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Issue 12

CarBuyer helps you decide which new car to buy, with expert car reviews, car news, helpful buying guides and detailed video test drives.

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we pick the best family cars

FAMILY cars come in many different shapes and sizes these days. SUVs are many people’s preferred choice, with their large interiors and raised-up driving positions making everyday motoring as stress-free as possible. Estates and seven-seaters aren’t as popular as they once were, but there are still many very fine examples out there, and they’re just as good, if not better, when it comes to the value, efficiency and practicality that family buyers demand. For smaller families, a spacious hatchback is often more than enough, and we’ve covered the class leaders here, too. Up-to-date safety and connectivity technology, along with a great driving experience, are all on offer from the best contenders. We hope this magazine makes choosing your next family car easier.…

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read 500+ new car reviews on carbuyer.co.uk

ESTABLISHED in 2010, Carbuyer.co.ukis like no other motoring website out there – it makes choosing your next new car easy. We look at everything from the buyer’s perspective to provide the clearest real-world verdicts on the cars that matter to UK motorists. We’ve filmed, photographed and rated many hundreds of new cars, with our testers driving thousands of miles to bring you a comprehensive picture of the market. From boot space to parking sensors and from folding seats to road noise, our tests are all based on real-life, everyday criteria. ● You can watch more than 700 video reviews designed to help you decide which new car suits you best. ● You’ll find details on every make and model, with pics, prices and specs for all cars on sale in the UK right…

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how we review and rate the cars

CARBUYER’S crystal-clear road tests are like no other. We put ourselves in your shoes to deliver easy-to-understand verdicts on cars that matter. Our reviews are divided into sections on engines, running costs, interior, practicality, safety and reliability, so you can look beyond the headline overall score to see where a certain model’s strengths and weaknesses really lie. Our scores are weighted appropriately – so family cars aren’t penalised for being outperformed by supercars! We’ve also conducted huge customer satisfaction surveys, compared warranty periods and service intervals, and searched for safety-related recalls. Finally, we analyse a car’s pricing, equipment and running costs to judge value.…

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carbuyer magazine

Editorial&production Editor-in-chief:Steve Fowler Managingeditor:Stephen Errity Seniorcontributor:Dean Gibson Contributors:Ben Custard, AndyGoodwin, Ben Hodges Arteditor:GeorgeVedmore Designer:Victoria Coquet Productioneditor:Dean Gibson Pictureeditor:Dawn Grant Subeditor:William Morris Advertising&promotions Managingdirector,publishing:NicolaBates Commercialpublisher:Sarah Perks Newstradedirector:David Barker Groupadvertisingdirector:Steve Machin Advertisingmanager:Pierre Clements Seniorsalesexecutive:Demi Davies Accountmanager:MilesTaylor Dennis Publishing Limited CEO: JamesTye COO: BrettReynolds Companyfounder: FelixDennis…

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bmw 1 series

Styling Looks have changed considerably from the outgoing second-gen 1 Series, with sharper lines in evidence both at the front and rear Engines A full range of diesels and petrols is being offered at launch, while a plug-in hybrid version is expected to join the range in due course Trims Advantage, Sport Line, Luxury, M Sport and M135i models mean there’s lots of choice for buyers of the new 1 Series Space Switch to front-drive has boosted boot and passenger space, with the exception of rear headroom, which is still a bugbear Interior The new 1 Series has a typically driver-focused BMW interior, but with a nicely luxurious touch Tech A head-up display that shows key information in your line of sight is one of many options Infotainment Impressive 10.25-inch screen is your window on a fully featured but very easy to use…

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on the road: behind the wheel of new 118d diesel

UNLIKE its predecessors, the third-generation 1 Series is front, not rear-wheel drive. Traditional brand fans claim the new 1 Series can’t be a real BMW if it’s front-wheel drive. But BMW’s engineers claim otherwise. And having driven the new 118d, it’s difficult not to agree with their argument. In short, unless you were told, you’d probably never guess that the new 118d is front-wheel drive. It feels very composed, very refined, very well sorted and, well, very much like a BMW. And once you get past this aspect of the new 1 Series, you can enjoy the car for what it is. Which is to say, a 1Series with a bigger boot, more leg and elbow room in the back, slightly more space in the front, a hugely more sophisticated interior…