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April 2019

Every month CAR interviews the stars of motorsport, demystifies the latest in-car technology and shares our writers’ passion for car culture and car design. Discover the world’s newest and most exciting cars: join us to drive everything from supercars and hot hatches to family cars.

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‘Competition drives Ferrari – but it could do without the level it currently faces’ Competition has driven Ferrari since its very earliest days, when founder Enzo was unapologetic in his priorities; building and selling road cars may have paid the bills but it was humbling rivals on the track that drove him.But Ferrari could surely do without the level of competition it currently faces. In Formula 1, Ferrari would appear to be ‘winning’ the pre-season tests. But recent experience suggests Mercedes aren’t a team to worry much about fast lap times when there are no points to be won, and that their operational armour is pretty much without chink. World’s most complete driver? Check. The fastest car over a season? Check. A pitwall not given to race-ruining…

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star contributors

Not a fan of driver aids, Gavin Green is your man when you’ve a McLaren to drive in sub-zero weather. Join him on page 34. Last month he shot hypercars for us. This month we gave photographer Tom Salt a Yugo… His astonishing images start on p108. Singer Vehicle Design’s Maz Fawaz is obsessed with 911s. So is CAR’s Chris Chilton. Their meeting of minds is on p100. …

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the cute face of honda’s great electric gamble

CUTE FACE… ‘Modern cars appear very aggressive,’ says project leader Kohei Hitomi. ‘We believe customers may be a little fed up with that. A friendlier, cuter car may be welcomed.’ …ELECTRIC GAMBLE Honda isn’t yet confirming price or power, but expect a 100bhp EV with a range of 125 miles or more for your £35k. A fat premium on a small Honda? That’s a gamble. At the 2017 Frankfurt motor show Honda revealed the Urban EV concept, a retro-modern electric city car so painfully cool the world immediately opened its chequebook and begged the company to build a production version.What the world didn’t know was that Honda had already been working on that production car for some time. Here’s our first look…

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we need to talk about swindon

The new Honda EV’s Geneva unveiling came just days after the news broke that Honda was almost certain to close the Swindon factory. These events are not unconnected.Several factors are involved (including Brexit uncertainty and a new trade agreement between Japan and the EU), but Honda says the big one is its embrace of electrification with the e Prototype and everything that will follow in its wake. Honda looked at what it needed to do in order to pursue electrification – with a hybrid or EV in every new product line, and diesels getting the boot – and decided the most efficient approach would be to focus its investment on the places where it already makes most of its cars.Honda makes 2.3 million cars a year in Asia, 1.9…

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…and citroën’s très french alternative

Citroën is marking 100 years of innovative lightweight cars by showing a concept that’s so innovative and light that it’s barely a car at all. The Ami One is Citroën’s vision of an electric two-seat city car. Smaller than a Smart ForTwo, it’s intended to be classed as a quadricycle like the Renault Twizy and in some countries would be legal for 16-year-olds. If it goes into production, it could be hired like a Boris bike, shared like a pool car, leased or bought.It has near-identical doors – rear-hinged for the driver, front-hinged for the passenger – as part of a cost-conscious approach to design that minimises the number of different parts. Only the driver’s seat tips and slides fully charged in two hours It’s equally…

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bugatti’s €11m anniversary gift

Happy 110th anniversary to Bugatti – and happy new-car-collection day to one extremely wealthy hypercar fan. La Voiture Noire – literally, the Black Car in French – is a one-off creation that at €11m (around £9.4m) before tax is one of the most expensive new vehicles ever to roll out of a car factory.The extreme hypercar uses the limited-edition 2018 Divo’s version of the familiar Bugatti 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 engine, producing 1480bhp and 1180lb ft of torque. But the body’s inspiration is from the distant past: a 1936 Type 57 SC Atlantic with the same nickname. Of the four made, one was used by founder Ettore Bugatti’s son Jean, until he gave it to Bugatti racer Robert Benoist as a reward for winning the 1937 Le Mans 24 Hours.…