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October 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Chat it’s fate is the leading psychic magazine everyone trusts. No other publication has the content and variety of our paranormal true life stories, which make readers gasp in awe but, believe us, every word is true. Our 13 columnists are Britain’s foremost psychics and they solve problems on anything from love, past lives, to dreams and spirit guides. They have helped thousands and guide readers on their psychic path. Other features are positively mind-expanding as they explore every singe possible spiritual dimension. We are the perfect medium for the lovers of the paranormal.

United Kingdom
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Hurrah, it’s our Hallowe’en issue! My nine-year-old daughter has been planning her costume since at least July, which gives you some idea how excited we get about this spookiest of festivals in my household! We usually go trick-or-treating round the village – which always goes wild with cool costumes and scary decorations – but I’m fascinated by Samhain, which it’s based on. This year, I want to engage with the spirit of this ancient Celtic festival – check out my feature on p56 for some suggestions on how to celebrate Samhain. That said, I’ll be getting into the spirit of Hallowe’en, too – and I do love our insightful costume oracle on p16! I’m definitely a Gorgeous Ghoul – how about you? Have a marvellous month! Do you have an amazing ghostly photo…

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house of shadows

Tammarishka Kerman, 56, from Ontario, Canada Lying on the sofa late at night, reading a magazine, I suddenly realised that I wasn’t alone. A black mist had appeared by the basement door. As I glanced up in shock, the dark presence pounced on me, pinning me down. It shape-shifted, revealing itself to be a demon. Lizard-like with yellow eyes, it was breathing on my cheek, and I could feel its heavy weight. I was terrified, but couldn’t move or shout. The entity emitted a horrifying hiss just as my husband Randy, then 52, entered the living room. Distracted, the demon looked over its shoulder. I used to opportunity to try to break free. I began fighting off the creature, screaming hysterically. The demon quickly vanished. ‘What just happened?’ asked Randy, concerned. ‘I’m OK, there’s nothing to worry…

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a deadly trap

In 2010, Jackie Dennison and Alison Wynne-Ryder, from Netflix’s Rescue Mediums, offered to investigate the haunting for their show. We hadn’t lived in the property for two months and I was desperate to find a resolution, to bring us some peace. Before going to the farm, the mediums tuned into the place’s energy. Jackie picked up that ‘a family had been driven out of their home’ and she drew pictures of a man and a woman she called ‘pioneers.’ Jackie felt there was something really dark at the house. She experienced immense pain in her arm and heard sobbing and was given the names John, Jean and Daniel. In Canada, the mediums toured our farm and encountered a dark energy in the basement and woods, a shapeshifting ghost in the living room…

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did you know?

In the early ‘70s, the Perron family moved into a 14-room farmhouse in Rhode Island, USA, and were subject to one of the most terrifying hauntings ever recorded. Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were called in, and conducted a séance to see who the evil spirits were – during which the mum, Carol Perron, began levitating and speaking in tongues. The mediums realised that an evil former occupant of the house, a woman called Bathsheba, who was rumoured to be a Satanist, saw Carol as a threat and was tormenting her. The story was the subject of 2013 box office smash The Conjuring.…

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dead famous

Moving into a house that turns out to be haunted can be life-changing, as the Kerman family found out – and not in a good way! Would you dare spend the night – let alone live – in any of these infamously ghost-filled properties? Myrtles Plantation, USA Built in 1796, Myrtles Plantation was, like most of the plantations in the Deep South at this time, run using the forced labour of slaves. One of these, Chloe, caught the eye of the master of the house, Clarke Woodruff. They began an affair, but Chloe was terrified Clarke’s wife would find out, and began eavesdropping on the family. When Clark caught her doing this, he cut off her ear as a punishment – forcing her to wear a turban to hide the disfigurement. Chloe…

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from the heart

WHAT’S IN YOUR spooky snaps? Sister act Dear Sally This is a photograph of myself and my two sisters on Barbara’s last holiday. We all had a fantastic time and made the most of it being her last. I miss her every day and would love you to maybe take something from this orb she is carrying. Thank you so much, Sally. June Carey, Oldham Dear June So sorry to hear about the loss of your darling sister Barbara. I always say there is no such thing as a coincidence, and I believe that this really fits in with this particular picture of Barbara where you have managed to capture an orb. I would like to feel that the orb represents spirit energy looking after Barbara, even before her passing. I am sure you and your…