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Captain Marvel: The Official Movie Special

Captain Marvel: The Official Movie Special

Captain Marvel: The Official Movie Special
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A behind-the-scenes guide to Captain Marvel, featuring exclusive interviews from the cast and crew, incredible photos from the set, and much more! Dive into the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this deluxe edition: Airforce ace Carol Danvers becomes one of the univerese's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war.

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the directors

Captain Marvel: The Official Movie Special: When did you first become aware of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Anna Boden: My first experience was Iron Man in 2008. Ryan and I had been Robert Downey Jr. fans for a long time. He was the first person we wanted to cast on our very first feature film. It totally amazed us that he was cast as a Super Hero – it was such a bold move. Iron Man was the first Super Hero movie that I really loved as an adult. Ryan Fleck: The humor in it felt very grounded and he was a grounded character. It’s based in a world that feels familiar and is earthbound. It’s Tony Stark’s suit that has the powers. AB: The writers weren’t afraid to push his likability. When…

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Captain Marvel: The Official Movie Special: How cool was it for you to visit the Captain Marvel set? Kelly Sue DeConnick: I make my living telling stories and using words, and I can’t articulate what it was like! It was so fantastic. When Marvel first announced it was making this movie, I was dumbfounded. I thought there was no way it was actually going to happen, quite honestly, and that if it did happen it would be huge and important. It feels silly to say important when you’re talking about a comic book movie, but the message that this movie sends to little girls is. What were your inspirations writing this character? My dad was in the Air Force, so I grew up on Air Force bases. I pitched it as Carol Danvers as…

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captain marvel

Captain Marvel: The Official Movie Special: How did you prepare for the filming of Captain Marvel? Brie Larson: I just tried to be as ready as possible. By the time we started shooting, I had been training for nine months. We started in January with three months of incredibly intensive training – because I really wanted to make sure that I could be clear-headed and prepared and know what I was doing. I’m so glad that I did. On the first three days of shooting, I was on a moving train, and doing fight sequences, and flipping a stuntwoman – the amazing Heidi Moneymaker – over my head; doing kicks and punches up and down a train for three days: I felt alive. Everything I’ve done up until this point has been…

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nick fury

Captain Marvel: The Official Movie Special: You’ve been a part of these films from the start. Has the enormous appeal of the Marvel Cinematic Universe surprised you at all? Samuel L. Jackson: There are a lot of people that have been brought into the mythology of what all of this is – especially in terms of what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is – and it’s still just scratching the surface of it, for people who spend time in comic book stores and everywhere else. They know there’s a much bigger universe than the one that we explore. But they also know the mythology very well. It keeps the flow going in the social media world – people who argue about this, that, and the other, or what it means. What’s your take…

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Captain Marvel: The Official Movie Special: How did you first become involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Ben Mendelsohn: I wound up joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to Captain Marvel’s directors, Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, who I’d made a film with called Mississippi Grind, about a couple of degenerate gamblers. Ryan and Anna were embarking on this film, and they very kindly asked me if I’d like to join the Marvel family. Are you a comic book fan? I’m a mild comic book guy. I had a period of reading comic books and whatnot, mainly Marvel titles. Did you do any research for this role? The script trumps anything else. But I was aware of Skrulls, and I was aware of the Kree. Can you give an overview of the Skrulls? The Skrulls are basically…

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Captain Marvel: The Official Movie Special: How does it feel to be back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Djimon Hounsou: Oh, it feels great to be back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They’re creating a world for everybody to exist in, in a way. My character Korath, from Guardians of the Galaxy, exists despite having died in that movie. He has a life, has a backstory in Captain Marvel, so, for my character, this is almost like a backstory coming to life. After Korath’s demise in Guardians of the Galaxy, did you think he might return? No, the way things ended up last time on Guardians of the Galaxy, I wasn’t so much concerned about whether he would be back or not. I view my character as one of those unstoppable machines that,…