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Cannabis & Tech Today Summer 2018

With the growing legalization and de-stigmatization of marijuana comes a new wave of innovation in the science and business of the industry. That’s where we come in, providing you with inspiring business profiles, exclusive interviews with thought leaders in the field, new product revolution, and insight on new legislation and growth in the market in our innovation hot spots.

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cannabis tech means business.

When we launched our first national publication Innovation & Tech Today over five years ago, we wanted to focus on life-changing technologies, revolutionary business ideas, and the people that have reshaped the world. And, with our brand new publication Cannabis & Tech Today, we get the opportunity to take this focus and apply it to the ever-growing world of cannabis and hemp. With Cannabis & Tech Today, we have a mission: to take a detailed look at the burgeoning cannabis industry through a lens of science and technology. While there is no shortage of marijuana-related publications on the market, I noticed that most of them focused purely on the lifestyle side, ignoring some of the major business innovations and scientific discoveries taking place. In a true celebration of the rapidly expanding world…

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a guide to cannabis tourism

Are you planning a trip to another state to try some legal cannabis? We at Cannabis & Tech Today understand that cannabis tourism is a fairly new concept and you might have some questions. We are here to help. A recent study by the Pew Research Center found 61 percent of Americans believe marijuana should be legalized. This is encouraging news for the nine states that recently passed legislation permitting the use of recreational cannabis. The surge in approval ratings is causing an onslaught of tourism for pot-friendly states. If you are one of the thousands of visitors hoping to enjoy the cannabis culture available in a nearby state, you may be wondering what to expect during your stay. Hopefully, you are also interested in learning some marijuana etiquette to employ…

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thinking outside the bud

Restrictions for cannabis companies are nothing new, but growing a business when laws and cultural stigma place strict limits on advertising is a different realm. Facebook and Google — the largest online advertising platforms — have blocked paid social ads, restraining a market that requires education and whose progression is dependent on untapped business. But the result has forced cannabis companies to think outside the box, forming partnerships and deploying experiential marketing techniques that are turning heads. Association as an Influential Tool A California dispensary, Alternative Herbal Health Services, partnered with streaming giant Netflix to produce marijuana product lines inspired by popular shows Orange is the New Black, Arrested Development, and Bojack Horseman. The marijuana is sold in sleek, candle-shaped jars packaged with bright neon labels, making their appearance in pop-up shops…

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planting the seeds of stem

Legal cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in North America. New Frontier Data, a cannabis analytics firm, recently reported there will be more than 250,000 jobs for American workers in the cannabis market by 2020. The potential for Canadian job growth will be even larger, as Canada is soon to become the first G20 nation to legalize recreational consumption on a national level. Careers in STEM will see the most growth as cannabis companies scramble to find qualified applicants to fill a diverse array of challenging positions. Professionals with backgrounds in STEM will be entering a high-paying and expanding market. Many employers are willing to pay more than $150,000 a year for applicants with the right skill set. Current listings mention preferred experience in such fields as: plant biology,…

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puffragettes with a purpose

Puffragette [puff-ruh-jet]: a woman (or man) who is working for gender parity, social justice, and environmental sustainability in the cannabis industry. Ganja Girls; Green Goddesses; Mary Janes. There are many names for the women in the cannabis industry. However, Windy Borman, director of Mary Janes, never quite felt those names truly captured the work of these leaders. When she began her new project, Borman had noticed a trend in the business of cannabis: female leaders were coming into the space at full force. A brainstorming session with her team would result in an appropriate name for these pioneers: Puffragettes. We had the chance to discuss with Borman her inspiration for the project, how women fit into the space, and the future of gender in the industry. Cannabis & Tech Today : How…

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consulting cannabis with russ hudson

With over 27 years in the cannabis industry, Russ Hudson knows a thing or two about the world of marijuana. As a professional cannabis tester, head of consulting firm The CannaBizConsultant, and writer about the industry, Hudson has amassed a robust professional resume in the world of weed. In addition to founding a number of marijuana-related websites, Hudson’s work as a professional cannabis tester was profiled extensively in a video by Vice. In this exclusive interview, we discuss the most common advice he gives to cannabis businesses, his work writing cannabis-related books, and the future of the ever-changing marijuana industry. Cannabis & Tech Today : What’s your most common advice for cannabis startups? Russ Hudson: Well, it depends on whether or not the startup is a business or an individual. One of…