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welcome to march

Ordering a gin and tonic used to be a simple affair. Your host would reach for a green bottle, ask ‘single or double?’ and pour it into a short glass over ice. If you were lucky, you got a tiny sliver of lemon. How things have changed. Now, you’re likely to be offered a choice of London Dry, Old Tom or barrel aged, and hyper-local, artisan bottles vie for shelf space with glossy international brands. Tonic is no longer a matter of just regular or slimline – there’s elderflower, hibiscus and cucumber to choose from. Cocktail bars offer an array of garnishes like sprigs of rosemary or basil, and that lemon slice has been replaced by anything from grapefruit to fig. Drink-savvy friends sip the latest juniper-forward sample from their craft-gin…

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HOT TREND PATTERNED SOURDOUGH Excuse the pun, but the sourdough keeps on rising and rising Hot technique PATTERNED SOURDOUGH The world’s gone crazy for sourdough. Offices buzz with tales of weekend triumphs, social media overflows with beautiful photographs and people arrange sitters to lovingly feed their starters when they go on holiday. There’s a reason for this craze: sourdough isn’t your ordinary loaf. It relies on lactic acid bacteria and naturally occurring yeasts in the starter to help develop the distinctly sour flavour and waxy structure. You need patience to make sourdough, but it doesn’t take much effort and now bakers have realised that the top of the loaf makes a good canvas for creativity, it’s all over social media – search #sourdough #levain #sourdoughbread #wildyeast or find out more from our one of our favourite…

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the royal oak whatcote

2 Upper Farm Barn, Whatcote Starters from £7.50, mains from £18 theroyaloakwhatcote.co.uk 1 It’s all you want in a country pub – British beers, Scotch eggs, a roaring fire – plus top-end, seasonal cooking from local, foraging chef Richard Craven. 2 Worth a visit alone, this small wholemeal loaf comes with butter studded with pork fat. 3 When in season pheasant Wellington is the signature dish, served with mash and tart little preserved gooseberries. Much of the game is shot to order locally. 4 Cheeseboard heaven. All British, it features the likes of washed-rind Rollright and Riseley served with linseed crackers and honeycomb. 5 A glass of Gusbourne English fizz is the best way to kick off your foray into the imaginative, reasonable wine list. 6 The must-order starter: Tamworth pigs head and black pudding lasagne…

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WHAT ARE THEY? A calçot is a type of onion from the Catalan region of Spain. Think a cross between a spring onion and a leek. WHAT DO THEY TASTE LIKE? Much like young leeks, calçots have a fairly mild, sweet onion flavour. SOUNDS NICE. HOW ARE THEY COOKED? They’re so revered in the Catalan region that there’s a special event for eating them – a calçotada. The onions are cooked over an open flame until charred and ashy on the outside, and steamed and tender on the inside. They’re then wrapped in newspaper to keep them warm. If you’re not quite ready to brave the BBQ, you could cook them on a hot griddle pan. AND HOW DO I EAT THEM? If you’re ever at a calçotada, here’s what to do: dip the hot, charred onions…

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food editor’s picks

KeepCup Carrying a reusable coffee cup not only means you won’t be throwing away an empty plastic lined paper one, it often means your drink comes with a discount. Prices start at £7, visit uk.keepcup.com Bamboo straws If you prefer drinking through a straw, then why not carry your own? You can buy glass, stainless steel, plastic, bamboo and even solid silver straws. This bunch of six bamboo straws are light enough to carry around and are biodegradeable. £5.50, andkeep.com Tea filters Many tea bags include a small amount of plastic so are not 100% biodegradable, these Finum permanent tea filters for loose leaf tea are a very good alternative. £5.95 each, shibuitea.co.uk Beeswax wraps Made from cotton and coated in beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil, these wraps are a great alternative to cling film and…

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what’s trending?

RHUBARB RHUBARB The fact it’s currently in season is not the only reason this pretty pink veg is trending at the moment. Farmers recently reported a boost in sales which they have the drinks industry to thank for. Yep, these days we just can’t get enough of the pink stuff in gins, sodas and even wine. Turn to p60 for the latest drinks trends. SAVOURY DESSERTS Black bean mousse, goat’s cheese ice cream, miso sticky toffee pudding –we’ve noticed a huge trend for savoury ingredients in desserts. AVOCADO STONES Just when you thought the world might be getting over its avocado obsession, another avocado-based trend has reared its head. This time though, it’s not just about healthy-eating, but also combatting waste. According to Xavier Equihua of the World Avocado Organisation, you can bake the avocado…