly hunted for the pot but…

3 min
slings and other things

Tenterfield in northern NSW has always had a tradition of good bush craftsmanship. The legendary Tenterfield Saddler was no figment of the imagination and to this day there are still a number of successful artisans doing fine work. Outstanding leather skills have always held a fascination for people who enjoy owning something well crafted, with shooters and hunters no exception. Few people who own a rifle don’t have a sling for it as well. But a lot of the rifle slings today are either synthetic or far too stiff. Some of them work okay, but many don’t. Besides that, if you have spent a lot of money on a stylish rifle with blued steel and polished walnut, it seems almost a travesty to attach a synthetic sling to it. Far too…