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July 20, 2020

Closer Weekly reports the latest news about a generation of celebrities who deserve to be called "stars"- from Dolly Parton and Doris Day to Michael Douglas and Paul McCartney. Along with health tips, decorating advice and delicious recipies, each issue is packed with features that you won't get in any other magazine.

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news now

CHARLIZE THERON Happier on Her Own “[My] life is filled with love.”— Charlize Theron She’s got beauty, wealth and fame…but a husband? No thanks, says Charlize Theron. “I’ve never wanted to get married,” says the Oscar-winning star, 44. “I have never been lonely [and] I have two great little loves of my life right now” — her adopted daughters, August, 4, and Jackson, 8, whom she calls Jacks. “They have a very special bond with Charlize and her mom, Gerda,” an insider tells Closer . “The four of them are a very tight, supportive unit.” Charlize, who began dating Sean Penn, 59, for a year in 2013 and lived with actor Stuart Townsend, 47, for much of the 2000s, says her life today “doesn’t allow room for [a romantic relationship] to happen,” and…

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hellos & goodbyes

● BLANK CHICKS Look away, look away, look away, Dixie land. Taking note of the recent change of Lady Antebellum to Lady A, country stars the Dixie Chicks will be now be known as just the Chicks — dropping their Confederacy-tinged moniker in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. On June 25, Martie Maguire, 50, Natalie Maines, 45, and Emily Strayer, 47, explained the change on their website simply: “We want to meet this moment.” ● GARDEN PARTY It’s a green thing. On June 24, HGTV announced that domestic diva Martha Stewart, 78, would be hosting a new gardening series, Martha Knows Best. “I am thrilled to be sharing everything I have been working on at my home during quarantine,” said Martha, who also stated the show would focus “on many aspects…

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picture perfect

DREW AND JONATHAN SCOTT Party On! In the summer issue of their new quarterly magazine Reveal, on sale now, the Property Brothers encourage readers to enjoy life. “Amid all the cooking and cleaning, junk-drawer emptying, FaceTimes and virtual game nights, we finally got around to that elusive item on our to-do lists: Chill,” Drew and Jonathan share in their editors’ letter. MARY STEENBURGEN Enjoys Pride With Pals “Happiest Pride from Happiest Season,” Mary shared June 26 with the gang from her upcoming rom-com, due in November. Joining in the fun are (from left) Dan Levy, Mackenzie Davis, Kristen Stewart, Victor Garber, Mary Holland, Aubrey Plaza and Clea DuVall. JIMMY KIMMEL Catches a Big One! On June 20 , the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host (who’s been fishing with the likes of Huey Lewis) proudly showed off the brown trout…

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pierce brosnan life keeps getting better with age

As James Bond, he might have arrived by Jet Ski or helicopter, but Pierce Brosnan prefers to walk to his favorite beach on Kauai. Since mid-March, the Irish-born actor, his wife, Keely, and their two sons have been living at their longtime vacation property in Hawaii. “I wanted to be with my family,” he explains. “We have a wee cottage out there on the North Shore, and it sits on 5 acres.” This period in Hawaii isn’t just a vacation. In between beach walks and family dinners, Pierce has been writing his memoir. “At 67 years of age, it’s time to put something down,” he admits. “It’s hard. Sometimes you are faced with the blankness of memory.” Small details may be lost to time, but he views the two great loves of…

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beach beauties

Susan Lucci “Before, if somebody told me that I would actually choose fruit over french fries, I would never believe them,” laughs Susan 73, who does Pilates and avoids carbohydrates — though she still likes champagne. “It s always good to have a little bubbly!” Brooke Shields At 55, Brooke stays fit with Pilates and a sensible approach to eating. “If I say, ‘I’m not gonna eat ice cream,’ all I want to do is eat ice cream,” she confesses. Instead, this mom of two enjoys her desserts in moderation. Christie Brinkley A vegetarian since age 12, Christie, 66, says “your health is your greatest wealth.” She weaves her workouts into her daily routine: “While I’m brushing my teeth, I’m doing leg lifts,” explains the mom of three, who also practices yoga. Elizabeth Taylor A full-length mirror…

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i’m a survivor

If you thought Olympia Dukakis was tough as a sharp-tongued widow in Steel Magnolias, you haven’t heard about her time growing up in Lowell, Mass. “The other kids made fun of Greek immigrants, so things could get pretty rough,” Olympia, 89, tells Closer. “One time they tied me to a tree, stuffed my mouth with a sock and left me there. After that, I made sure they knew I carried a knife!” Standing up for herself is something Olympia learned to do early on, but her “rebellious, independent” nature didn’t always sit well with her strict parents. “They were the most important ‘battle’ I had to fight, and I learned to stand my ground,” says the star, the subject of the new documentary Olympia. “My anger became a motor that gave…