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Issue 46
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Bicycle Times is all about fun. Commuting, exploring, touring, transporting, it’s all good. There’s city rides to be done, and country rides too, all presented with an informative, no-attitude style, on the web and in the print magazine. Get Bicycle Times digital magazine subscription today, for your everyday cycling adventure!

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editor's note

We all know bicycles are a great way to explore. From the other side of town to the other side of the world, they can take you places you never dreamed of. But not every journey needs to include sleeping on the ground and eating dehydrated food. Each bicycle ride is a chance for exploration through the wider world and within yourself. In this issue we celebrate some of the world’s best destinations for cycling, both very near and very far. Since the United States began to relax the hurdles a traveler was required to clear before visiting Cuba, cyclists have been flocking to the Caribbean island in search of new frontiers. For contributor Colt Fetters it was a chance to explore the bond between himself and his partner as well…

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bike, camera, action

When famed street fashion photographer Bill Cunningham passed away last year at 87, he left behind his Nikon, his favorite blue jacket and his trademark Biria bicycle. Cunningham was a New York City icon, cruising the avenues of the Big Apple looking for cutting edge style in the streets. Now his life’s work, as well as his trademark bicycle, will be donated to the New York Historical Society’s permanent collection and put on display this summer. Among the collection of books, cameras, papers, photographs and more is a custom made bicycle helmet given to him by Bergdorf Goodman. Keep an eye out for more details at nyhistory.org…

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That’s the estimated number of people who died on American roads in 2016, a 6 percent rise over the previous year, according to the National Safety Council. Americans also drove 3 percent more last year, likely due to lower gas prices and a better economy. According to StreetsBlog.org the U.S. has the deadliest road system per capita in the developed world. But one of the problems making roads so dangerous, the organization argues, isn’t the excess driving, it’s the lack of transit. The American Public Transportation Association is advocating for a paradigm shift in transportation planning that deemphasizes vehicle safety and puts a priority on all road users, including mass transit, pedestrians and cyclists. After all, transit is far safer than riding in a car, APTA says. The fatality risk is…

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ARLEIGH GREENWALD, the artist formally known as Bike Shop Girl, is based in Denver, Colorado. She believes in cargo and city bikes, and spending as much time as possible with her daughter on two wheels. She is focused on empowering women to bike more and worry less. Follow her journey at arleigh.co. COLT FETTERS is a bicycle enthusiast, wannabe photographer, cheap beer connoisseur, and averagely stoked young male. Colt is at his happiest when he is riding his loaded bicycle through the woods with a camera and a canned beer stashed deep in his frame bag. You can follow along with his travels and efforts at coltfetters.com and on Instagram @coltfetters. ASHLEY LANCE AND DANNY CARTER are Portland based bicycling fanatics. Beyond travelling by bike they race cyclocross for the best team in Portland, the…

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6 uses for old inner tubes

TIE DOWN STRAPS I found these 1-inch plastic buckles at the hardware store for a buck and a 28 mm tube was a perfect fit. They’re just just stretchy enough to strap things down to a rack, secure items to your handlebars or basically anywhere else that a bungee could be helpful. SHIMS Clamping a rack or other accessory to one of your bike's frame tubes works pretty well, but it’s a sure-fire way to ruin the finish. Protect your paint with an old tube before you attach a bottle cage with a zip tie or a rack mount with a P-clamp. LOOPS Cut old tubes into thin slices and use the stretchy loops to secure all sorts of things, like keeping new tubes from unfolding, small tools from rattling around or even a flashlight…

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the spin

PATH LESS PEDALED For three years, Russ Roca and Laura Crawford traveled the U.S. by bicycle. Now, based out of Portland, Oregon, they travel in search of great cycling and fly-fishing destinations, sharing their passion for multi-sport adventures through words, photos and video. They are also nationally recognized advocates for bicycle tourism, working with destinations to use bicycles as economic rural development. They’ve contributed to Bicycle Times in the past, and now we’re excited about a new partnership—a regular video series that we will be posting on our website. Check out bicycletimesmag.com/pathlesspedaled to view video bike reviews, cool shop visits, ride reports and more! AYESHA MCGOWAN - A QUICK BROWN FOX Ayesha McGowan has made it her mission to become the first female African-American professional road cyclist. This spunky young woman has quickly moved…