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welcome to july

Does your oven have quirks you’ve grown used to over the years? A recipe calls for 20 minutes on high, say, but you know you’ll get a better result if you shave off three minutes. It’s often the same in a professional kitchen – and the potential to get it wrong is multiplied when you have a fledgling team learning the ropes. So why go to a new restaurant before it has time to learn from its mistakes and become a well-oiled, warmly welcoming machine? Good Food’s new columnist, Tony Naylor (p154), eschews ‘hot’ new places, suggesting you give them at least six months to bed-in before you put them on your restaurant hit list. Top tip or total tosh? Let us know your view on Twitter @bbcgoodfood #bbcgfopinion. See you…

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Watermelon has become the new emblem of summer. Strawberries, step out of the limelight, there’s a new star fruit in the bowl. We’re seeing it everywhere from desserts to dresses, candles to cocktails, socks to sandwiches – we’ve gone watermelon wild! It’s striking to look at, the refreshing, delicate sweetness lends itself well to both sweet and savoury dishes. Watermelon lollies MAKES 6-8 PREP 15 mins plus at least 4 hrs freezing NO COOK * Halve 1 small watermelon and scoop the flesh out of one half into a bowl (you need about 375-400g). Pick out any black seeds. Pur é e the flesh using a hand blender or in a liquidiser. Fill ice lolly moulds three-quarters full with the purée, push the sticks in if you are using them, and freeze for…

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charcoal in food

IN THE BEGINNING Charcoal has long been used as a cooking fuel, and black food has existed since liquorice and squid ink, but edible charcoal used to flavour and colour food emerged as a trend in 2013. THEN The trend grew as restaurants like The Beany Green Café, The OXO Tower and Ferran Adria’s legendary El Bulli served charcoal-infused dishes. Earlier this year, British burger chain Gourmet Burger Kitchen introduced a social media-friendly charcoal bun, this followed Burger King in Japan, who added charcoal to its menu in 2014. Jude’s ice cream have a new Black Coconut flavour out this summer. NOW Waitrose sell a range of charcoal products including biscuits, pizza and bagels, while Morrison’s have recently added a charcoal bun to their range. THE INSIDE SCOOP Waitrose executive chef Jonathan Moore…

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what’s trending!

Poptails Forget luke-warm Pimms, frozen cocktails and boozy ice cream are taking this summer by storm. Compostable coffee pods Until recently, discarded coffee machine pods have ended up in landfill. Finally, a solution – both Volcano Coffee (volcanocoffeeworks.com) and Halo (halo.coffee) have created biodegradable coffee pods. Skinny sausages Supermarket aisles are filling up with healthier versions of the great British banger, including vegetable packed varieties from Mor and Crafty Carnivores (see opposite). Cloud eggs As if eggs weren’t instagrammed enough, there’s a new variation taking over social media. Egg whites are whipped and baked until they resemble clouds. Avocado chocolate It was only a matter of time before someone put avocado in a chocolate bar. You can buy Compartes avocado chocolate online (ships from the US, compartes.com) and in the UK, Paxton chocolate have created a new Apricot &…

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happy hour

Perfect spritz This lightly floral twist on a Perfect (sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, gin) can be chilled until your guests arrive. Any red/rosso vermouth and any dry/white vermouth is fine for this, or try Antica Formula Carpano (£14, Waitrose) and Dolin Vermouth de Chambery Dry, (£14.99, amazon.co.uk). SERVES 10-12 PREP 5 mins EASY 200ml red vermouth 200ml white vermouth 200ml gin 1 tsp dried lavender to serve soda or tonic water (optional) ice lemon wedges fresh lavender sprigs 1 Pour both types of vermouth and the gin into a clean glass bottle or jug and add the dried lavender. Stir and leave to infuse overnight (in the fridge or in a cupboard). 2 Allow 50ml per person and strain into glasses over ice. Serve neat with lots of ice or top with soda or tonic water and add some lemon wedges and a…

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nadiya hussain

Former Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain returns to our screens in a new series exploring Britain’s food traditions. Her travels take her from the Scottish Highlands to the Devon coast where she meets producers, farmers and fishermen, discovers their food stories and uses local ingredients to create new recipes. These burgers are one of the recipes from her new book inspired by her travels. Her new eight-part series, Nadiya’s British Food Adventure, begins on BBC Two this month. Tandoori cod burger Everyone loves a bright piece of nuclear tandoori chicken, right? I have been known to dabble in synthetic flavours and colourings, but even I can’t get my head around food colouring for chicken! Luckily, there are alternative ways of colouring food naturally, using simple ground spices that not only impart flavour,…