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Classic Dirt Bike Issue 45 Winter 2017

Classic Dirt Bike magazine: is about the bikes and personalities of the sport, covering pre-65 machines, classic and twin shocks, trials as well as scrambling/motocross and enduros. There are reader rebuilds from the UK/Europe and North America, event coverage, personality interviews/profiles, letters, products and so much more.

United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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loading the shed

How often do any of us have the chance to lay out a workshop from scratch? A chance to build what we want rather than have, something that is shared with all sorts of other things deemed important in modern life. I dare bet most of us have to make do with what we inherit through house moves or what is allowed in parental property for our workspace. Even having a parent with similar interests doesn’t always make for an easy workshop co-habitation or layout– trust me, I speak from experience. No matter how good a co-operation is, a shared workshop has difficulties. So, imagine the excitement when it became clear part of the new garden was going to be dedicated to a small workshop, capable of housing the valuable classic…

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ktm found

Exciting news from Hartwig Kamarad, director of the Motorrad Trial Museum in Ohlsdorf, Austria, is that one of the four 320 KTM trials bikes built by the factory is now in the museum. Thought lost, it was actually in a barn belonging to a friend of Hartwig’s. Of the four machines, one went to German multi trial champion Felix Krahnstöver, one to Austrian trial ambassador and developer Walther Luft – both riders using the bikes in the Scottish Six Days Trial and the trial World Championship series 1977/8 and the National Championship with KTM. Another was for former Zundapp development engineer Mr Wieditz and one was for KTM boss Mr Trunkenpolz (the ‘T’ in KTM). This is bike no 00004 given to Mr Trunkenpolz, who in turn gave it to the museum…

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an off-road feast for all at telford

Just in case you haven’t already got the date carved in stone or pinned to your workshop wall, the 2018 Hagon sponsored Classic Dirt Bike Show at Telford International Centre takes place on February 17/18. Inside the three halls will be the best of the off-road scene, but of course what constitutes ‘the best’ will depend on where you view it from. For some it will be the pre-65 trials scene, others will loudly proclaim it’s the Super Evo MX class that everyone should aspire to. Still others will point out the fun to be had with a third wheel attached to the side... and that’s one of the best things about the show, it’s so diverse and you just know these bikes on display will be used properly, in the…

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time to get your hagon out of hiding

Show sponsor Hagon has been involved in the motorcycle scene for nearly 60 years and 2018 will see the diamond jubilee of the company founded by Alf Hagon. Always noted for innovation, Hagon has been at the forefront of off-road development with not only speedway and grasstrack figuring highly in its credentials but MX, trials and road racing too. CDB has featured several of Hagon’s alloy chassis solos and sidecars. For the past two Classic Dirt Bike Shows, Hagon has been encouraging owners who may be ‘Hiding a Hagon’ in their shed to bring them along for a massive... nay, huge... display of anything Hagon orientated. So, if you’re hiding a Hagon of any sort, contact Tony Hutcheson at Hagon on 0208 502 6222 and get your Hagon on display.…

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toughsheet twinshock awards

The awards presentation for the Toughsheet National Twinshock MX Championships took place recently at the Moat House Hotel, Stoke, where all the silverware from a successful seven-round series was handed out. More than 150 riders, family and friends attended the evening, and the ones blessed with hair (not many), were able to let it down, and dance the night away. Rob Kinsey was inducted into the Twinshock Hall of Fame, for services to the sport, after 10 years doing the commentaries, but was unfortunately absent after being rushed into hospital the day before. He is now recovering and we wish him well. Peterlee’s Barry Turnbull is the new Wulfsport National Twinshock Champion, and will carry the number one plate in 2018. Thanks went to the Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire Twinshock clubs who ran the…

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rupert ratio books

Those of us who have unit BSA singles should really have the Rupert Ratio handbooks on our shelves. Pretty much the bibles for the C15 up to the B50 in all its incarnations and split into Vol 1 – The Engine and Vol 2 – Everything but the engine, a third volume is due out soon. This will concentrate on some of the special models of unit BSA. Since the demise of Panther Publishing, Rupert Ratio has taken on the mantle of self publishing his books and they are available at www.ratiopublishing.co.uk…