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Chat It's Fate

February 2021

Published by TI Media Limited Chat it’s fate is the leading psychic magazine everyone trusts. No other publication has the content and variety of our paranormal true life stories, which make readers gasp in awe but, believe us, every word is true. Our 13 columnists are Britain’s foremost psychics and they solve problems on anything from love, past lives, to dreams and spirit guides. They have helped thousands and guide readers on their psychic path. Other features are positively mind-expanding as they explore every singe possible spiritual dimension. We are the perfect medium for the lovers of the paranormal.

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United Kingdom
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February means three things to me! The first is bone-chilling, icy-cold weather – and we’ve got a fascinating feature on the magical meaning of frost on p16. The second is Chinese New Year, which takes place on 12 February. 2021 is an Ox year, and as my husband and son were both born in the year of the Ox, hopefully this means it’ll be a good one for our family! Find out what’s in store for you with your Chinese horoscope on p58. Last but not least, Valentine’s Day falls on 14 Feb. If you want to attract love into your life, get some tips from Cupid himself on p22. But if you’re single – or attached, for that matter – why not treat yourself to a subscription to your favourite magazine?…

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love, actually

Were my soulmate and I ever destined to be together? Carole Loftus, 41, from Reading My head was spinning as I walked down the stairs of the aeroplane and into Magaluf airport. It was July 1997, and I was 17 years old, on holiday with seven of my mates from school. It was the first time any of us had been abroad without our parents and I’d been so excited about it – but we’d flown through the night, and of course none of us had got any sleep. Now I didn’t feel too good. ‘I feel sick,’ I moaned to my friend Gemma. ‘You poor thing,’ she said sympathetically. ‘You go and sit down and I’ll get your suitcase off the carousel.’ Gratefully, I found a seat while my friends looked for our…

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feathers from an angel

The days blurred into one. It was a struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes I’d pick up the phone to ring Lloyd, forgetting he wasn’t there any more. And then I’d remember he was gone, and my heart would break in two, all over again. At the funeral, his mum gave me all the letters I’d written to him over the years. He’d kept every one – just as ’d kept all his. I have them still. They mean the world to me. A few days after his funeral, I got a call from his brother. ‘We’ve got to talk, Carole,’ he said excitedly. He and his sister had been to see a psychic medium, and she’d given them a reading that had turned out to be about...me. ‘I’ll send…

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tainted love

Spurned fiancé The UK is full of haunted houses where doomed lovers have met their ends, and a classic example of the genre is Newton House, in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Built in 1660, and now owned by the National Trust, it’s home to the ghost of the Lady in White. Forced by her parents to marry a man she didn’t love, beautiful Lady Elinor Cavendish escaped to Wales and hid in Newton House. Furious at being rejected, her spurned fiancé tracked her down and strangled her to death in her own chambers. Since that day, her apparition has been witnessed on the second floor, along with the horrible man who cut her life short. Caught out Unfaithful husbands in Venezuala need to watch out, because if they’re caught straying by the vengeful spirit Casilda,…

4 min.
from the heart

WHAT’S IN YOUR spooky snaps? Double trouble Dear Sally Can you please tell me if these orbs on my shoulder and my daughter Zara’s shoulder are anything to do with us? The photo was taken about 11 years ago and I’ve wondered ever since what they could be. Lisa Spriggs, UK Dear Lisa Thank you for your very interesting photograph. I can see a face in the smaller orb just below the little girl’s shoulder. I believe you have managed to capture two spirit energies, one of whom is a child, which is the reason they were drawn to your little girl. The bigger orb I sense is an adult female. I also get a sense that the spirit energy belongs to the house where the picture was taken. I also feel that the orbs are related…

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messages from the beyond

As I’ve not been able to tour because of Covid -19 (due to the theatres all being closed), I’ve been reminiscing over some of the past messages that I’ve been privileged to be able to pass on to people throughout the years I’ve been on tour. I’ve had some incredible messages, but one in particular stands out. It was a message I was able to give to a lovely lady while I was on stage in Torquay, in Devon, one year. I had a sweet elderly gentleman in spirit on stage with me, he gave me his name as Tom* and he told me that he wanted to talk to his wife Evie*. Tom was able to show me that toward the end of his life he had dementia and that…