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welcome to may

‘I never cease to feel excited by new season asparagus: nothing compares to the fresh new green spears in terms of flavour,’ says BBC One Saturday Kitchen regular Rosie Birkett in her easy seasonal recipe feature (p53). I couldn’t agree more. This versatile veg has a short season so we use it whenever we can. It plays a starring role this issue, teamed with cheese and watercress in our cover spring tart (p26), a weeknight frittata with tarragon and sausages (p39), Rosie’s beautiful brown shrimp starter (p56), a low-fat veggie lasagne (p79), one-pan Sunday roast chicken (p103) and the showstopping picnic pie on page 30. Don’t let any go to waste – find out how to use the stalks on page 112. As well as showcasing familiar ingredients, the Good Food…

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cocktail fancies

This month’s food news, trends, Sabrina Ghayour’s veggie Scotch eggs and what’s on the BBC this month Put down your bar spoons and step away from the ice crusher, it seems the chic way to enjoy your favourite cocktails right now is to eat them. We’ve seen everything from bloody mary ketchup (Ocado) to raspberry & prosecco marshmallows (nakedmarshmallow.co.uk), pink gin jam (pinkstergin. com), piña colada coleslaw and our very own espresso martini pancakes went down a storm on Instagram (turn to page 106 for the recipe). As the weather warms up, the refreshing and punchy flavours in these classic cocktails lend themselves beautifully to sauces, marinades, dressings and bakes. Try them in these dainty, yet boozy, fondant fancies. Espresso martini cocktail fancies If you want to make piña colada or strawberry daiquiri…

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have you tried black garlic?

What is it? Black garlic is simply garlic that has been gently heated in a humid environment for several months. What does it taste like? The heat-aging process results in a kind of caramelisation of the garlic cloves – not only do they become soft and dark, the garlic taste also gets much milder and sweeter, a little like syrupy balsamic vinegar. What do I do with it? Use black garlic in place of white garlic in salad dressings, marinades or aïoli for a sweeter, less pungent garlic taste; use in bolognese or chilli con carne for molasses-like depth or chop finely and add to soy sauce for a salty-sweet Asian marinade for meat and fish. Where can I get it? Once a specialist ingredient used by chefs, particularly in Asian cooking, black garlic has made it…

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anna’s best food buys

Wholesums air-popped chips (22g) These popped chips made from carrots, peas and potatoes are lighter than crisps – we like the salt and vinegar flavour. 95p, selected Sainsbury’s Local stores Lotus Biscoff ice cream sticks (pack of 3) Fans of Lotus Biscoff will love these ice creams, filled with Lotus Biscoff ice cream with a Belgian chocolate coating. £3.89, selected Waitrose & Partners stores Yumello salted date peanut butter (170g) Made with roasted peanuts, dates, coconut oil and sea salt, this peanut-butter-with-a-twist is the perfect balance of sweet and salty. £2.85, ocado.com Tracklements Special Edition chilli & chorizo jam (100g) Sweet and spicy, this jam would be great with cheese or in sandwiches. £3.30, tracklements.co.uk Dalston’s real squeezed rhubarb & sparkling spring water (330ml) A change from other fruit-based drinks that are often sickly-sweet, this is tart and refreshing.…

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• What it is Kombucha is a fermented drink made from sweetened tea with a history going back thousands of years through China, Japan and Tibet, although its exact origin is unknown. It has recently become hugely popular in the UK. • How it’s made Made from sweetened tea and a culture called a scoby (‘symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts’), the bacteria and yeasts ferment the sugar, which is what gives kombucha its distinctive sour taste. • Where to get it There are plenty of kombucha drinks on the market now, including Real Kombucha, Jarr Kombucha and Equinox Kombucha. Or try making your own –visit bbcgoodfood.com for our how-to guide. Anna Lawson…

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trending now

Cheeseburger-inspired dishes Taking the flavours of a cheeseburger and infusing them with different cuisines is a genius move that we’ve noticed on several menus lately. There’s cheeseburger gyozas at Dirty Bones (London and Oxford), cheeseburger pizza at Pizza Punks (Belfast, Glasgow, Newcastle) and cheeseburger tacos at Temper (Soho, London). Artisan vegan cheese Earlier this year, Britain’s first vegan cheesemonger, La Fauxmagerie (lafauxmagerie.com), opened and we’ve noticed others including Mouse’s Favourite (mousesfavourite.com) and Tyne Chease (tynechease.com). Gnocchi Squidgy, satisfying and a perfect vessel for soaking up sauces, we can see why gnocchi is so popular, and this year it has become even more so. Google searches for ‘gnocchi recipe’ were up by 50% and ‘how to make gnocchi’ by 21% compared to last year. Doughnut walls People are going (dough) nuts for edible party displays made by hanging…