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Blade August 2021

BLADE magazine is the world’s #1 knife publication, covering all aspects of the industry: knifemaking, how-to’s, collecting, legislation and knife rights, and much more. Inside each issue you’ll find: Coverage of the hottest and most collectible handmade knives and their values Complete listings of the industry's most important shows and events Knife collecting tips from the experts The most up-to-date knife legislation info

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readers respond

He-Man/She-Woman Syrup I have always enjoyed BLADE® Magazine field editor Abe Elias’s knife reviews. His knowledge and professionalism, as well as his unbiased reviews, are a pleasure to read. That said, he is a victim of the famous quote by the old-time philosopher Will Rogers, who said, “Everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects.” In his article on emergency EDCs in the February issue, Abe made the statement that no breakfast syrup compares to Canadian maple syrup. I agree that Canadian maple syrup is great for light and airy pancakes or Belgian waffles. However, for anyone who wants a real he-man or shewoman breakfast syrup, it most certainly is Louisiana pure cane syrup, best served on cat-head biscuits. Pancakes or waffles with maple syrup are a distant second in this part of…

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how to reach us!

VISIT US ONLINE AT WWW.BLADEMAG.COM TO: • Sign up for our free newsletter.• Renew your magazine subscription. There’s a subscription link in the nav bar.• Comment on our site stories written by BLADE® staff members and others. LOOK FOR BLADE MAGAZINE ON: SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Visit us on the web at www.blademag.com or call 877-485-6426. Outside USA: 760-407-2304. BOOK SALES: Visit us at www.gundigeststore.com or call 920-471-4522. BACK ISSUES FOR SALE: Subject to Availability. Call 920-471-4522. ADVERTISING: Contact Lori McDaniel at 715-498-3768 or lori@gundigest.com, or request a media kit by writing to: BLADE, 5600 W. Grande Market Dr., Appleton, WI 54913. LETTERS OR ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS: Steve Shackleford, Editor BLADE Magazine 5600 W. Grande Market Dr., Ste. 100 Appleton, WI 54913 or email steve@blademag.com.…

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cover story

One of only six “Salesman’s Samples,” the M3 cover knife was made by the old Camillus in the early 1990s. An “improved version” of the original M3—also designed by Camillus in 1942—the cover knife features a 6.5-inch blade of carbon steel and is .85 inch at its widest. The stacked leather handle has five grooves and is longer (4.7 inches) than the World War II version. The handle diameter also is larger (1.2 inches wide) and has a pinned-on stepped pommel 1.35 inches wide. The guard is a little wider than on the ’42 knife, and the lower leg/quillon is marked on the front with a capital “M” in a circle over the number “4.” For more on the vintage military collectible, see page 26. Terry Moss photographed the cover knife. The image…

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the a.g. russell chute knives

Harry Archer is no stranger to fans of BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame® members Bob Loveless and A.G. Russell, as well as followers of Steve Johnson, Bob Dozier and other inhabitants of the custom knife scene. A larger-than life “operator” for the CIA, among others, Archer designed the chute knife (page 10), a fixed blade that got its name for use when a parachutist landed in a tree or in some other sticky situation and needed to cut the shroud lines to free himself. Archer fell in love with Loveless knives and designed a chute knife that Bob made. In the process, Archer and Loveless became close friends and the chute one of Bob’s best-known knives, one reproduced today by scores of custom makers. A.G. and Loveless had a special relationship, so it…

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the chute

Harry Archer was a somewhat shadowy figure. At the height of the Vietnam War, he was engaged in nasty business—fighting a stealthy enemy in a steaming jungle, sometimes up close and all too personal. Those who knew Archer acknowledged that some of his exploits were “larger than life.” They considered him an early nonmovie version of author David Morrell’s fictional character of John Rambo*. Still, Archer was real, flesh and blood. And it seems altogether fitting that re-BLADEresponding to his need for knives that “deliver” in a tight spot—survival, seconds along the fine line between life and death—he would come to know and rely on another legend. According to John Denton, perhaps the world’s foremost authority on the knives of BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame® member Bob Loveless, Loveless and the man he…

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the knife i carry

“I love this knife from FireSide Knives! It’s unique, innovative and nearly indestructible! Yes, it is a big knife, but it is pretty comfortable—even for me. I have a leather sheath I use when I carry it on my hip. I take it camping and mostly hiking. In California, gun laws are so restrictive and where I hike there are cougars and mountain lions, so I may be fooling myself, but I feel confident hiking alone with the knife. It’s my security blanket! I also consider it a part of my overall survival essentials kit “I did not grow up a knife girl, but raising a son who loves knives got me interested. I originally bought him one but got a bit jealous and got one for myself. It did not…