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I have to say that I was amazed and delighted by the response to last issue’s editorial when I talked about my vague plans to compile a photographic record of all the cars I have ever owned. It seems that I am far from the first to think along these lines, and that many of you have not only had the same thought, but acted upon it too. Just have a look at our Letters pages starting on p18 of this issue to see what I mean. There is always room for more though, so if you have also compiled a personal motoring history in this way, then I would love to hear about it. Since the response to last issue’s editorial was so quick and so wonderful, I’m going to…

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history preserved

Vauxhall’s famous Heritage Collection and Archive are set to move from the company’s Griffin House site in January, as plans develop to create an all-new public-facing Heritage Centre in the future. The imminent sale of Vauxhall’s former Luton site means that the Collection will find a new interim home at the company’s Ellesmere Port factory, where a converted 8000 square-meter building has been set aside for the 60-strong collection, which represents every decade of Vauxhall’s 117-year history. Ellesmere Port has been the home of Vauxhall’s compact car production for the last 56 years, and is the current manufacturing site for the Astra. The Collection’s temporary custodian, Plant Director Mark Noble, said: ‘We’re all looking forward to the arrival of these Heritage vehicles, some of which have been manufactured here over the…

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top award for rootes archive

The Rootes Archive Centre Trust has been awarded the prestigious FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) Culture Award for Research in 2020. In announcing the award, FIVA said: 'The challenge to store and catalogue material relating to the heritage of the Rootes Group and its successor companies was massive, and fully in alignment with FIVA’s preservation and promotion objectives. As well as providing a major source of reference to enable future generations to keep their vehicles on the road, it also provides a technical awareness of historic motoring.' Rootes Archive Trustee Andy Bye said of the award: 'After all the hard effort and fund raising over recent years, the Rootes community can be justifiably proud of what we have all achieved, and to win this International award makes us feel extremely…

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no need to panic

The UK government has revealed plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, followed by the same sanctions being placed on all hybrid vehicles five years later in 2035. The move is part of the UK Government’s £12 billion strategy for stimulating green industry and quite naturally has caused huge concern within the motor industry. The UK government has promised a £1.3 billion investment in establishing a charging infrastructure across the country to service the demands of the new electric vehicles. The move suggests that government policy will still support the use of private vehicles as a mode of daily transport, but not when they are required to be powered by fossil fuels. The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs must consider the implications of this…

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can it make financial sense?

Hagerty, best known as a classic vehicle insurer but also one of the world’s largest automotive lifestyle brands, has been looking at which classic cars are the most financially viable to restore. The cost of a classic vehicle restoration almost always exceeds expectations and it is well-worth reminding owners to restore their classics for love rather than money, but how does an owner know whether they are entering into a financial folly before they even start? The Hagerty Price Guide lists a value for each of four conditions for every one of the over 2000 models covered. These range from Condition 4 (fair: a drivable but imperfect classic) to Condition 1 (concours: one of the best in the country). To investigate the difference between these two, Hagerty compared the value differences…

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50 years of easirider

Easirider are specialists in handcrafting genuine lambs wool over rugs for the world’s finest cars using prime quality genuine sheepskin, and 2021 sees them celebrating their first 50 years in business. The company was formed in 1971 by Peter Robinson, who had been travelling through Europe and discovered the superb comfort that sheepskin offers as an upholstery material. On his return to the UK he found it impossible to buy sheepskin seat covers locally, so he set about finding a suitable tannery and persuaded them to prepare appropriate sheepskins so that he could make his own. Soon, friends and neighbours and their friends and neighbours started to ask where they could buy them. Before long business reached a point where Peter decided to leave his job and set up a dedicated…