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welcome to our celebration of the uk’s finest new cars

Visit autoexpress.co.uk for all the latest new cars news OUR New Car Awards are a little later in the year than usual, but 2020’s list of winners proves that there’s no let-up when it comes to the car industry’s ingenuity and drive to provide ever-better models. This will be a year we will never forget, but it’s also a year when personal transportation became far more important than ever. We’ve shown an increasing desire to buy cars that not only protect us, but also protect the world around us. Every winner you see in this issue is the result of meticulous testing that starts with an analysis of what’s most important to buyers of that type of car. They’re models you can buy or recommend with the knowledge that they’ve been through the…

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mercedes jargon busted

EQA This small EV crossover – like an all-electric version of the GLA – is due to appear before the end of 2020. EQB An electric SUV that is focused on practicality. Think of it as a zero-emission version of the GLB. EQC The first pure EQ model – a family SUV with a range of up to 259 miles. EQE Swoopy executive saloon that’s set to be the second model launched on Merc’s larger electric-car platform. It’s likely to arrive in 2022, with an SUV version coming later. EQS The flagship model on EVA, this all-electric limousine is due next year, with a claimed range of around 450 miles, and there will be an SUV, too. EQV Converted V-Class people-carrier that went on sale in July, costing from £70,000. It has a range of 213 miles and can seat up…

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vision eqxx

Jonathan_Burn@dennis.co.uk @Jonathan_burn IN addition to its production-car plans, Mercedes also announced that it is developing an electric prototype that is claimed to have the longest range and highest efficiency of any battery-powered vehicle ever built. Called the Mercedes Vision EQXX, the prototype was teased with this shadowy silhouette (above) during the presentation of the brand’s new strategy. No technical information or performance targets have been issued, but a presentation slide teased “Shanghai to Beijing on one charge??”. That suggests a range of at least 750 miles between recharges is being targeted. Engineers working on the project claim that rather than increasing battery capacity (and with it, weight), advances in aerodynamic efficiency are key to unlocking such a large range. “The easiest way is to put a bigger battery in the car, but it leads…

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inbox your views

mail@autoexpress.co.uk @Autoexpress HOT TOPIC New BMW M3 FROM: Compo I TOTALLY understand why some will find it too much, but I like it. The massive grille looks better with a number plate breaking it up, and suits a performance car like this well. Not sure about the crease by the rear-door’s lower shutline, though. FROM: John Minshall THE exterior styling sadly just doesn’t work. It will sell, but probably in lower numbers than previous M3s. The Audi RS 5 looks much better. I’d wager both will remain niche purchases, though, as more people go for hybrids and EVs. Join the debate at www.autoexpress.co.uk “The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is the car the M3 will always have to beat, in my opinion.”Roger Chadwick“I’m not a BMW fan, but I like the new grilles that hark back to…

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a brief history of xr fords

1980 Escort XR3 Mk3 FIRST XR-badged Ford in effect replaced a slew of RS-badged models to be the only sporting car in Ford’s range. It was an instant hit. 1981 Fiesta XR2 Mk1 ORIGINAL XR2 was based on the 1300S, but saw an increase in engine capacity to 1.6 litres, although the stiffened suspension stayed unchanged. 1982 Escort XR3i Mk3 UNDER Rod Mansfield’s SVE division, the fuel-injected XR3i received a slug more power and much-needed revisions to the suspension. 1983 Sierra XR4i THE XR4i received not only a biplane rear wing, but also a unique three-window side treatment. Power came from a 2.8-litre V6 from the Capri. 1984 Fiesta XR2 Mk2 WHILE the XR3i moved to injection, the Mk2 XR2 remained carb-fed, but felt as eager and raspy as its black cladding and low-profile rubber suggest. 1988 Escort XR3i Mk4 THE Mk4 XR3i never achieved the sales…

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porsche 718 boxster gts

Jonathan_Burn@dennis.co.uk @Jonathan_burn Performance 0-62mph/top speed 4.5 seconds/182mph IT would have been hard to imagine back in 1996, when Porsche first launched the Boxster, that this baby sports car would one day be packing a 4.0-litre flat-six engine developing just shy of 400bhp. Even harder to imagine would be a Boxster that costs in excess of £66,000, but that is just what we have here in the new 718 Boxster GTS 4.0. The important part of the car’s name is at the very end. The 4.0 indicates this GTS’s larger, naturally aspirated engine that has replaced the previous model’s turbocharged 2.5-litre four-cylinder. Power swells from 361bhp to 395bhp, but more than just an injection of extra performance, the switch completely transforms the car’s character. Even before the wheels begin to turn, you know this GTS is a lot…