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welcome to march

My granny was a good and generous home cook, who spoiled her grandchildren rotten. Our Saturday visits included mountains of roast chicken, sausage & mash with real gravy, and chocolate cake. She cooked for us with pride and pleasure, and there was a lot of love on those plates. For many of us, it’s the women in our families who made our meals, then taught us to cook. In the professional world, women got less of a look-in. Happily, things are changing, and in this issue we celebrate women who work in all areas of food. We want food to be a positive force in women’s lives – read our manifesto on page 21. We’re also sharing recipes inspired by our team’s food idols (p60), from Madhur Jaffrey – whose aubergine dish…

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INTRODUCING Whey This protein-rich by-product of cheesemaking and yogurt straining is having a moment. Whey has a milky consistency that adds a delicious richness to dishes, such as in this indulgent chocolate mousse – see recipe overleaf. Why we’re eating it now In the drive to use up leftovers, cooking with whey is the ideal solution to reducing the waste from cheese and yogurt making. It’s also nutritional gold – as well as being very high in protein, it contains all nine essential amino acids. Where to find it Many restaurants are putting whey on their menus. Silo in Brighton (silobrighton.co.uk) serves a whey caramel dessert, while Lyle’s, in London’s Shoreditch (lyleslondon.com), recently featured a whey ice cream. Make your own Heat 1 litre full-fat milk and a pinch of salt to 80C, then remove from the heat…

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craft beer

In the beginning Beer has been brewed for centuries, but the modern craft beer movement has its roots in 1970s America, when home-brewing was decriminalised and flavour explorers recreated Belgian, British and German beers in innovative ways. Then In the Nineties, these bold and beautiful US-style beers began to inspire UK brewers like Dark Star. Craft beer became mainstream when the likes of BrewDog Punk IPA – the textbook modern craft brew – was stocked in supermarkets. Now The global brewing giants have started buying up smaller craft brands, like Camden and Meantime, signalling a huge worldwide shift in the consumption of beer. The inside scoop Steve Taylor, from The Bottle Shop (bottleshop.co.uk), says: ‘When picking a craft brew, freshness is a key factor as some of the more fun flavours are fragile…

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£ pasta makers £

Skinted Marcato Atlas 150 pasta machine, £54.06, amazon.co.uk When you think pasta, you think of Italy, so it’s no surprise that this Italian pasta maker comes highly recommended. Built with anodised aluminium alloy rollers to ensure no harmful metals are released onto the dough, the machine is very sturdy, easy to use and durable. Minted Kitchen Aid three-piece pasta attachment set for stand mixers, £154.95, John Lewis Not strictly pasta makers, these are attachments for Kitchen Aid mixers. Along with a pasta roller with eight adjustable thickness settings, there are also two types of cutter for spaghetti and fettucine. No handle-turning is required, as the machine powers the rolling, meaning both your hands are free to work with the pasta.…

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Watermelon juice Beyoncé has been drinking watermelon, so now we all are. Set to be a big trend this year, you can buy Mello watermelon juice at Waitrose (£2.49). Divine women’s bar For International Women’s Day (8 March), Divine has launched a limited-edition chocolate bar featuring an illustration of a Ghanaian cocoa farmer, to celebrate the female farmers who co-own Divine. Food by bike From meal delivery services like Deliveroo and Uber Eats, to groceries from Amazon Fresh and now Sainsbury’s (in London only), more and more food is being delivered by bicycle. Phones at the table Last month, Kaspar’s restaurant at The Savoy, London, asked Valentine’s Day guests to hand in their mobile phones, making them look at their date, rather than their screen. Great idea. Cod Could your cod & chips be replaced by squid & chips?…

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tv editor’s choice

MASTERCHEF Seven weeks of invention tests, professional kitchen traumas and, of course, some sublime cooking. Judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace return for a new series of MasterChef, putting 64 amateur cooks to the test. Starting this month on BBC One. BACK TO THE LAND Kate Humble and Geetie Singh meet rural entrepreneurs who are reinvigorating farming communities, producing everything from traditional honey to Japanese beef. This three-part series starts this month on BBC Two. RED NOSE DAY Baking to raise funds for Red Nose Day? You can order a free Bake Sale Kit at rednoseday.com/bakekit, featuring recipes and tips from Kirsty Allsopp, plus bunting, cake labels and more. Catch Comic Relief night on BBC One on Friday 24 March. Kathryn Custance…