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Issue 9, September - November 2019

Australian Knife Magazine is for everyone who appreciates a well made knife. We aim to cater to makers (aspiring and established), collectors and users of every variety. We bring to you news, reviews, tips and tricks, collectors' insight from Australia and around the World. We keep you informed of latest trends in both custom and factory made edged tools with focus on high quality, detailed photos. The only publication of its type in Australia!

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editor’s say

This has been a very busy three months out of a very busy year. 2019 has been the most exciting year for knife enthusiasts: with two new shows debuting in Perth and Queensland, as well as the Symposium, Sydney and Melbourne shows and Adelaide and Canberra still to come. Seems hardly a month went by without a major even taking place somewhere in the country, which is good if you’re an editor of a knife magazine looking for relevant content! Sydney show was by far the biggest and most exciting one yet, pages of this magazine are filled with photos and stories that came out of that weekend, but this does not begin to scratch the surface. With over 150 exhibitors, live action displays plus international guests, we could have…

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the use of a hanging strop in knife sharpening and maintenance

knifeGrinders.com.au Australians are blessed to have Kangaroo strops readily available, unlike our overseas counterparts. After using cow hide, horse and suede strops for years, it was only by chance, following a request from our overseas customers that I first acquired a couple of Kangaroo tails. Once I figured out how to make a hanging strop out of the ‘roo tail strip, I tested an assortment of carbon steel, stainless and wear-resistant knives. I measured their sharpness using the BESS sharpness tester before and after stropping, and instantly became a convert. We have posted two videos on the Knife Grinders’ YouTube channel demonstrating their effectiveness: “Kangaroo Tail Strop Effect on Sharpness” and the stropping step at the end of the video “How We Sharpen Japanese Knives on Tormek". We are talking about two…

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tony’s thailand bladesmithing adventures

Tony’s Bladesmithing As we do each year my family like to do short getaways to Asian Countries (as we have a young son, the closer the better). This year we embarked on a journey to Bangkok in Thailand, the Land of Smiles. Before most trips, I like to do some research and find out if there are any Knife Makers or suppliers of tooling in the areas being visited and in this case I stumbled across a Canadian guy by the name of Ryan Nelson who owns and operates Golden Axe Throw Club in Bangkok. He has also recently employed a Thai local Blacksmith by the name of TD to start up The Forge BKK, where TD runs Axe and Knife Making courses. The course is only a day long course…

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wayne barrett “wade knives”

If there was ever any need for proof that there’s no substitute for experience, then you only need to look at the creations on these pages. Born in 1943 in Molong, in the NSW Central West region of NSW, Wayne grew up on a farm, before moving into town. He started making knives at an early age, at about 8 or 9 years old, as the old story goes, “If you didn't make it - you didn't have it”. By 1958 he moved to Sydney, finished high school and started work in mining and general engineering. He qualified as a first class fitter machinist in 1964 and worked his way up to Foreman in 1983. His work included designing and machining various adaptions to upgrade existing machine tools, as well…

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the knife art association’s 2019 sydney knife show

In August, the eyes of the Australian knife community focus on Rosehill Gardens in Sydney. By far the biggest and most important event of the year plays host to the most significant suppliers, resellers and custom makers of the nation in front of the biggest crowds of visitors. This show is the crowning jewel among the shows and special events organised by the Knife Art Association (KAA) around Australia. Since its conception in 2014, this knife show has continued to grow, attracting more and more visitors and exhibitors every year and continues to gain recognition as a major international event. This year’s show building on last year’s success, with full capacity of stall holders; and though the number of visitors was up on last year by a healthy percentage, the…

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Jim Cooper is no stranger to knife photography; in fact he’s built a career on it for the last 15 years. He has a real passion for knives and it shows in his work. With over 14000 professional photos published on websites and social media pages, anyone who has ever looked up photos on knives on the Internet or magazines has invariably drooled over his images. The name is renowned throughout the knife making community around the world, he has taken photos of the most famous makers’ creations. Anyone who has ever tried to photograph a knife will know the challenge of trying to capture a highly reflective object. But taking a clear photo is only part of the challenge; every photo is a piece of art in its own right:…