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May 24, 2021
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Closer Weekly reports the latest news about a generation of celebrities who deserve to be called "stars"- from Dolly Parton and Doris Day to Michael Douglas and Paul McCartney. Along with health tips, decorating advice and delicious recipies, each issue is packed with features that you won't get in any other magazine.

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stars remember the veteran actress

“The fun part [of acting] is that people pass me on the street and yell lines from my movies.”—Olympia Dukakis After many months of failing health, actress Olympia Dukakis died peacefully at her home in New York City on May 1. She was 89. A veteran of the stage and screen, Olympia knew she wanted to act from a young age, but it wasn’t until her mid-50s that she landed a career-making role in 1987’s Moonstruck, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. “Even though her part was that of a suffering wife, we laughed all the time,” says Cher, who played her daughter in the film. Sally Field, Olympia’s co-star in Steel Magnolias, also remembers her fondly. “I loved her,” says Sally. “She was a gift…

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picture perfect

ELLEN DEGENERES Life Is Sweet “There’s no such thing as a celebration without cupcakes,” enthused Ellen, who marked the 3,000th episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on April 29. Joining in the fun were hip-hop dancer Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Ellen’s wife, Portia de Rossi (right), as well as rockers Maroon 5, who performed their hit “Beautiful Mistakes.” Said Ellen: “I feel the love in this room. I send it all back to you. Go out and spread it around in the world.” Here’s to the next 3,000! MINDY KALING Lights, Camera, Hydrate! Between juggling family and her career, Mindy stays hydrated with Propel Immune Support. Check out @propelwater to learn more. THE PROPERTY BROTHERS Twin Set “Happy birthday to my best friend, business partner and little brother (hey, four minutes counts),” quipped Jonathan Scott, who celebrated turning 43…

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how we make our marriage work

“We did become very close friends from quite early on.”—Kate Middleton on Prince William Kate Middleton howled with laughter when her swing completely missed the golf ball during a recent appearance at a British children’s charity event. She connected on her second try, causing her husband, Prince William, to break into an enthusiastic cheer. A decade into their union, William and Kate remain best friends who are supportive of and committed to each other. “Many couples take each other for granted after 10 years, but they have a healthy and happy relationship,” says a friend, who explains that “communication” and “small, simple things” have helped to keep their marriage strong. “We both have a fun time together,” says William, 38. “We both have a very good sense of humor about things, [and]…

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growing up royal

George, 7, is a smart and serious little boy. “His favorite subject is science. He’s learning all about the solar system,” says the friend. “He’d love to be an astronaut when he grows up — as well as king!” Charlotte recently celebrated her 6th birthday. “Horseback riding is her favorite hobby,” says a friend. “She is all about the arts too. Ballet is another favorite.” “Despite being the youngest, he won’t let his brother and sister boss him around,” the friend says of Louis, 3, who is quick with a joke. “William says that Louis is the comedian of the family.”…

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secrets of her final years

After years of traveling the world with her cabaret act, Marlene Dietrich returned to her Paris apartment at 12 Avenue Montaigne in the mid-1970s to rest. The Berlin-born star of Blue Angel was tired, but not ready to give up on life. In her last 13 years, Marlene wrote a biography, penned hundreds of letters and maintained a lively intellectual life. “A lot of people say she became a recluse in Paris. But I used to handle her phone bills — $5,000 a month!” her grandson Peter Riva tells Closer. “She wasn’t a recluse. All she did was remove her physical presence.” The iconic actress and singer, who became an international film star in the 1930s, retired from public life after suffering some health issues and physical setbacks. “She had no…

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i’ve had an incredible life

Robert Duvall has seven decades as an actor under his belt and has made more than 85 films. He’s been married four times, divorced thrice and, he slyly admits, “I guess I can be convicted of all” the seven deadly sins — including “wrath over certain directors.” Yet at 90 years old, the acclaimed star has shockingly few regrets. “He’s really achieved so much, and he’s proud of so many things he’s done, from his charitable work to winning the Oscar for [the 1983 film] Tender Mercies,” says an insider, who adds that, while he’s never had children, Robert has built a family with his wife of 15 years, Luciana Pedraza, 49. “He’s grateful for a lot, and tells his friends that he’s had an incredible life.” “I like a good Hollywood…