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Chat It's Fate November 2019

Published by TI Media Limited Chat it’s fate is the leading psychic magazine everyone trusts. No other publication has the content and variety of our paranormal true life stories, which make readers gasp in awe but, believe us, every word is true. Our 13 columnists are Britain’s foremost psychics and they solve problems on anything from love, past lives, to dreams and spirit guides. They have helped thousands and guide readers on their psychic path. Other features are positively mind-expanding as they explore every singe possible spiritual dimension. We are the perfect medium for the lovers of the paranormal.

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This time of year has its own special sort of magic. As the long nights draw in, and the wheel of the seasons turns from summer to winter, those who’ve passed before us are on our minds. The pagan festival of Samhain and the Mexican Day of the Dead both take place this month, and it’s the perfect time of year to connect with departed loved ones, or to ask for their blessing for your future endeavours. Find out how on p20 and p32. We’re also experiencing a lot of political upheaval in the UK at the moment, which may be unsettling, but you can set aside your own personal worries and make this your most productive - and most fun - autumn ever. Just see what the stars have in store for you…

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living nightmare

Teresa Andrews, 59, from Harrow, Middlesex As a child, my mum filled my head with ghost stories. She believed in the afterlife and even had a strange paranormal experience in Portobello Market, London when she saw her own dead mother. ‘My mum, your gran, tapped me on the shoulder one busy Saturday afternoon and said, ‘You’ve wasted your life,” she told me when I was 12 years old. My mum was then 35 years old and her own mother, Margaret, had been dead for over 10 years. She’d died from tuberculosis. ‘Your gran was as solid as you are now,’ Mum said as I listened, eyes wide. ‘After Gran had delivered her withering message, she walked away into the crowd and vanished.’ ‘No!’ I breathed, shocked. ‘Are you sure you didn’t imagine it?’ Mum…

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board stupid

Throughout all this time, I’d continued to play with a ouija board on and off. I was saying prayers before and after playing with the board, so I thought I was protected. The experiences with the board weren’t earth-shattering either, although I had the odd message from dead relatives. My mum, who’d passed away 16 years earlier, aged 69, came through once and spelt out the word ‘codswallop’ - but that was it. I thought nothing of my dabbling with the spirit world. Medium’s message I was haunted by an evil witch’sghost Then, six years ago, I visited a spiritualist church only streets away from my home in Harrow, North London, hoping to receive a message from Mum. The medium on the platform gave a few messages to people. Then he looked at me. ‘You’ve been…

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step into the light

Teresa Andrews’ experience of being psychically attacked is unusual but not uncommon. Aside from nightmares, psychic attack can manifest in other ways including: feeling down, mood swings, low energy, experiencing small accidents, bad luck and smelling foul odours. The most common cause of psychic attack is unintentional, when someone thinks negative things and sends you ‘bad vibes’. Or if you dabble in the ‘occult’ you can open a doorway and attract lower energies – just like Teresa. A black magician can also ‘send’ someone a negative entity that becomes attached to their aura, but this kind of attack is rare. The basic bubble Every morning and evening, imagine yourself in an egg of pure brilliant white light. See the energy surrounding you creating a protective shield. The bubble needs to cover every part of your…

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did you know?

Hollywood star Jessica Alba was attacked by a spirit as a child. ‘I had no idea what it was. I felt this pressure and I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t do anything,’ she told the Sydney Morning Herald. ‘Something definitely took the covers off me and I definitely couldn’t get off the bed, and then, once I did, I screamed, ran to my parents’ room and I don’t think I spent many nights in that house ever again...There was definitely something in my parents’ old house...But they got it blessed and they burned sage and stuff since then.’…

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outer source

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS In July, our brave paranormal investigator Barry Dodds reported from the Haunted Museum, a former cinema in Mapperley, Nottinghamshire that’s one of the most supernaturally active locations in the UK. He was shown a secret door that nobody has dared open, and told the magazine that he was scared – yet keen – to find out what was behind it. Well, that door has now been opened – and the owners’ worst fears have been realised. Inside was a pentagram carved into the floor, a number of burnt-out candles, and a child’s teddy. The room appears to have been used for Satanic rituals. According to the Daily Star, owner Marie Wesson said that the museum team had been sent supernatural warnings not to open the door. ‘During investigations, we’ve had…