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Blade December 2020

BLADE magazine is the world’s #1 knife publication, covering all aspects of the industry: knifemaking, how-to’s, collecting, legislation and knife rights, and much more. Inside each issue you’ll find: Coverage of the hottest and most collectible handmade knives and their values Complete listings of the industry's most important shows and events Knife collecting tips from the experts The most up-to-date knife legislation info

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readers respond

The Old Man and The Steel ------- Kudos to BLADE® for “The Old Man and The Steel” in the October issue (page 46). I had the good fortune to meet Murray Sterling in September 2013 at the Southeastern Custom Knife Show in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It was my second knife show as an exhibitor. I was a very new, self-taught maker who was transitioning from fixed blades to folders. I had an interest in learning to make automatics but could find little information on how to do so. After looking at Murray’s work, much of which was automatics, I asked him if he ever taught anyone to make them. “Why, do you want to learn?” he asked. I said that I did, and “just come down and I will show you” was…

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cover story

Spyderco and ABS master smith Murray Carter have joined forces to offer the new Spyderco Itamae kitchen line, with the Gyuto chef ’s knife taking center stage. Both principals have longstanding reputations—Spyderco in sporting knives and Carter in kitchen knives—and combining Spyderco’s factory approach and Murray’s design abilities is a natural mesh of production and custom. The Gyuto sports a 10.14-inch laminated blade with an Aogami Super Blue stainless steel core and sides of SUS410 stainless. Ground exceptionally thin and straight for unparalleled cutting performance, the blade features Murray’s signature “Carter elbow”—a distinctive taper from the spine to the point that reinforces tip strength. The wa-style octagonal handle is burl G-10 with a black G-10 ferrule. Weight: 7.4 ounces. Overall length: 15.43 inches. MSRP: $400. For more information see the story on page…

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custom knives and covid

As BLADE® field editor Dexter Ewing noted in his story last issue on how the factory knife industry has dealt with COVID-19, companies on the cutlery side seem to be weathering the virus better than those in most other industries, in no small part due to online knife sales. BLADE promised to check on the custom side of things for you, and, though maybe not quite as well as their production brethren, the custom knifemakers we asked about it seem to be holding their own. Having employees work from home is one of the measures factory knife and other companies have taken to ensure long-range social distancing and to help control the spread of the virus. Many custom makers, of course, work out of their home shops and have done so…

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kitchen keepers

The first thing that struck me while unboxing three knives from Spyderco’s Itamae series is their lightness. They seem almost toy-like in weight, though the edge right out of the box was no joke—as the cut on my index finger where it came a bit too close to the blade attests. The Itamae Series is Spyderco’s entry into the high-end kitchen knife market. There’s a lot going on in a thin, thin package. Pinching the flat of the blade between two fingers, it feels almost like nothing as the fingers slide forward right behind the edge. A quarter of an inch from the edge, a line like the horizon between sky and sea runs down the blade, showing the boundary between the laminated steels. Chopping an onion, the Funayuki needed half the…

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in the moment

Heading to the first-ever Chef’s Knife Cutting Competition at the 2019 BLADE Show West, Murray Carter did not know what to expect. “I literally took the knife out of my kitchen, which was my personal daily-use kitchen knife. It’s a model that I call my Perfect Model Kitchen Knife. It was a three-layer laminate of 410 stainless and Hitachi White Steel #1, water quenched, Rockwell hardness roughly 63-and-a-half, 64 on the core. And I literally just honed it on my sharpening stones before the competition, a process that probably took me all of 60 seconds.” The competitors lined up before folding tables, trays of lemons, tomatoes, onions and more lying before them. The actual competition lasted 20 minutes, Murray said, with a couple pauses along the way for the judges to iron…

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the knife i carry

“The knife I carry is the Offgrid Knives Fat Boy. I have the original and the blackout version. Both are well built and easy to carry. I usually let my mood dictate which color to choose for the day. I typically travel with both and have been known to carry the original version on a week-long beach vacation, wearing it out in the sand and sea. This company has unparalleled customer service and their knives are incredible. I can’t say enough about Offgrid Knives, especially the Fat Boy. Everyone should own one.” Jenn Wood, a letter via e-mail “I carry the Cold Steel 1911 Folder. It has a grip like the legendary 1911 pistol, flipper opening and a linerlock. It’s cool, it cuts and it’s inexpensive—three of my favorite things!” Frank Jones, a…