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welcome to october

The results of our annual Good Food Nation Survey* show that our appetite for comfort food never ends. We still love retro classics like rice pudding and trifle, but what we define as ‘comfort food’ is changing. While fish pie and macaroni cheese will always have a special place in our hearts, now we’re as likely to turn to a bowl of fragrant ramen when we want something warm and reassuring. Taking it to the next level, innovative UK chefs are creating new globally inspired comfort dishes – Newcastle’s The Patricia, for example, uses epoisses and preserved cherries to create a grown-up cheese toastie, and there’s a hint of nostalgia – a big factor in comfort food – in Sprout’s Hobnobs cheesecake. We’ve highlighted 31 of these new-wave comfort foods…

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grilled cheese

What’s wrong with ‘cheese toastie?’ I hear you cry. Well, you’re right, they’re pretty similar – bread, butter, melted cheese... but these stateside sarnies take the cheese toastie to the next level. They’re fried for a start (so for now, your sandwich maker is safe in the loft) and the range of fillings take inspiration from all over the globe. This more-is-more trend isn’t going anywhere. First overloaded burgers and outlandish cream and cookie-topped milkshakes to what is essentially an entire meal sandwiched between two golden slices of fried artisanal bread. What’s not to love? (Just try not to look at the nutritional analysis). If you went to a new farmer’s market, trendy wedding or festival this year, you probably spotted at least one grilled cheese van. Even high-end gastro pub The Wigmore…

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Quattro formaggi SERVES 1-2 PREP 10 mins COOK 10 mins EASY Mix 2 tbsp ricotta with 1 tbsp grated parmesan and 50g mozzarella. Take 2 thick slices white bread and spread the cheese mixture over one of them. Top with 25g gorgonzola broken into pieces, then close the sandwich with another slice of bread. Spread the outsides of the sandwich, top and bottom, with 1 tbsp mayonnaise. Fry the sandwich in 1 tbsp butter for 3-4 mins each side, pressing the sandwich down gently with your spatula as it cooks to make sure it melts evenly inside and stays together. GOOD TO KNOW calcium PER SERVING (2) 447 kcals • fat 33g • saturates 14g • carbs 20g • sugars 3g • fibre 1g • protein 16g • salt 1.5g Smoked, mac 'n' cheese SERVES 1-2…

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sourdough pizza

IN THE BEGINNING We ve long been a nation of pizza lovers, but the pizza bases in restaurants and supermarkets are usually made using a traditional pizza dough (made from flour, yeast, oil and seasoning). THEN In 2008, Franco Manca opened in London’s Brixton, making delicious wood-fired pizzas with a sourdough base. Founder Giuseppe Mascoli explains why: ‘Sourdough is simply better. It’s traditional, while commercial yeast is a newer ingredient. With sourdough, you have longer fermentation and a slow rise. In this process, the starch disappears and the proteins are pre-digested so you end up with a highly digestible product. You can really taste the flavours hidden in the flour’. NOW Franco Manca rapidly expanded thanks to the popularity of its authentic-tasting pizzas, thoughtfully sourced ingredients and low price. Several independent pizzerias…

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there are so many ways to enjoy good food

GF’S HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS Plan ahead for the festive season with our new guide to edible crafts, easiest-ever turkey dinners and showstopper desserts. On sale now, £5.99. GF SHOWS Discover a BBC Good Food Show near you – find out more on page 90. Readers save 20% on tickets! GOOD FOOD ON YOUR PHONE OR TABLET Download our interactive app at the Apple App Store. HOW-TO VIDEOS Sharpen your skills with our cookery videos. Find over 200 recipes and techniques at bbcgood food.com/feature/videos.…

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Here at Good Food HQ, we’re always trying weird and wonderful new food and drink products and unusual seasonal ingredients. This month, we shine the spotlight on a little-known vegetable… What is it? Salsify is a root vegetable belonging to the dandelion family. It’s also known as oyster plant because of its (arguably) oyster-like taste when cooked. Similar in appearance to parsnip and horseradish, the root has creamy white flesh and a thick skin. When can I get hold of it? Right now! Salsify season starts in October and continues up to January. Where can I eat it? You won’t find it in supermarkets, but you’ll see it on restaurant menus and in certain greengrocers throughout autumn/winter. Okay, so if I can get my hands on it then how do I cook it? In the same way…