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I would guess that most of us have a car we always planned to tick off our ownership list, but for one reason or another haven’t yet got around to it. And I don’t mean one of those when-I-win-the-lottery dream cars, the kind that was never a realistic proposition in the first place. No, what I’m thinking about is the one that you could once genuinely have afforded to buy and to run, but for no good reason that you can put a finger on, it just never seemed to happen. Of course, the danger with this scenario is that by the time you pull your finger out and actually get around to looking, your chosen car may have become so rare and/or expensive that now you really do need…

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announcement sees first signs of confidence return to organisers

After the UK government announced details at the end of February on their proposed timetable for the easing of lockdown restrictions, there has been a cautious but tangible upswing in the mood of event organisers up and down the country. There are still lots of unknowns on the route ahead and it would be a foolish person indeed who claimed that anything was set in stone, but at least we can now start planning again. Jaguar E-type Club co-founder Philip Porter said of the E-type 60th anniversary celebration at Shelsley Walsh on 12th-13th June: ‘We have the UK government's go-ahead, so nothing is stopping us now – it is maximum revs in each gear as we accelerate towards E-type 60. We are determined to have one hell of a celebration –…

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fbhvc advice on ethanol fuel

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs has announced that after an extensive consultation process, the Department for Transport will legislate to introduce E10 petrol as the standard 95-octane petrol grade by 1st September 2021. They will also require the higher-octane 97+ Super grades to remain E5 to provide protection for owners of older vehicles. This product will be designated as the Protection grade. The introduction of the 95-octane E10 grade and the maintenance of the Super E5 protection grade will be reviewed by the government after fi ve years to ensure they remain appropriate to the needs of the market. In relation to the E5 protection grade, such a review will examine market developments over the period. The government have sought to reassure FBHVC members and historic vehicle owners…

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spirit of ecstasy still flying high

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars celebrated the 110th anniversary in February of the Spirit of Ecstasy, its official emblem. The intellectual property of the design was registered on 6th February 1911, establishing a defining feature of the Rolls-Royce brand and one of the most famous, iconic and desirable symbols of luxury in the world. Almost unaltered throughout her long and storied life, the Spirit of Ecstasy graces the bonnet of every Rolls-Royce motor car built at the current home of the marque at Goodwood. Her design was taken from a bronze statuette, entitled the Whisper, created by sculptor and illustrator Charles Sykes for his employer, motoring pioneer and Rolls-Royce early-adopter Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. The first Spirit of Ecstasy figurines stood a statuesque seven inches tall. Today, she is a more petite 3¾…

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the renault 4 turns 60

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Renault 4L model – known simply as the Renault 4 in the UK, but officially the quatre-L (4L) in France. To mark this occasion, there will be numerous events and celebrations throughout 2021, which will take place on the 4th and 14th of every month across all of Renault’s social media channels. At the heart of the celebrations will be exclusive content, made by fans and for fans, such as interviews with collectors and celebrities. The official programme, which will be supported by additional local activities and evolve as the year goes on, includes the following highlights: FEBRUARY – Graphic designer and leading sports illustrator Greg has created more than a dozen exclusive 4L designs to represent the different eras in which the…

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rolls-royce and bentley upgrade

Flying Spares, the specialist spare parts supplier for all Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars since 1946, have recently relaunched their e-commerce website, and it is now faster and more responsive than ever before. It also now lists over 180,000 Rolls-Royce and Bentley parts, while offering many more features too including: • FREE downloadable parts lists and workshop manuals • A much improved smartphone and tablet-friendly browsing experience • The continuation of their popular catalogue navigation • A dynamic new search facility • A Wish List feature allowing you to save a list of parts on an ongoing basis • A ‘behind the scenes’ film providing a unique insight into life at Flying Spares. Check it all out at…