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Celebrity & Gossip

Chat 05-Dec-2019

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Chat is the most outrageous, inspiring, emotional real life title around. Packed with astonishing true stories, big prize puzzles and loads more, it's your unmissable women's weekly. Whether it's tear-jerking tales of triumph over tragedy, the most heart-warming pictures or the best of bonkers Britain, all human life is here. Beyond the rollercoaster ride of true stories, Chat is also jam-packed full of your favourite puzzles with big cash prizes, the canniest bargain shopping features, health advice you can trust, readers' tips, the latest telly news and loads more.

United Kingdom
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In this issue

1 min.
welcome to this week’s chat...

Our bumper festive issue of Chat is stuffed with real-life stories. Amber spent last 25 December under the knife. Find out why she’s celebrating now (p47). After two tragic Christmases Jake is hoping this year his family’s luck will change (p66). And Helen felt sheepish after buying her son a cringey Nativity costume (p61). Plus we’ve got all you need for the best Christmas yet, from party looks (p14) to gift ideas (p54) and food to impress (p64). Maybe you’ll win a festive bonus with our prize puzzles? Have a fab one!…

2 min.
picture perfect

On a visit to London, my mum Loraine couldn't resist having her photo taken in a royal carriage. We only spotted her carrier bag on display later. Not very regal! Lorna Ridgway, Milton Keynes Honey, I shrunk Father Christmas! Here's my gorgeous granddaughter Libby, 6, at Christmas. Jan Robertson, Lytham St Annes The kids were so excited waiting for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve! From left to right, Sofia, 3, Millie, 9, Noah, 7, and Ella, 11. Rachel Fleet, King's Lynn Peggy needed a rest from her elf duties from Santa. Isn't she adorable? Jay Arrowsmith, Daventry I was really surprised to meet Santa at our Halton Housing party last year, and hope to see him again this year. He even gave me a present. You're never too old, at 82, to believe in Santa! Una…

5 min.
gone in an instant

Becca Gow, 32, Belfast Bouncing into the kitchen in pink unicorn PJs, with an eye mask on her head, my sister Lisa did a twirl. Struck a pose as I snapped a pic on my phone. ‘Ta-dah!’ she grinned, flicking her glossy dark hair. So dramatic! ‘You’re 32-going-on-12,’ I giggled. It was Christmas morning This was her favourite time of year 2017, and Lisa was just as excited as she’d been when she was a little girl. I was only 14 months younger than her. Growing up we’d been as thick as thieves, playing tricks on our big sister Kelly-Ann, 36. But me and Kelly-Ann were tomboys and Lisa was the girly girl. Little Lady Lisa. Her birthday was 19 December, so Christmas was her favourite time of year. In November, she’d deck her house in tinsel and lights. This year, as usual,…

2 min.
snoozing killer

We tucked that letter into Lisa’s coffin when we buried her a few weeks later. Meanwhile, police arrested the driver of the car that had killed her. Martin Nelson had over 200 previous convictions to his name and had only just got out of prison. On that fateful day, he’d broken into a house and stolen the keys to an Audi. Then he’d driven recklessly through Belfast at speeds of up to 117mph, with a police helicopter hovering overhead. He’d jumped lights and driven on the wrong side of the road, flying through residential areas at over twice the speed limit. We’ll never know why Lisa was walking along the Ballysillan Road, beside the leisure centre, as Nelson sped towards her. We think she’d just popped to the corner shop. Nelson was driving at over 60mph when he…

5 min.
keeping it in the family

Nicola Adams, 37, Birmingham My hand flew to my mouth in shock as my son Shaun’s news sank in. ‘You’re going to be a grandma,’ he smiled. It was December 2013, and Shaun was only 16. ‘But you haven’t sat your GCSEs yet,’ I said tearfully. ‘We’ll make it work,’ Shaun shrugged. I knew he wasn’t ready to be a dad – he was too young. Me and his father Trevor, then 32, knew more than anyone just how tough it could be. Childhood sweethearts, we’d had Shaun when were young, too. We’d gone on to have two more boys and two girls. Life wasn’t perfect, but we’d managed. Sixteen years on and we’d only just started to enjoy a bit of freedom again. Squeezing in the odd drink at the local between school runs, work, cooking and cleaning. Trevor and I hadn’t…

5 min.
too soon for goodbye

Jasmine McCaffery, 24, Blackpool Applying my mascara, I glanced at the pregnancy test beside me. Three minutes had passed – and in a few moments, I’d know if I was going to be a mummy again. Taking a deep breath, I turned it over and saw one distinct line. And one that was faded. Unsure what that meant, I threw the test in the bin. Tried to put it out of my mind and enjoy what was left of 2018. Just to be safe, though, I wouldn’t drink tonight. ‘But it’s New Year’s Eve!’ my partner Kyle, 22, protested. ‘I’ll drive instead,’ I smiled. Besides, I’d not drunk last New Year, either. See, in December 2017, I’d been seven months pregnant with our son, Lucas-Jay. At first, the pregnancy had been fine. But at the 19-week scan, the sonographer noticed something wrong. My heart shattered. We were…