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Beginner's Guide to Triathlon 2015

Beginner's Guide to Triathlon 2015

Beginner's Guide to Triathlon 2015
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The Beginner’s Guide to Triathlon by 220 Triathlon (2015 edition) contains everything you need to ensure a fun and successful entry into the world of multisport. Highlights include: - We reveal the bikes and kit that perform superbly without breaking the bank. - Learn the technique and fitness fundamentals to improve your swim, bike and run. - Choose which novice-friendly event suits your strengths and ambitions with our rundown of the UK’s best. - Time-saving sessions Swim, bike and run workouts that deliver big benefits in the time it takes to have your lunch. - Race-day advice Chrissie Wellington shows you the tricks of the trade. Our expert advice will guarantee you make 2015 the year you reach your triathlon goals!

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meet the experts

So you’ve seen the brothers Brownlee and Jodie Stimpson glide through the swim, power round the bike and gallop to victory, and thought you’d like a piece of that. ‘The problem is,’ you think, ‘they’re all lean muscle, low body fat and have been tri-ing since they were knee-high to a grasshopper. I work full-time, have a family, bills to pay… How can I possibly find the time and money?’ Well, fear not one and all. Whatever your preconceptions are about the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing sport, you can achieve your multisport goals on minimal training and without upsetting your bank manager. 220 Triathlon’s Beginner’s Guide to Triathlon offers the training, race and gear advice to mentally and physically prepare you to make your dreams reality. When Alistair Brownlee won 2012 Olympic gold,…

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races for beginners

LONDON TRIATHLON EXCEL CENTRE, LONDON • 8-9 AUGUST 2015 The world’s biggest multisport event’s also regarded as the gateway to triathlon, attracting 13,000 triathletes each year, many of whom are attempting their first race. You start in the Royal Albert Dock, negotiating hundreds of pairs of flailing arms. Find your bike in the world’s biggest transition area – ExCel – mount your bike and pass landmarks like the O2 Arena. A run loop around the dock completes your tri inauguration. Distances from 400m swim/10km bike/2.5km run. CASTLE HOWARD TRIATHLON CASTLE HOWARD, YORKSHIRE • 26-27 JULY 2015 Take on the challenge of open water in the safe environs of the Great Lake that sits within the shadows of the magnificent Castle Howard, before a technical bike rolls into an undulating run leg around the estate. Distances…

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triathlon 101

Those who’ve been drawn to the sport from watching the Brownlees romp to victory will be aware of the Olympic-distance, comprising 1,500m swim, 40km bike and 10km run. But that’s not the only distance on offer as you’ll note from the Race Distances box. There are also variants of all these race options with some swims coming at 200m and bikes that top 200km! Races either begin in a pool or a body of open water like a river, lake or sea. Bikes tend to be on-road, though there are off-road events throughout the year. The cycle leg rolls around closed roads or with traffic, though early race starts mean the latter’s usually quiet. Finally, you hit the run. This’ll be pavement, road or trail, or a mix of all three. RACE…

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athlete inspiration

The last five years has seen triathlon attendance increase by over 50%. Many participate for charity or simply to challenge themselves. Some, however, race to conquer. Be inspired by the best in the world… AGE-GROUP ASPIRATION If you morph from a completer to a competer, it won’t be long before you’re contemplating donning the GB tri-suit and racing for our national age-group team. There are world and European champs across all distances with qualification at designated national races. Keep an eye on the British Triathlon Federation’s website (www.britishtriathlon.org) for updates. It won’t be easy, though. In 2014, 1,500 age-groupers amassed an incredible 260 medals across the 18 championship events. Highlights included Joanna Freeman’s gold in the 20-24 category at the European Duathlon Champs – in her first competitive season – Nikki Bartlett’s European…

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must-have gear

Triathletes are well known for their propensity toward using the latest, greatest, high-tech gear – and for the spending that goes with it. Truth is, you only need a dozen or so items, plus a few other optional accessories you may decide to buy. And there are ways to get the gear you need without decimating your bank balance. Right, here’s the equipment checklist for those starting out in the world of tri… RUNNING SHOES The bottom line is to buy the ones that work best for you and best suit your biomechanics. Go to a local running store, have them observe your running style and then ask them for their recommendations. FROM £45.00 BIKE HELMET This is a non-negotiable item. You must wear your helmet whenever you set foot on your pedals. Tragedy…

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aero upgrade

Once you’ve completed your first triathlon, it’ll be damn unusual if you don’t contract the bug. That’s when you can think about going gear mad. Starting with aerobars, deep-rimmed wheels and aero helmets, you can reduce you and your bike’s drag by a significant amount. That said, training correctly and optimising your position are still a priority, but combine these with some aero kit and you’ll be blasting out of T1 like a rocket. Here’s what to look for in the shops… AEROBARS Aerobars are a prerequisite for all triathletes and every event, bar the hilliest and most technical courses. Aerobars allow you to get tucked up and low – saving you time and energy. If the bike leg is flat, opt for bar-end shifters and low-profile brakes. TIME SAVING OVER 40KM 5:30-6mins AERO…