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Ballistic April/May 2021

BALLISTIC is a magazine devoted to the modern firearms enthusiast.

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shell it out…

They say you have to develop a taste for mussels, clams, oysters and scallops. If that’s true, I strongly suggest you work at it because otherwise you’d be missing out on some wonderful gastronomic experiences. The following three recipes will go a long way in helping develop that taste. Muśśelś Fra Diavolo With Linguini I developed this recipe over the years and while the end result is not all that different from typical, it is in the way the mussels are prepared. With my method you have total control of the quality, the timing of each procedure and ingredient percentages. Cultured mussels from the waters around Canada’s Prince Edward Island (PEI Mussels) are considered the best and can be found in most quality supermarkets. INGREDIENTS • 2 lbs. mussels• ½ cup dry Vermouth• ⅓…

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minigun mania

The gun world is replete with interesting and desirable weapons. From antique muskets to modern-day submachine guns, our individual wish lists are long. There is one gun, however, that is pretty much on any serious shooter’s dream list: the M134 Minigun. From its appearance in thrilling movies like The Matrix and Act of Valor to its use in the military, the M134 has become an iconic weapon. The sound of a Minigun firing with its sustained b’rrrrraaapppp is very distinct and guaranteed to catch the attention of anyone nearby. MODERNIZED GATLING The modern Minigun can trace its DNA all the way back to the 1860s when Richard Gatling replaced the hand crank mechanism on his famous gatling gun with an electric motor. This was a new invention at the time and gave…

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holstering your classic

So, how do you carry the Umarex Model 29? Well, it ain’t easy. There aren’t a lot of companies left that still make holsters for this big boy, as it has fallen out of the common market. DeSantis discontinued its last production holster for the M29 a few years back but still can put one together through its custom shop if you want a spectacular piece of leather. Uncle Mike’s makes some big nylon rigs, but none that are intended for the Model 29, so you’ll have to work with something close. GALCO does, indeed, make a universal N-Frame holster called the Kodiac, but you are stuck with a chest-carry option if you go that route. The good news is that the Umarex Model 29 doesn’t have to be at hand…

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copper classics

When I was in high school there was a mechanic that lived down the street from our house. He had a small shop that would make a hoarder feel right at home. There were massive piles of parts for a multitude of projects existing in every conceivable stage of completion. Behind his small desk and just visible over a stack of dusty papers was a metal sign that read, “Shall I Rush your Rush Job before I Start the Rush Job I was Rushing when you Rushed in?” I think of this sign every time I talk to Chip “Cheeto” Pierce and Nakia “Nacho” Jackson at Outlaw Ordnance about a Ballistic magazine Custom Challenge. But, admittedly, they love it. *No purchase required. Open to U.S. residents only and void where prohibited. Two…

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PULSAR THERMION XG50 Pulsar’s new Thermion XG50 boasts 640x480 microbolometer strength and 12-micron pixel detail to detect heat signatures up to 2,400 yards. It is also the first-ever riflescope to combine a BAE sensor, onboard recording and multiple color palettes. Its 1024x768 AMOLED display gives users stunningly clear images, and its continuous, digital zoom ensures varmint, hogs and big game animals are easily located. The scope also boasts a stadiametric rangefinder and a defective pixel repair feature. (pulsarnv.com) AERO PRECISION EPC Aero Precision’s new Enhanced Pistol Caliber represents the company’s leap into the world of pistol-caliber AR platforms and features a full lineup of AR9-style parts and accessories. Product offerings include receiver sets, 9mm black nitride bolt assemblies, lower parts kits, 9mm barrels (5.5, 8.3, 11 and 16 inches) and complete upper receivers.…

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iconic clone

Most would be surprised to find out that my childhood wasn’t typical for a gun writer and professional firearms instructor. Where most beguile their readers and students with tales of hunting and plinking with their dad, my stories are quite the opposite. As my parents were from New York City, the only exposure they ever had to firearms has been in conjunction with a crime. So throughout childhood, I was told that guns were “no good” and that, “Only criminals had a reason to have them.” However, by the ripe old age of five, I was able to deduce that the “good guys” also carry guns, so maybe it’s not the gun but the person holding it that determines the device’s morality. I guess if Congress was able to think…