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Bow International is the world's only specialist target archery print magazine, and within each issue you'll find news and reviews, new gear, technique, advice and tips; plus exclusive interviews from the world's greatest archers.

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looking ahead

Welcome to the last Bow of one of the more difficult and complicated years in living memory. The year 2020 will be long remembered as the year of corona; a year where not much happened that didn't involve a screen, a year where something almost infinitesimally tiny managed to stop pretty much the entire Western world in its tracks. As I write this, archery is halted again as the UK is back under lockdown, and the virus is rampant again in many countries. But finally it looks like vaccines are on the way, testing is starting to become more commonplace and there are a handful of green shoots of recovery on the horizon – although no one is pretending to know the long-term impacts on aspects of public life and committing…

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bow news

NIMES AND LANCASTER GOING AHEAD, VEGAS SHOOT MAYBE In a positive sign for the sport, two of the major indoor tournaments on the calendar scheduled for 2021 have opened for registration. The Nimes tournament in the south of France and normally a stage of the Indoor World Series, is accepting archers for entry on the 15th January. This tournament is limited to 850 participants, where 1100 participated last year. The French tournament has been authorised to go ahead under the current French government regulations with some rule changes to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Each archer is being given more space on the shooting line, and athletes can only bring one accompanying person, who must be preregistered. There will also be no spectator access in 2021 – although the event will be…

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archer’s toolbox launch a success

The launch of new archery app, Archer’s Toolbox, a ‘one-stop shop’ for archers, clubs, counties and regions has proved a big hit - gaining hundreds of new users in just a few days. The app, which is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play, is set to boost the return of archery in the UK by digitising the submission process of scores, potentially saving clubs hundreds of pounds each year in printing costs. Dave Leader, from UK retailer and training centre Aim4Sport, the company behind the app said: “I’m so excited that Archer’s Toolbox is live as it’s been a journey that started almost five years ago, when I set out on a mission to produce an app that was better than the one that I was…

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young artists wanted for nhs calendar

Egertec Targets in Hampshire is looking to create an archery and NHS-themed 2021 calendar, and is inviting under 16s to draw a colourful picture on A4 plain paper of anything you like relating to archery and the NHS, or ideally both together in the same picture. Egertec will then select 12 pictures for the months of the year. Egertec’s owner, Hugh Skilling, said: “I’ve been meaning to do this calendar for a couple of years, and have some good people around that can help produce it. I thought after this tough year it’d be nice to give something back to the NHS." Artists are requested to write their name and age on the back of a work of art, and post in a hardback A4 envelope by 5 December, to: Egertec, Manor…

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online indoor archery world series first event takes place

Almost 2400 archers submitted scores for the global online tournament, organised by the world governing body to replace the cancelled indoor calendar. Archers were permitted to shoot their 60-arrow, 18-metre rounds anywhere in the world over the weekend of 21-22 November 2020. The recurve lists were headed by Felix Weiser of Germany, who shot 598, and Jung Ah Oh, of Korea, who shot 587. Archers can submit their results live, confirming them with pictures of their scorecard and target if shooting at an unofficial venue. Those participating at a registered tournament must score in the application but do not need to provide proof. Archers can use single spot, vertical triple spot or triangular triple spot targets. There will also be remote events in December, January and February; a worldwide open ranking will…

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paulo coelho

"Every time you have to open the bow, you can see the universe.” Paulo Coelho is one of the world’s best-selling authors. His most famous book, The Alchemist, has sold 150 million copies worldwide, and has been translated into 81 languages – a record for living authors. The Alchemist is a allegorical novel with epic, magical elements, famous for its wonderful language and depictions of place, and simultaneously tapping into a more modern current of self-help and positive thinking. Many of his works are more autobiographical, pulling from his eventful life at the crossroads of hippiedom and Brazil in the 1960s and 70s, but it's the relentless positivity of The Alchemist has made his name. Coelho is also an archer, and is one of few recent writers who have put down…