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Best delivers a varied and lively mix of ideas and inspiration to inform and entertain real women and help them get more out of every aspect of their busy lives. Best is topical, practical, offering more variety than any other weekly by embracing traditional topics in a modern way.

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what an admission…

Bribe allegation: Felicity Huffman was under arrestJust as Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman is arrested for allegedly bribing people to get her daughter into a good school, along comes a very timely play, Admissions.Starring former ER star Alex Kingston as the School Admissions officer, who finds her own agenda called into question when son Charlie (Ben Edelman) fails to get into Yale. There’s some uncomfortable seat shifting as Charlie explodes in utter frustration and launches a blistering attack on ‘quotas’ and vents that young, straight white males are pushed away from every table. Provocative, thought-provoking and told with oodles of humour and warmth. Admissions is on now at the Trafalgar Theatre until 25 May.To book tickets, visit: admissionsplay.com. Prices from just £15.• Please let me know your thoughts, siobhan.wykes@hearst.co.uk…

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start your week with a simle

1 FANCY A FOXTROT?The saying goes, you should dance like no one is watching, which is exactly what this light-footed fox appears to be doing – unaware he’s being captured on camera by photographer Robin Claydon! Robin spotted the agile animal, who looked to be taking advantage of the quiet to practise his two-step, from a 24-hour hideout. Talk about footloose and fancy-free!2 Who wowed the crowd?You’d be forgiven for mistaking the red carpet for a wedding with all the bridal-inspired gowns. Kate Middleton, 37, stole the show at the Baftas in an Alexander McQueen frock, Amy Adams, 44, chose a Versace number for the Oscars and Angelina Jolie, 43, stunned in a silky dress.It’s a nice day for a white wedding… or any important bash for that matter, as…

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holiday horrors!

YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!We all know those awful post-holiday blues, and it looks like Geri Horner’s little girl, Bluebell, now 12, could tell us a thing or two about them. As a child, Ginger Spice’s girl was snapped clinging tightly to Mum’s hand, as if begging Geri not to make her leave. This pic is worth a thousand words!(YouTube@Drew Barrymore)THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH? MAYBE NOT…When your child has a tantrum in the middle of Disney World, the best thing to do is take a pic of it – if you’re Drew Barrymore, anyway. The star explained that she wouldn’t let her eldest, Olive, now six, chase a duck, causing the meltdown. When in doubt, take a snap!JUST LIKE US?Princess Charlotte may be a royal tot, but she’s still…

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victoria’s worst nightmare

They celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in July. Yet rumours about Victoria and David Beckham’s marriage just won’t go away.The latest talk involves age-defying supermodel Helena Christensen, and David’s allegedly growing friendship with her.Let’s be honest, what woman married for 20 years would be happy with her husband being friends with a supermodel who, despite being 50, looks 20 years younger, and has legs that go on for ever along with the kind of come-to-bed eyes that make other women nervous!Looking like they’d really hit it off, David and Helena posed for a selfie last December at the Art Basel Miami Beach Party, thrown by David to celebrate his new collaboration with the British Fashion Council and Adidas Originals – Victoria was notably absent.Danish beauty Helena uploaded the snap to…

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‘ruth turned into a total celebrity stalker!’

TV hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford have been presenting their eye-opening travelogue How The Other Half Lives, exploring the lives of the super-rich, since 2015. Though how they fit it in, what with co-presenting This Morning, Loose Women (Ruth), talkRADIO (Eamonn) and a 100 other commitments – including raising son Jack, 17 – is beyond us!In the latest installment this Friday, they travel to Italy and show up at a Milan fashion show, learn how to eat pasta properly, and go on a mission to meet George Clooney near his home on Lake Como…Your show Eamonn & Ruth: In Search Of George Clooney [part of How The Other Half Lives], is brilliant!Ha, thank you. We do lots of telly, but this is the show we perhaps get stopped in the street about most, even though people never…

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‘what marriage mot?’

A magazine ran a story last week about Eamonn and Ruth, with the headline, ‘Battle to save our marriage – it’s time to put us before work’. Now, Eamonn has given best his response to those headlines and the story inside, which suggested their marriage needed ‘an MOT’ and that their work commitments are taking their toll.The Belfast-born broadcaster told us, ‘People seem amazed that we’re so busy – but isn’t everybody? Ruth and I both know that it’s better than the alternative, and we’re both more guarded than we used to be with any time we have to spare. Social media lets more people have access to you and often tugs at the heartstrings, but our own family comes first – it always will – and that includes us as…