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Classic Dirt Bike Issue 46 Spring 2018

Classic Dirt Bike magazine: is about the bikes and personalities of the sport, covering pre-65 machines, classic and twin shocks, trials as well as scrambling/motocross and enduros. There are reader rebuilds from the UK/Europe and North America, event coverage, personality interviews/profiles, letters, products and so much more.

United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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bright sparks

“…These days battery tools last for hours and charge in moments because there was a need for it to happen, so clever people did the work.…” Anyone who has taken note of the electric bike scene can’t fail to have noticed how far it has advanced over the past few years, from an interesting novelty to a more serious contender. With several manufacturers now fielding full-sized adult machines in the world championship series it shows the seriousness with which electrically driven vehicles are now being viewed. I say ‘electrically driven’ on purpose as arguably all petrol vehicles are electrically powered. Don’t believe me? Take the spark plug cap off your bike and try kicking it into life. Electricity as a motive power has been around a long time, perhaps some readers will recall…

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dirt news

Tis the season of goodwill ...and of a fantastic show Little kids may get themselves all excited for Christmas... but the equivalent for we off-roaders is undoubtably ‘Telford’, or ‘Wrighty’s Show’... If you’re speedy, and your copy of CDB has arrived in super-timely fashion, you may still be able to get there this weekend (February 17/18), otherwise it’s one to mark in the diary for next year, bright and early. The Classic Dirt Bike Show backed by Hagon Shocks (to give it its official title) is quite simply the biggest collection of dirt bike orientated stuff in Europe. Every discipline is represented so it doesn’t matter if you’re a feet-up fan, an enduro enthusiast or an MXer there will be something at the show for you. It could be bits to keep your bike going,…

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gold standard

The motorcycle now referred to as ‘Goldie’ by enthusiasts the world over didn’t spring fully formed from the fertile minds of the BSA comp shop... though the guys in there had more than a hand in creating the legend. For this feature we’re concentrating on the swinging arm version of the Gold Star introduced for 1953 with all the pomp and circumstance one would expect for such a machine in coronation year. Yes there were ‘Goldies’ with swinging arm suspension before that date, and yes they were well known, but this is the production date and neatly puts Gold Star scrambles bikes into a 10 year bracket as by 1963 the 500cc model was discontinued and the world wanted the unit machines on which Jeff Smith was busily creating another legend. These last…

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16 you need…   … a yamaha yz250l… …in your shed.

Since the Japanese became serious about MX and started throwing money at it in order to win it wasn’t uncommon to hear tales of six-figure sums for works machines. But by the beginning of the Eighties such extravagance was beginning to tell and Yamaha for one was feeling the pinch. So, for 1984 it shocked the world by fielding production models for the works team. Okay, these bikes would be well looked after by factory mechanics and there would be no shortage of parts but they were production based… This particular bike is owned by Westcountry Windings’ man Michael Simmons and is an American import, hence the colouring, or perhaps that should be ‘coloring’? Possibly because Yamaha wasn’t expected to do any good with a basic model up against the…

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...or, how about a kawasaki kx125?

If you’ve followed up on every bike we’ve suggested, then your shed will be pretty packed with a variety of off-road motorcycles by now. The good thing about dirt bikes is that generally they’re quite light and it isn’t difficult to construct a shelf which will hold a bike or three… Here’s our second suggestion for an addition to your shed… Kawasaki’s 1984 KX125. Why a 125? Well, in the world of dirt bikes, bigger isn’t always better, in the same way smaller isn’t always easier to ride – at least that was the case once the Japanese started taking an interest. The world of GP racing included a variety of classes, with the 250cc and 500cc classes being the premier ones. However, there had been growing interest in the 125cc class in both…

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bultaco 325 sherpa profiled

If you’re going to have a 325 Bultaco restored then it is possible the workshops of the man responsible for its inception could well be the place to go. Alongside the Sally Miller Museum is a well-equipped workshop where all sorts of magic happens and machines from the dawn of motorcycling time are resurrected for display in the halls. The team… Bob Stanley and Sammy himself… are hands-on restorers and occasionally dabble in customers’ machines, as well as museum stuff. It is to Bob to whom we turned for information on this particular restoration, which was completed at quite a rate of knots. It did help the bike was all in one piece and didn’t seem to have been abused in its life. Said Bob: “Sometimes a bike does escape the…