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BBC Good Food Magazine February 2021

Good Food is the UK's biggest selling food magazine, packed with triple-tested recipes and practical ideas for every meal occasion. From weekday suppers to relaxed weekend lunches, recipes are seasonal and work first time. In every issue: 100+ triple-tested recipes, everyday cooking,weekend ideas, seasonal ingredients, TV chefs, inspirational photographs and practical advice.

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the bread doctor

What’s the best type of yeast to use? I’m no scientist, but yeast is yeast whether it’s fresh or dried, and as long as it’s used properly, it will give you the same results. The insistence on using fresh yeast, which is hard to find and doesn’t keep for long, just makes bread-making more exclusive and mysterious. I use dried, instant or fast-action yeast. If you have a recipe that uses fresh yeast over dried or instant, you can adapt it – use half the amount of dried yeast to fresh. Should I knead or slap-and-fold my dough? It doesn’t matter. With both techniques you’re doing the same thing, which is stretching the gluten to make the dough more elastic. It really depends how wet your dough is – a wet, sticky dough…

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what we’re drinking

SPARKLING MEAD Van Hunks sparkling mead Fancy a fizz with a difference? This South African sparkling mead is a unique alternative to sparkling wine. Although made with just honey, yeast and water, it’s not as sweet as you’d expect, thanks to Van Hunks’ process for fermenting the honey, which results in a dry base mead. This means the finished product is surprisingly reminiscent of a fino sherry but with a nice honey aroma and the sparkle of a good champagne. If you prefer something a little sweeter, try the rosé variety, fermented with hibiscus for a more berry-like flavour. 12% ABV, £25 (75cl), vanhunksdrinks.com BEER Marston’s Horninglow No.3 Following on from the success of the historic Burton brewery’s No.1 and 2 special-edition beers comes this double dry-hopped IPA, brewed in oak barrels and conditioned in…

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3 of the best

Fiasconaro almond cream (180g), £7.99, souschef.co.uk This sweet almond cream is seriously addictive. Try warming it slightly and drizzling over pancakes or wa›les or use to fill macarons, profiteroles and biscuits. The Little Bakehouse lemon curd with Abernethy butter (200g), £3.50, abernethybutter. com Smooth and buttery with a lovely lemon zing, dollop onto pancakes or swirl through cream. Droitwich Salted Caramel (200ml), £5, droitwichsalt.com A deep, rich caramel with a hefty but not overpowering hit of salt, this is perfect for pancakes, spooned over desserts or used in cakes, flapjacks and brownies.…

5 min
adejoké bakare’s mutton peanut butter soup

“There was a shared pride in our West African food history” Two years ago Adejoké Bakare’s friend gave her an ultimatum. After dabbling on-off in street food and running a supper club, 2019, it was decided, would be the year Adejoké devoted herself to fully realising her cooking talent. ‘If you don’t do anything,’ Adejoké was warned, ‘we’re not going to be friends, because it means you just don’t care.’ That motivation worked. Last September, after winning the Brixton Kitchen competition, Adejoké, now 50, opened Chishuru restaurant in Brixton Village (chishuru.com). In the Hausa language of Adejoké’s native Nigeria, chishuru means food so good it stuns you into silence. But praise for her West African menu is loud. The Observer critic and BBC broadcaster Jay Rayner is one notable fan. A keen cook…

1 min
what is a bain-marie?

“Your baking dish sits in a roasting tin filled with water halfway up its sides” A bain-marie is a hot water bath, used to regulate temperature for delicate cooking. On the hob, it’s most often used in recipes that require melting chocolate. This is where a heatproof bowl is sat over a pan of simmering water – but be careful that the base of the bowl doesn’t touch the water. The rising heat is diffused slightly, preventing the chocolate from splitting or burning. You can also use the bain-marie method in the oven. Here, your baking dish or tin sits in a large roasting tin filled with water that should come halfway up its sides. This approach is very useful for cooking baked cheesecake, preventing the edges from burning before the…

9 min
omari’s easy vegan

Omari McQueen is a 12-year old vegan chef and YouTube star. Watch his new CBBC series, What’s Cooking Omari? on BBC iPlayer. @omarimcqueen BBQ jackfruit Jackfruit makes a great vegan alternative to meat. Look for it in cans packed in water, not syrup, for this recipe. Some say it tastes just like pulled pork when cooked in a barbecue sauce! SERVES 4 PREP 20 mins COOK 1 hr EASY V 400g can jackfruit, drained1 tbsp olive oil1 onion, chopped2 garlic cloves, crushed1 tsp dried thyme1 tsp all-purpose seasoning1 tsp jerk marinade4 tbsp of your favourite barbecue sauce2 tsp white wine vinegar200ml can chopped tomatoes tortilla wraps, chopped avocado, tomatoes, coleslaw, coriander, dairy-free crème fraîche and salsa, to serve (optional) 1 Remove the seeds from the canned jackfruit and cut any large pieces in half. 2 Heat…