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June 2019

CAR is Southern Africa’s leading automotive-interest magazine – and has been since 1957. It’s aimed at petrol-heads of all ages looking for, expert reviews, road tests, driving impressions of the latest models available and great motoring content from the country’s leading motoring journalists.

South Africa
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from the editor

We don’t always make it easy for ourselves at CAR, not when an issue includes tests of 10 new vehicles (and a Vespa).Formal road testing is a serious business at South Africa’s oldest motoring media brand (we’re the sole local outlet that tests vehicles this extensively), so thought I’d let you in on what exactly transpires during the two weeks a press car spends in the CAR garage.When a new model – let’s use that BMW 320d on the cover as an example – arrives at our offices, usually delivered by a fleet manager tasked with running a manufacturer’s press and marketing convoy, it’s rigorously checked for damage before being signed in. By this stage, I would have allocated the 320d to an editorial team member who’s responsible for…

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what it took to make the june issue

10 cars tested (plus two long-termers and a scooter) 04 additional vehicles driven 11 173 kilometres driven 9 256 litres of utility space measured 16 365 kilograms of vehicles weighed 100 100-0 km/h braking tests 30 0-100 km/h sprint tests 35 958 kilometres travelled for launches …

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Editorial EDITOR Terence Steenkamp Terence_CARmag SENIOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR Ian McLaren IanM_CARmag ASSOCIATE EDITOR Gareth Dean GarethD_CARmag TECHNICAL EDITOR Nicol Louw NicolL_CARmag WEB EDITOR Ryan Bubear Ryan_Bubear ROAD-TEST ENGINEER Peter Palm PeterPalm12 FEATURES WRITER Wilhelm Lutjeharms WilhelmL_CARmag JOURNALIST Nikesh Kooverjee NikeshKooverjee PROOFREADER Margy Beves-Gibson EDITORIAL INTERNS Marius Boonzaier, Jarryd Neves CONTRIBUTORS Maurice Hamilton, Jake Venter, Matt Saunders, Rob Till, Michael Schmucker Creative ART DIRECTOR Chris Agenbag SENIOR DESIGNER Shereen Cheminais FREELANCE DESIGNER Kian Eriksen PHOTOGRAPHER Peet Mocke Digital GROUP DEVELOPER & SUPPORT MANAGER Cicero Joseph WEBMASTER Lizelle Leonard Sales SALES DIRECTOR Ryan Nicolle ACCOUNT MANAGERS Jean De Ridder, Ryan Kahn, Johann Hauptfleisch BUYERS GUIDE Joanne Thompson, Patrick Kennedy, Lindi van den Heever – Durban CAR DEALER SALES MANAGER Alain Simpson Marketing, events and circulation …

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winning letter

FAITHFUL CAR The 4th of April 2019 marked the 13th anniversary of my first car: a 1,6-litre Ford Fiesta. I recall my late father taking me to CNA to buy CAR magazine. We spent hours scrutinising CAR Guide, comparing all my options. Finally, he took me to the various dealerships to test drive his top choices.Thirteen years later, as my first baby is starting to gradually give in, I find myself scouring the Internet for hours on end, looking for a new car; only to find myself returning to CNA with a lump in my throat and tears swelling in my eyes, missing my father immensely and picking up CAR magazine to find the familiar guide at the end.It’s been three years since my dad has passed on.…

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Reader Sadiyya Mosam wins a 12-month subscription to CAR magazine, SA’s leading motoring title, for their emotive letter. FOUR GREAT ADVANTAGES OF A CAR SUBSCRIPTION:1. Stay current by never missing an issue of your favourite magazine. 2. A free digital subscription is included. 3. Enjoy the luxury of home delivery. 4. You get the magazine before it goes on sale. A subscriber already? Extend yours by a further 12 months, or give it to a friend or relative.…

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over to you...

Please include your physical address and telephone number. Diverse ideas and opinions are welcome but publication of your letter doesn’t necessarily mean we agree. Please stick to a maximum of 300 words. CAR reserves the right to edit and shorten letters owing to space constraints. POA CARS I’ve been an avid reader of CAR for the past 20 years. After purchasing the latest issue, I realised the list of luxury vehicles showing “POA” in the price column is growing. Do these car manufacturers believe that only wealthy readers, who can afford to buy these cars, are worthy of seeing the price, or do they flatly refuse to give you the price of even the cheapest model for ordinary readers to see? Is their prevailing attitude still, “If you…