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Classic Ford May-June 2020

Classic Ford is rammed full of expert technical features, the best feature cars from across the world, a dedicated motorsport section plus all the news, products and information you'll need from across the entire classic Ford scene. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies

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Out and about with our band of Blue Oval-loving writers, photographers and illustrators. ADE BRANNAN CONTRIBUTOR Every race car needs a tow vehicle, with Ade super-impressed by Keith Harding’s Transit to pull his Capri. Page 68. DAN BEVIS CONTRIBUTOR With help from his son, Andy Bonsall’s created a truly stunning 16-valve Sport, as Dan reveals over on page 22. BEN SZANTO CONTRIBUTOR Sometimes even Ben needs a hand — with race car builder, Gary Martin taking on the six-link duties on Ben’s Mk1 Cortina. Page 62. How To Contact Us Telephone: 01959 541444 Email: classicford.ed@kelsey.co.uk Write to: Classic Ford, Kelsey Publishing Ltd, The Granary, Downs Court, Yalding Hill, Yalding ME18 6AL, UK…

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What a difference a few weeks makes. Not that long ago we were looking forward to the show season kicking into gear, yet it’s all now on-hold at least until the end of Spring. But we’re not here to dwell on the impact the pandemic is having, our hobby (well, actually obsession...) is an escape from the sometimes harsh realities of daily life. And boy have we got a distraction for you this issue, with our focus on Ford’s always-awesome array of twin-cam engines. Since the first collaboration with Lotus (the Pre-Crossflowbased Lotus twin-cam of 1962), Ford has always pushed the boundaries with its powerplants, working closely with engineering geniuses like Cosworth and even Yamaha and Mazda for its regular production and high-performance twin-cam engines, and we’ve been reaping the benefits. So switch…

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there goes the neighbourhood

The fact that we’re even documenting the restoration of a severely-rotten Mk2 Fiesta Ghia is down to two things: good neighbours, and the recent mass-availability of repair sections and panels for these later classic Fords. The good neighbour is Ben Szanto who’s no stranger to Classic Ford. We’ve featured a number of his projects over the years, with his most recent, a Mk1 Cortina, now a regular in the Our Cars section. When Ben moved house last year, it didn’t take long for his obsession with classic Fords to wear off on his immediate neighbours, the Moulds, and they were soon asking him to help find them a suitable car. A German-import Mk2 Escort four-door was the result, which has since been joined by a Mk4 Estate, and this, a Mk2…

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fuel for classics?

Potentially harmful E10 petrol looks set to be introduced in the UK next year, with the Government having finally issued a response to a 2018 consultation over whether it should be introduced and how best to do so. It’s bad news for those relying on the current E5 petrol, which under new proposals will only be available in the more expensive Super grade. Unleaded petrol in the UK contains up to 5 per cent bioethanol, a grade known as E5. E10 petrol contains up to 10 per cent bioethanol and is not yet available in the UK. But why the controversy? Well E5 unleaded can generally be used in any petrol-engined car without issue, but with E10 things aren’t quite that simple. The DfT’s own research on suitability problems with higher…

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Inside the July 2020 issue Simple, easy to tune, and reliable — there are many reasons to love the CVH engine, but it’s always had to live in its older brother, the Crossflow’s shadow. In the July issue we’re setting out to redress the balance with our complete guide to this, the most ’80s of Ford engines. The July 2020 issue of Classic Ford is in the shops and available to order or download from Friday, June 12. Why not subscribe to make sure you don’t miss it? Find the latest subscription deals over on page 66.…

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top 10 things to do while you’re stuck at home

Finish that project Let’s be honest, no classic Ford project is ever truly finished, but some get a lot closer than others, and if your classic Ford’s been languishing in the garage for too many months with a to-do list as long as your arm, there’s no time like the present to crack on with it. Learn a skill Whether it’s making composite panels, rebuilding a gearbox or paintwork, now’s the time to learn a new skill. It’ll mean finishing that project becomes easier, cheaper and more satisfying. Check out www.classicfordmag.co.uk for our tech and skill features, and watch online videos to find out how things are done — reader, Matt Urch’s YouTube channel is particularly good for fabrication tutorials (above). www.youtube.com/urchfab Detail the engine bay Underbonnet area not quite looking as good as the…